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Here’s Your Ticket To Freedom – Andrew and Daryl Teach Their Success!

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Have you booked for our 4 Day  internet marketing workshop yet? If you’re keen on having a successful internet business and would like some practical, step-by-step training, then we’d love to see you there.

It’s on 8-11th November at Mantra legends, Surfers Paradise, Queensland.

To reserve a place for you and a friend, please go to the link below and fill in your details. Once you’ve done this your place will be confirmed.



Here’s what we’ll be covering.

The workshop is based around the 3 keys to a successful online business:

–        Product (What do you sell? What niche?)

–        Traffic (How to get targeted buyers to your website)

–        Conversions (How to get them to buy once they get there)

Specifically, here’s what we’ll be covering:

–        Where to start if you’ve never made money online before.

–        How to build powerful little money-earning web-businesses that are so simple you can set them up on a Saturday afternoon.

–        A live demo of an easy-do-do web-strategy which made us US$250,000 in our first 12 months from a standing start.

–        How to quickly and easily create websites that generate passive income – set them up once, and they chug away making money day-in, day-out, with little or no further effort from you. (These strategies make us tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year).

–        More advanced strategies that can take your income up to the next level. Over the last four years we’ve perfected a business model that’s made us many millions of dollars. We’ve also taught that business system to others, and they’ve made hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars from it.


–        How to identify and eliminate any sub-conscious blockages you may have to earning passive income. This was a very important key to our success. We’ll show you the exercises we still do today to keep our internet business growing, and more importantly to keep the passive income flowing.

–        How to plan and implement your overall internet business, so that you build a secure, ongoing income. We believe that planning is essential if you want consistent, long term internet income you can rely on.

We believe that now more than ever it’s vital for you to have a second (and third, and fourth…) stream of income. For us, it’s the internet that provides that sort of security. Imagine having several internet businesses each bringing in a few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars a month. What would that do for your peace of mind?

What’s stopping you?

If you’re like most of the people we talk to about this, then the answer comes down to one of two things:

  1. “I don’t know where to start with an internet business” or
  2. “I have an internet business but it’s not making enough money and I don’t know how to improve it”

If you are in either of these categories, then these workshops are designed to help you.


Andrew and Daryl


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From Broke to eBay Millionaires In Under Two Years

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Hey folks, you may have heard that we hang out with a bunch of pretty amazing people who are passionate about what they do … and Matt and Amanda Clarkson are no exception.  In fact, they are very passionate about eBay and went from complete newbies with no experience (and broke) to eBay millionaires in 2 years.

We’re actually in Europe at the moment learning more cool things to share with you … but the great news is that Matt and Amanda dialled into our weekly teleconference call today with Glenn Walford and talked about their eBay journey over the last few years.

Matt and Amanda’s Mentoring Advice

One of the cornerstones of Matt and Amanda’s success with eBay is their commitment to having mentors and listening to them.  So, putting on their mentor hats, their advice to you is:

Step 1: Have a dream big enough that you would do anything to achieve it

Step 2: Choose the right vehicle that will get you there the fastest and most painless way possible

Step 3: Choose mentors who have results you want and follow their proven systems

It is super easy to get started on eBay because you don’t have to find the traffic and you don’t have to build a website … eBay do this for you.

Matt and Amanda got bored with just making money on eBay, so they put their thinking hats on and developed a program to teach every day folk live their dream and have an online business that makes money online each week for not much effort.  In fact, Matt and Amanda are recognised as world leaders in eBay education.

eBay Strategy For Making Money Online

One example they gave today for building an eBay business (they actually teach 12 different strategies in their eBay Magic program) was —  find a product and create a cluster of products around this niche  and cross-market to your customers using autoresponders.

One of Matt and Amanda’s clients is on track for making $1million in his first year on eBay.  Wouldn’t you like to do that!

Now … if you’re members of Our Internet Secrets and you missed the call today, don’t worry you can listen to it online in the members only area.  Julie has taken notes of the call so you’ll be able to get a great overview of what Matt and Amanda said on the call.  Be sure to download the Agenda as well.

The great news is that Matt and Amanda are sharing all their eBay Magic know how for creating a lifestyle income on eBay, at a jam packed 3 day workshop on 23-25 July – http://www.biddingbuzz.com.au/workshop/.

Special Deal – if you are Our Internet Secrets members, Matt and Amanda have a very special offer that is hard to refuse … you’ll need to go to the Calendar in the Members area to find out what it is and register using the special Our Internet Secrets link.

Andrew and Daryl

PS … Remember … we are having another 4 day Our Internet Secrets workshop on 3-6 September 2010.  Here’s the link:  http://ourinternetsecrets.com/2010/lookinside/

PPS  If you are part of Our Internet Secrets … part of your program is two complementary tickets to attend this workshop, but you’ll need to register within the Members area

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