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Our Internet Secrets Recent Workshop Prize Winners – Update Dec 2012

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It’s that time again when we announce our most recent winners at our recent events. If you were lucky enough to win one of our great prizes on offer… CONGRATULATIONS!

Andrew and Daryl just love giving away prizes, if you’ve ever been to one of our 4-day events you’ll know that not only are they extremely generous with their knowledge but they also give away a stack of cool gifts during each session (hint: never be late back from a break or you might miss out on a wonderful prize).

When the dust settles, we like to inform everybody of the lucky people.

So without further ado, here are the recent prizewinners:

Most Referrals

Congratulations to John Hinwood for winning the most referrals prize! This requires a genuine willingness to help others plus a bit of dedication to write individual messages to personalise a postcard. We hope your friends appreciate you thinking of them and we’d like you to enjoy your luxurious weekend at the Palazzo Versace as our special thank you gift.

Best Testimonial

Our best testimonial competition winner has been awarded to Kamahl Barhoush. Congratulations! You had an awesome energy on camera, and it was obvious you were excited about the event, got alot out of it and were able to articulate that into a minute of wordsmith perfection. As our thank you for stepping in front of the camera to say a few nice words, you too can also enjoy a gorgeous experience at the Palazzo versace. Not bad for a 60 second stint! We did have several great testimonials so again a huge thank you to everyone that gave one. Keep an eye out for Kamahl’s testimonial in one of our future promo videos.


Major Showbag Prize Winner

The tension in the air was apparent during Monday’s session when David Bartels name was drawn from the hat to win our major showbag prize with over $20,000 worth in gifts and prizes. David wins a plethora of amazing prizes including accomodation, holidays, flights, coaching, exclusive memberships and done for you services. Just goes to show, a little persistence can go a long way. Well done David and on behalf of our entire team and all the prize winner contributors, we hope it adds some amazing value for you.


Ten Or More Referrals

Thank you to EVERYBODY who submitted postcards to 10 or more of your friends. In total there were about 15 of you who qualify for the prize – which is access to the entire 4 days on video. We will send you the private link in the very near future.


Business Builder Competition

Another amazing business builder competition saw 7 fantastic in depth case studies of people excelling by using the internet and implementing the Ultimate Business Model strategies they learned from Andrew and Daryl. Contestants were judged on the best business model and how well they’ve implemented in the time they had. After some extended deliberation by many of our attendees (they all commented on how hard it was to choose just one winner!), the winners Derek and Sally Boyer were crowned as the winning case study. Thank you to everyone that participated in the competition, you inspired all of us. The business builder presentations will be out on our blog shortly so keep visiting back regularly for updates.


Want even more chances to WIN?

We have now secured dates for the next workshop – so if you would like to be in the running for a huge pool of prizes once again, simply click on the link below and secure your seat.

Dates are 22nd-25th February at Mantra Legends Hotel Surfers Paradise.

See you there!


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What Would You Do If You Had No Time Or Financial Limitations?

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What would you do if you had all the time and money you needed?

Hang out with the kids?
Buy a boat?
Set up investments?

It’s an important question, and if you’re going to truly become financially free, it’s one that you need to answer very clearly. If your goals are vague or fuzzy then it’s a lot harder to reach them! But here’s the thing – we ask this question of people all over the world. And you know what? Almost everyone we ask says the same thing: “I’d help other people”.

We’ve heard some wonderful goals – from helping struggling friends and family, to dreams of setting up charities and support around the world. How awesome is that? Now this might give you a clue about why we now teach what we’ve learned about making money online. You see, even though we don’t have to work any more, we still love to feel productive. To make a difference.

And this is what motivates us.

A couple of years ago, we sat down and asked ourselves “now that we have all the time and money we need, what will we do with it?” It was a powerful exercise, and one which has shaped our current lifestyle.

Here’s what we came up with. We decided the best way we could make a difference, was to help other people to achieve the sort of life we now enjoy. Through the workshops we run we now teach people all over the world how to make passive income the way we do – selling info products. (And if you haven’t yet booked for the next one, here’s the link: http://www.ourinternetsecrets.com/workshop).

