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Here’s Your Ticket To Freedom – Andrew and Daryl Teach Their Success!

Posted on 24. Sep, 2013 by .


Have you booked for our 4 Day  internet marketing workshop yet? If you’re keen on having a successful internet business and would like some practical, step-by-step training, then we’d love to see you there.

It’s on 8-11th November at Mantra legends, Surfers Paradise, Queensland.

To reserve a place for you and a friend, please go to the link below and fill in your details. Once you’ve done this your place will be confirmed.



Here’s what we’ll be covering.

The workshop is based around the 3 keys to a successful online business:

–        Product (What do you sell? What niche?)

–        Traffic (How to get targeted buyers to your website)

–        Conversions (How to get them to buy once they get there)

Specifically, here’s what we’ll be covering:

–        Where to start if you’ve never made money online before.

–        How to build powerful little money-earning web-businesses that are so simple you can set them up on a Saturday afternoon.

–        A live demo of an easy-do-do web-strategy which made us US$250,000 in our first 12 months from a standing start.

–        How to quickly and easily create websites that generate passive income – set them up once, and they chug away making money day-in, day-out, with little or no further effort from you. (These strategies make us tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year).

–        More advanced strategies that can take your income up to the next level. Over the last four years we’ve perfected a business model that’s made us many millions of dollars. We’ve also taught that business system to others, and they’ve made hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars from it.


–        How to identify and eliminate any sub-conscious blockages you may have to earning passive income. This was a very important key to our success. We’ll show you the exercises we still do today to keep our internet business growing, and more importantly to keep the passive income flowing.

–        How to plan and implement your overall internet business, so that you build a secure, ongoing income. We believe that planning is essential if you want consistent, long term internet income you can rely on.

We believe that now more than ever it’s vital for you to have a second (and third, and fourth…) stream of income. For us, it’s the internet that provides that sort of security. Imagine having several internet businesses each bringing in a few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars a month. What would that do for your peace of mind?

What’s stopping you?

If you’re like most of the people we talk to about this, then the answer comes down to one of two things:

  1. “I don’t know where to start with an internet business” or
  2. “I have an internet business but it’s not making enough money and I don’t know how to improve it”

If you are in either of these categories, then these workshops are designed to help you.


Andrew and Daryl


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[Case Study] From $16,000 to $250,000 working 2 days a week just using an iPad!

Posted on 05. Jun, 2013 by .


Here’s another awesome success story for you, from one of our clients.

Just six years ago Nick Cownie was working as an acupuncturist, working hard but making just $16,000 a year. He was also struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, as a result of being held up at gunpoint a few years earlier. Then in 2006 he stumbled across some teachings that enabled him to completely eliminate the problem in seven minutes!

This led Nick down a path of massive learning, and he set out on a quest to master his mind, and eventually teach others how to do it as well. Hear his incredible story here:


After attending one of our 4 Day workshops and applying what he learned about online marketing, Nick went from near-empty classrooms to creating a multi-dimensional suite of teaching channels including books, webinars and automated online training that reaches thousands of students without him even having to be present. And much of his marketing is also automated!

Could you transform your business so it could be run from your iPad anywhere in the world?

View the case study here:

Join the workshop that changed Nicks life: http://www.ourinternetsecrets.com/workshop

We just love being inspired by other people who have been successful online. It’s one of the reasons we love what we do, especially when our students start to make a big difference in their lives and the lives of others around them.

At the next OurInternetSecrets workshop we’ve invited 7 new inspiring people just like Nick to share their lessons and learnings with you. They’ll be going through in detail what they did and how they applied their workshop learnings to their business.

The stories range from those making an extra few hundred a week, to those creating 7-figure incomes. All ages, all walks of life. The one thing they have in common, is that they all attended the 4-day OurInternetSecrets workshop.

If you haven’t yet booked your place, then remember, as a client of ours you qualify for two tickets to this info-packed event. You’ll leave with everything you need to create your own online business.

