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6 Key List Building Essentials: What, How and Why To Grow a List

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Fundamentals of List Building

Ever heard of the term ‘The Money is in the List?” Acquisitions of small and medium businesses sometimes go for double or triple what one might expect, and much of the time, the extra finance is well justified
because of a large list acquisition.

Growing your list makes you money!

It’s crucial to develop a list of targeted clients that you can develop a relationship with. This allows you to go back to them ongoing with products about the niche that they are interested in.

It is a huge asset to your business. The bigger the list and the better the relationship – the more money for you. If you keep chasing new clients rather than working with the list that you have – you are missing out on $$$$.

A list will help you build a more stable, profitable business.

In this post we’re going to help you put together a strategy to help you grow your list.

It’s important to understand that a lot of people when they start their online business – they think they are going to get their product up and running first, then do the list.

We suggest you start with the end in mind and start building your business around that bigger picture and part of that should be developing a list as soon as you can, and looking after a targeted list of clients in the area that you are talking about.

1. Why Grow a List? What’s its purpose?

• Essentially, you are growing an asset that, with each new person that is added, increases in value and makes it more saleable. It increases your ability to create money on demand and also to create a passive income. We’ll discuss ways to monetise your list in a future post, but for now, lets examine a few more reasons it should be one of your primary objectives.

• It adds tremendous value to the bottom line of the value of your business – if you have a large list it is a huge asset and adds bottom line $$$ to your business.

• Allows you to sell more to existing clients

– It’s 8 times cheaper to sell to an existing client than to find a new client. Finding more clients will take more time and money.
– Once you have a database you can market to them practically for free!


2. Build a relationship

  •  People are much more likely to buy from you when they like and trust you
  •  Our conversion rates for warm vs cold leads – is much higher

Where we have had previous contact, our conversion rate is much higher. It’s really easy if you have a good list, and it enables you to build a relationship by giving them great free stuff, not spamming them and giving them great ongoing support on the way through. This will help you create an upward spiral and building a long term business.


3. Be positioned as the expert in your niche

  •  If you have a lot of people following you and talking about you and what you are doing – it is a powerful way of positioning you as an expert known and recognized in your niche


4. Issues to consider when growing your list

Value of Your List = Relationship x Size

What was interesting for us was that at times we were asked to do joint ventures with another party going out to our list. We were asked to contact our list in some way and ask them to attend or to check out another person’s product. We were aware that we were up against people with big lists and at that time we only had a modest amount of people on our list (around 3,000) which was small when comparing it to the bigger lists. We found that we were getting more people coming along and taking the action that we wanted and we were getting a better conversion rate than others.

Here’s the equation to understand about the value of your list – it is equal to the relationship x the size of your list. You MUST have a relationship with your list, otherwise you just have a phone book not a list. However, you have no relationship with a phone book list. This is known as cold calling and you get a low result from this type of list.

The first question you should ask is “how big is the list” and “what is the relationship” with the list. Does it have avid followers? Are they annoyed? Have they been over-marketed to or burnt out? It is a key component to getting value and responsiveness from your list.

5. Who do you want on your list? (quality, buyers vs free list)

This comes back to your relationship. What’s better 10,000 who have never opted in or bought your product, or 1,000 who have bought from you?

The smaller higher quality list is better to have!

By having a smaller higher quality list of buyers is a better list than 10s or thousands of people wanting something for free – you’ve built a list of people wanting free stuff. You’ll notice we don’t put an opt-in on our sales page – because this drops our sales by 75% – if people are given the choice for getting something for free or get something for free – ¾ of people go for the free stuff instead.

Be very careful that you don’t combine our eBook strategy with our membership site strategy or off-line strategy – on your eBook website. Once people have bought our eBook, we take them to an opt-in page we take them to a page where we give them a reason why to join our list. They then go to a page to collect their product. You will get a much higher conversion rate with these people.


6. How/ When To Collect Details??

I’ve lost count of the no. of people who have been online for a while, got a blog – and then ask when will I start making money?! They’ve built a list but not built in a way to monetize it. It’s a trap for newbies. Don’t fall into it.

Think about the quality vs quantity, and if you build a list where you offer them free stuff and don’t offer them to buy something. You will upset them if you start asking them to buy something too early. At some point somewhere someone has to buy something – so start with the end in mind and work towards that.

Decide how much personal information you will collect. The more information you collect the less people will opt-in, but the better quality of the people who opt-in – eg., name, address, phone no., date of birth, mother’s maiden name – you won’t get a lot of people opting in but the ones prepared to give you this information means they are going to be good buyers. This is an extreme example – but if you ask for first name or first and last name, you will find a difference. By just asking for the email you will get a higher opt-in rate. However, it is a low level of trust if they are not willing to give you their name.

The value of your list is probably something you can’t workout straight away, but work out the value of a client over time. The way to think about that is:  if you have a list of 1000 people how much money do those 1000 people spend with you in the past 12 months? Say $100,000 out of 1000 people  therefore the value of the list is $100 per person.

People considered experts in direct response marketing – eg., Dan Kennedy, Mal Emery – they hold the idea that 1000 people in a tightly niched group can bring in $1M over 12 months and do that regularly. When I first heard that I thought it was too good to be true and didn’t believe it would work in our area. We were astounded to find that it is pretty accurate.