Many years ago we heard a story that sums up what we do, and why we do it. You may have heard it already, but we think about it whenever we help another of our members to financial freedom. Here’s how it goes. There was a man walking along the beach. In the distance he could see a woman, bending down, picking something up, and throwing it out to sea – again and again. As he got closer he saw that there were thousands of starfish washed up on the shore. They were all destined to die – unless they could get back into the water. So the woman was throwing them back, one at a time. It was a huge task, and the man thought what she was doing was a bit futile as there were so many starfish. He said to her “Why are you wasting your time doing this? Look how many starfish there are. You’ll never make a difference.” The woman reached down, picked up another starfish and threw it back. She stared the man in the eye and quietly said “Well I made a difference to that one”.

If you’d love to come along to one of our life-changing workshops, please book your place here: http://www.ourinternetsecrets.com/workshop

And here’s a little bit of homework to do before you come along (you’re going to enjoy this…)

Step #1: Draw yourself a warm bath. Add your favourite fragrance. Pour yourself a glass of bubbles. Close the door and sink in.

Step #2: Ask yourself this question: “If you had all the time and money you needed, what would you do?” Think about the things you’d do for you, your friends and family, and for people you don’t yet know.

Step #3: Now close your eyes and visualise the things you’d do as specifically as you can. Focus on the feelings you get as you do them. Congratulations! You’re on your way to achieving your dreams!

Bring that enthusiasm to the workshop, it’ll be full of enthusiastic people with a vision to create a free lifestyle! See you there!

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Monika Mundell: From Working 60 hrs Week As a Chef To Liberating Lifestyle!

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Welcome to the first of our Video OIS Success Stories! Over the next few months leading up to July’s Workshop, we’re going to be posting one inspiring story each week on our blog of someone who has overcome great difficulty, challenge and adversity to creating a leveraged businesses that make them cash and time rich.

Introducing Monika Mundell

Monika’s story is a lesson that anyone can break out of their current situation if they want it bad enough.

From training and working as a Chef up to 60 hours a week to discovering her passion for writing and turning it into a profitable business.

Monika hated her job, worked long hours in a super stressful job.

After breaking through her fears, she was determined to build an online business to replace her income.

Through Andrew and Daryls teachings, she added 6 figures to her business within 12 months.

Monika now:

  • Knows the power of value exchange
  • Deals with much higher quality clients paying her a premium
  • Can travel and work around the world and take her business with her
  • Turned over $250K in the last 12 months

To visit Monika’s site an dlearn more about what she does, click here.

We’ll be inviting 8 empowering business builders to speak LIVE at our July workshop, along with our faculty experts and of course Andrew and Daryl themselves. Tickets are limited (and free for OIS blog readers!) so hurry on over and secure your ticket now. We already have half our allocated seating booked already!

Full Transcript

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From Working 60 Hours Week as a Chef to Liberating Lifestyle

Monika Mundell

Monika: Are you as excited as I am? Who’s learned a lot today already? I reckon everyone. Yeah, same here. Every time I come to one of these events, it’s just awesome.

Who am I? I’m going to share with you my journey in the next 15 minutes or so. I grew up in Switzerland. That’s where my accent is from. That’s me in school there. That was my pet cow (not really, but I just kind of liked the idea) and one of the mountains in my backyard as well.

I grew up in the middle class family. When I was 18, I trained as a chef. I worked in a few jobs and when I was 23 I’ve got a fantastic opportunity to train and work with one of the best chefs at the time in the UK. So, I packed my bags and off I went. I didn’t really know much about the job, just where I was meant to work so I just went there. It was a big adventure.

I cooked for London’s Elite. I also cooked for head of state, celebrities. I cooked for Lady Diana. It was a private club and members had to pay a lot of money just to go and dine there. They actually pay as well for that too.

To cut a long story short, I got caught by Cupid’s arrow. I didn’t expect that from my lovely husband John. He’s sitting at the back there. Say hi, John. He’s quite shy.