It’s on 14th-17th June at Mantra Legends on the Gold Coast.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Daryl and Andrew

PS – Here are some more comments from attendees at our past workshops…

“I was incredibly inspired by seeing people who are just like me being successful. If you are serious, you WILL get some huge benefits from attending. Can’t recommend it enough.” Robert Binnion, Varsity Lakes

“I came to extend my learning on internet marketing. The 4 day workshop gave me the clarity I needed to move forward in my business. I am now focused and charging forward. Absolutely worthwhile.” Stephen Thomas, Brisbane

“Opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me. Loved the speakers. Very powerful hearing from people who have gone through and implemented the program. The opportunity of a lifetime doesn’t come along everyday, so don’t miss this one!” Mary West, Mermaid Waters

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Ever Seen a $20,323 Showbag?

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Our 4 Day Workshop is fast approaching, and we’d like to announce our major giveaway. One lucky person will win it. But you’ve got to be there to claim your spoils!

Kids get so excited with showbags, so we’ve put together a ‘MEGA’ Showbag worth $20,323 in real world value. Now every “big kid” can get excited about coming along.

To register your seat please book here:


In the past we’ve given away cruises, holidays, and thousands of dollars worth of products.

We think this prize has got to be one of our best ever, and in true Mega-Showbag style, there’s something in there for everyone.

So what’s in the Showbag?

BIG GIFT #1 – An iPad Mini! Small, powerful, and easy to use. You’ll love it to watch your favourite videos, photos and use your favourite apps. You’ll get the 64GB/Cellular model. It’s the top of the line iPad Mini valued at $729.

BIG GIFT #2 – Sales Letter Done-For-You by certified Copywriter Mara Egan – Mara is one of the best copywriters around and will write your next long-copy sales letter from start to finish, PLUS the first sales email of your email campaign! Valued at $1,100.

BIG GIFT #3 – The Reno Kings ‘Renovation Success University’ Course. Learn how to invest profitably in today’s property market. Includes online access and the physical DVDs. Valued at $997.

BIG GIFT #4 – Return Flights from your usual place of residence for you and a partner to the Gold Coast, two nights accommodation at Queensland’s highest rated hotel Palazzo Versace, and a day with us (Andrew and Daryl) to discuss your business, including lunch with us at our favourite restaurant! (Valued at $10,500)

BIG GIFT #5 – 3 Months of Virtual Assistance from a highly trained VA from Virtual Office Angels. You’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll get back having someone help you with all the admin you don’t want to do! ($1,000 value).

BIG GIFT #6 – Total Website Profits Program from Matt and Liz Raad valued at $3,000. Matt and Liz teach you the ins and outs of buying and renovating websites for profit.

BIG GIFT #7 – The Mindset Masterpack Course from NLP Master Trainer Nick Cownie gives you the key to optimising your mind and performance that will transform into direct results. Sells for $1,997.

BIG GIFT #8 – 30-Day Boyer Weight Loss Program plus mentoring from Derek and Sally Boyer – gets proven results in just 30 days, plus personal coaching (Value $1,000).

The best news of all is that one lucky attendee WILL win this awesome prize!

Just for attending the event, you’ll go in the draw to win.

Of course you get much more than this when you attend the workshop – you get to learn stuff that can literally change your life.

At this event you’ll learn in detail the strategies that we used to get out of the rat-race, and living our dream life.
If you haven’t yet booked, here’s the link:



Andrew and Daryl

PS – If you’re still undecided about coming along, then check out these comments from attendees at past workshops…

“OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD Brilliant and Amazing course. Get yourself there whatever it takes.” Sal Martin , Byron Bay

“If you are open to learning about possibilities that could change your life then you have to attend this workshop. I got key information about finding my niche, quickly creating products and setting up sites. The amount of info they shared was staggering.” Cheryl Goodenough, Brisbane

“If you want to create a life of freedom, this system is a must. Awesome content all the way!” Peter Norton, Robina

“I got excited and for the first time really believed it was possible. GO – it will broaden your context.” Kerryn Griffiths, Ocean Shores NSW

“I got more knowledge about how a real internet business works. It was the missing link. Absolutely go for it.” Craig Eckert, Larnook NSW

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[Case Study] How Simon and Joanne Bowen generated $293,000 in just 17 months

Posted on 30. May, 2013 by .