Can you get a sense of how important it is to begin your internet business with a big list as one of the key outcomes?

If you’d like to learn some of the latest and most up to date strategies on list building, we’ll be revealing what’s working for us at the next OurInternetSecrets Workshop, which we’ll be hosting in July from 27th-30th at Q1 Resort and Spa on the Gold Coast. We give you the lowdown on what we’re using to build our lists and how to get your lists growing with minimal time and monetary resources.

We’ll also tell you how you can get a copy of our 2 day list building workshop which was 2 full days jam packed with advanced strategies on how to grow, market to and profit from your list. We usually have lots of giveaways at our workshop which includes copies of our List Building DVD Set, but you have to be there to get it.

We have a few tickets left for OIS Blog readers – but be quick as they do book out!

Register Here For Free


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How To Come Up With Niche Ideas For Your Next Product

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Stuck for ideas on what niches to tackle for your next product? This is a fantastic process taught by Andrew and Daryl at their 4 Day Workshop!

This process is just for coming up with topic ideas. There is quite a comprehensive checklist of things to do to see if it might be a profitable niche, which we also share at our upcoming workshop (register here to come for free).

How to come up with Possible Topics

First think about things you’re interested in. Have an open mind!

  • You’ll need to do a complete brain dump. Get a whiteboard or big sheet of paper to create the list. If you have a friend or colleague that can prompt you or join in the process, even better!
  • Don’t sensor yourself when you start the process. You must hold all judgements and let the analysis (next stage) do the talking. You might unknowingly eliminate a great niche otherwise!

8 Powerful questions to help you identify your niche market and generate ideas

Now its time to get your pen out and get ready to start dumping all your ideas from your brain to a written form so you can start doing something with your ideas!
Here are 8 great questions to get your creative juices flowing. Spend a few minutes on each question, asking the question continuously and just write.
  1. What are you most passionate about?
  2. What else do you do in your spare time?
  3. What do you enjoy reading about?
  4. What has been your greatest achievement?
  5. What are you most proud of?
  6. What has been your biggest ever challenge?
  7. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
  8. How would your friends and family describe you?

    This is a fantastic process, that when done properly can get the creative juices flowing and open up many avenues of possibilities. By the end of it, you may have up to 100 topic/niche ideas that you can now move forward to stage 2 with. The great thing about this process is it also gets you thinking about topics you enjoy, like or have some interest in, which makes building a business around this topic much more enjoyable.

    If you’re free from July 27th-30th and can make a trip to the Gold Coast, Andrew and Daryl will be walking through the ENTIRE process step by step, so you’ll have all the tools you need to start creating your next online empire the second you step out. It’s a no-hype, content rich workshop that delivers a down to earth, education packed experience that will leave your head spinning with ideas and action steps.

    We have previously sold tickets for $1997 and clients have always said it was well worth their $. Tickets to July’s event are free for OIS Blog readers, but seats are limited so register quickly!

Register Here To Secure Your Seat!

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Warren Black OIS Legally Reduce Tax Workshop a Resounding Success!

Posted on 24. Apr, 2012 by .


Workshop Update

This weekend, OIS hosted it’s first 3 Day event with Warren Black on How To Legally Reduce Your Tax. This wss a BONUS event over and above what OIS members are normally offered with their private workshops.

Warren (pictured) is not only a certified accountant and lawyer, but he’d also spent a decade working for the ATO, so he brought a wealth of experience to the stage.

Warren shared some astounding facts and strategies that most accountants and lawyers just don’t know.  He also spoke about some excellent strategies when dealing with ASIC, the ATO and debt collectors.

Some of the other topics that fascinated the audience included:

– How to setup companies and trusts correctly so there’s no loopholes

– The most commonly missed tax deductions

– Cutting edge and legal offshore strategies relating to asset protection and taxation

– The Mindset and Strategies of the super rich when it comes to tax minimisation

Warren stated most people have their heads in the sand about tax and legal issues and most people are sitting ducks when it comes to being protected. He shared case study after case study of real life situations where people did not take charge and it came back to bite them. Riveting though they were, it was also heartbreaking and a little scary to hear what has happened. He also said most people stick their heads in the sand about these issues, and it was time to wake up!

Andrew spoke on two sessions about mindset relating to tax and money. He said that you can learn all the strategies you like, but if you’re not in the right mindset then the information more often than not would go to waste. We did several exercise addressing our associations and feelings towards tax, and also explored his formula on how to move your comfort zone to a new level.

We had people from all industries come and got some great feedback from everyone who attended. Who would have thought tax could be such an exciting topic?!!


**The winner of our testimonial competition will be announced shortly on this blog, and will win 1 hour with Warren for a personal consultation. Thanks to everyone who gave a written or video testimonial!

**If you missed the workshop, we will keep you posted if the DVDs ever become available. Due to the sensitive nature of the information, it will need to be heavily edited before being released publicly. We will also need to ensure all parties are happy before anything is publicly released.

At this stage, No future workshop with Warren is planned at present. We may be doing another one in future but no set time, but keep your eye out just in case and be sure to book in quick if it ever does come back!

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