John and I actually worked together at the restaurant and he checked me out for six months. He followed me around the kitchen and he used to invite me for dinners and stuff. We became really good friends and fell in love. That was 22 years ago.

John is now my husband. He’s the love of my life. He’s my best friend. He’s also my biggest fan and he is my soul mate. He supports me through everything I do. So, much of the stuff I’m sharing with you today is credit to John because without him, I couldn’t have done it. You need to have that support.

When my contract was up in the UK, I moved back to Switzerland and John eventually followed me. We worked in Germany and Switzerland for a few years, but then we migrated to Australia. It was a dream come true for me. Ever since I was 19, I dreamed about living in Australia. I don’t know what it was. By the time we migrated I was 30, so it’s a pretty long dream to have.

Can you all do me a favour and go “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie”?

Participants: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Monika: Yeah. I always wanted to do that. Thank you.

We migrated, we settled in in the new country, everything was fantastic. When we actually got here, we found it was a lot better than we’d imagined as well. We just love living in Australia and I’m proud to say that I’m an Australian as well. That’s where my heart is.

But then something happened. I realised that I was probably not such a good employee. I became disenchanted with my work. I hated my job. I worked very long hours. Often we worked 60-90 hours a week and we got paid for 40. The pay was crap. As a chef, you don’t really get paid a lot of money unless you’re a celebrity chef like Jamie Oliver – and the hours are terrific. Even worse is the work environment. It’s very stressful. The bosses are not very understanding and they treat you like crap.

So, I wanted out. I thought, “There had to be a better way. There had to be something better.” I was dreaming about having my own business, being my own boss, and being able to command my own hours. I wanted to work from home, I wanted to be able to travel, and take my business anywhere in the world – having an Internet business. Much of what you guys are learning this weekend is what my business is based on as well.

Eventually, I quit. I sacked my boss and it was really cool. I stuffed around with a couple of business ventures for about four years, totally failed, lost a lot of money. But nevertheless, I discovered my love of writing. I’m a copywriter but I started out as a freelance writer. I built my business from scratch. I basically started off blogging for a reasonably known marketer in Asia. I found a job online, I applied for it, and I got it. Wow, how cool is that? You can actually get paid to write for someone else. That got me started.

I was hanging around in forums. That’s my blog there, which is now being written on by a couple of my writers, and my website. I got started off with forum marketing and found a lot of my clients online. I also built my blog at the same time. I did a lot of blogging back then. A lot of clients found me. They came to me, they found me through the forum or via the blog and they inquired about my services.

I built my business and it was really, really good. I built quite a good business and all without formal education. I’m nothing special. I used to be a chef and I’m self-taught. I just went for it.

But then it turned out that I ended up working too much. I basically worked about 14 hours a day because as my business grew, I was writing, writing, writing. I was forgetting to eat, I was forgetting to sleep, and I got almost to the point of getting sick. I actually had a nervous breakdown. I became quite disenchanted with my business. I lost my mojo.

I thought, “This can’t be it. You can’t just work like that.” I realised that I had traded my job as an employee for the job at home. So, I was looking for an answer to get out of that.

I heard about outsourcing. Who hasn’t heard about outsourcing? Back then, it was fairly new. It wasn’t as widely discussed as it is today. I was umming and erring about it. Should I do it? Should I not? Eventually, I decided to go for it. Within eight months of outsourcing and making that decision, I added an extra six figures to my business. That was a massive goal for me. I wanted to have a six-figure business.

Soon after that, I met Andrew and Daryl. It was actually at an event like this in Sydney. It was last year in June I think. I like these guys, they shared so much. As you can see, they share everything with you. They’re really open with their knowledge.

I was looking for a mentor at the time because I was also exposed to bad influence in my life. Not from John – he’s the only one supporting me – but all the people and the situation I was in. I knew that I needed a mentor who could help me keep my mind on track and keeping me positive and not getting me dragged down into the negative stuff that so many are exposed to in that in their own business.

So, I joined their high-end mentoring and one of the things Daryl and Andrew taught me was the importance of value exchange in business. As a result of that, they have helped me attract better clients. Actually, a few of them are in the room here, which is pretty cool. These days, I deal with better clients and I’m able to give them better value as well, so it made me a better person, a better writer in the process.

One of the things I really love about writing is the direct response marketing side of it. Being a writer is great but the copywriting side of it is really what gets my juices flowing because you’ve got to get into the heads of the buyer and find out what drives them to buy. That’s something you guys obviously have to learn when you build your own businesses.

That was a dream come true obviously. Having my own business, I’m able to travel. The next dream I wanted to achieve is, because of John helping me to build my business, seeing me fail and then seeing me succeed, I wanted to get John out of employment as well. So I worked really, really hard to get him out of a job. For a few years, we would basically say goodbye to each other in the morning. He would go to work (he was a chef as well), come home at midnight, we wouldn’t see each other all day, and it was very, very frustrating for me. So, I was doing my best to get him out of a job.

I’m happy to say that he basically sacked his boss at the end of January last year. He’s been without a boss for over a year now and he’s unemployable. John’s my support team – he helps me in the business and he cooks for me, which is great because I really hate cooking now. He feeds me, looks after me, and he’s really there to support me with everything I do.

All of these are possible with the things you guys are learning this weekend. Pay attention to what Daryl and Andrew are teaching you because there’s so much value in that.

That’s us cruising last year. We love cruising, so make sure you work for us. Seriously, we’re big cruise addicts. John and I have been on three cruises already and we just keep going because we love it. It’s the best holiday.

We cruised the South Pacific last year. That was us in Dubai for a whole month last year as well. We spent the month in Dubai checking out all the tourist stuff, we even went skiing. There’s this big shopping mall; it’s one of the biggest in the world and they’ve got this skiing, slow balling closed, you rock up, it’s freezing cold, and you go skiing there. It was pretty cool.

Then at the end of last year, we went to Thailand with Daryl and Andrew’s clients and we had a ball there. We got to know Daryl and Andrew on a more intimate level, which was really special for us because you build friendships when you hang out with people. A lot of the people who are in the program like we are, they’re all great. Everyone’s fantastic, everyone’s sticking together and supporting each other, so that was a fantastic time as well. We even got to ride on an elephant, which is pretty cool.

For me, the awesome lifestyle, having the friends, being able to travel and having time out, enjoying different cultures, and just having fun and laughing – that’s what life’s all about. But I got complacent, put it like that. I did pretty well, I got John out of a job, and I didn’t need to stress about stuff, clients are coming my way. I must also add that I’ve never advertised my business. People just come to me and I get referrals and repeat clients. I suppose I’m pretty fortunate that way. I found I have a cruisy business, I don’t really need to worry about it, and so I got complacent. A lot of the stuff Daryl and Andrew were coaching us and telling us, I knew it on an intellectual level but I didn’t take action and I missed a lot of opportunities as well.

Then they said something to me that created a massive momentum shift. I’m like, “Oh, you just got to do it.” So what I did is I took action and I made a cool $9,500 in two in a half hours from something Daryl and Andrew are telling me, so that was pretty cool. That was the milestone in my business because people now pay me to coach them, and so I’m setting up a membership site as I coach people. I coach other writers who want to become copywriters and that’s pretty special.

Last year, I turned just under a quarter of a million dollars in my business and much of it is thanks to Andrew and Daryl, they help me grow my business. The main reason I wanted to be mentored by them is to earn passive income and they’re helping me achieving this now, which is fantastic.

My reason why, John, my lovely husband. I would do it without him and these are our little babies. We don’t have kids. These are our kids. We’ve got eight cockatiels and they are our company. They look after us when we’re at home. They sit on our shoulder and shit everywhere. But it’s considered good luck, right? That’s our reason and the travel and the lifestyle. I’ve got a portable business, I can go anywhere in the world, work from my laptop and earn money, which is fantastic.

So my journey was I was able to quit my job, I’m working from home, I live in the country of my dreams, I travel frequently, I make more money than I’ve ever made being a chef, and I have an exciting future ahead of me – thanks to Daryl and Andrew. Now, it’s your turn.

Thank you.

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