Thought you’d enjoy this inspiring case study…

Simon and Joanne Bowen come from humble beginnings, with Simon originally working as an auto-electrician in country Western Australia and Joanne originally working as a vet’s assistant.

Joanne was petrified of speaking on stage but at our last 4 day workshop she mustered up the courage to tell her story after 30 years of avoiding public speaking!

She has long been known as Australia’s ‘competition queen’ having won over $600,000 in prizes! After applying some of the strategies she learned at the 4 Day workshop, she was able to generate a passive income by teaching other people what she does. Watch it here:


Joanne’s husband Simon was working as a management consultant, and was looking for a way to leverage his time (sound familiar?!).

Together they now generate $4000/month selling info products, and as a result of what they learned from the workshop they’ve implemented several other strategies which have added another $293,000 in extra revenue in 17 short months.

Question is, are you going to be our next success story?

We’ll be teaching you exactly the same system we taught Simon and Joanne (plus more) at our next Our Internet Secrets Workshop from 14th-17th June on the Gold Coast.

And to put the icing on the cake, we’ll have a bunch of real life case studies and success stories so you can see for yourself the possibilities to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Register your seats right now

Look forward to seeing you there!

Daryl and Andrew

PS – Here are some more comments from attendees at our past workshops…

“Fantastic workshop, absolutely love the system. Guest speakers were awesome and no hard sells. This system applies to so many niches and industries and its proven. Can’t believe its FREE!” Suzanne Steiner, Perth, WA

“Opened up real possibilities of creating a passive income that didn’t exist before. Highly encourage you to attend.” Peter Anderson, Brisbane

“Don’t miss this workshop – it’s incredible! Appreciated Andrew and Daryl’s openness, honesty and no hype or pressure. My kind of workshop.” Louise Binnion, Gold Coast

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Do you think Andrew should run for parliament?

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Don’t know about you, but we’ve been shaking our heads at the antics of both sides of parliament lately. And being an election year it just seems to get sillier! We’ve been watching the Treasurer trying to put a smiley face on an $18 billion dollar hole in the forecast, and the opposition telling us that they can do a better job. Really, we’re not impressed with either of them!

And we hear lots of fearful comments from people about “What entitlements are they taking away from me? How am I going to pay the bills now?”

The reality is, the government is broke. They’re spending way more than they’re bringing in in taxes. Being reliant on them to look after us is NOT something we’re prepared to do!

So, rather than ask for your support as Andrew runs for parliament (sorry guys, this is not an “Andrew for Prime Minister” email!), we want to show you the system we’ve set up that makes us financially free. So we’re not reliant on the next government handout.

We’ll take you through our financial freedom system step-by-step at the next Our Internet Secrets workshop on 14-17 June. Here’s the link to book if you haven’t done so already:


This workshop’s for you if you want to take back control of your financial future, and not be reliant on the whims of the government.

It’s for you if (like us) you feel that the government have become serial liars (or in political speak, simply carrying out their “quarterly readjustment of the facts”)!

And it’s for you if you realize that superannuation and the pension are not going to cut it, when you’re ready to retire.

So it’s not an election rally, but you will get to meet a bunch of like-mined people at our event – people who are sick of being “victims of the system”, and who are ready to take back control of their financial futures.

We’d love to see you there.

PS – We suggest you bring a friend or partner with you. It’s always easier to apply what you’ve learned after the workshop when you can discuss it with someone you know. As a client of ours you qualify for two tickets. Please forward this link to a friend and ask them to register as well:


PPS – here are some more comments from happy past-attendees:

“I’ve never experienced anything so worthwhile in my life! You will not regret a moment that you spend in this environment, a true game changer.” Christine Law, Canberra

“Really excited at the possibilities this workshop created for me. Helped me by covering all the basics plus also some more advanced strategies. DO IT!” Janne Mason, Cams Wharf

“Content delivery was flawless, logical structure and huge amount of information worth millions. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by coming along. Your success and your future is at stake. Don’t wait a moment longer!” Allison Borland, Gold Coast


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Another Fantastic 4 Day Workshop (October) – Wrap up and Summary

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October’s workshop has come and gone, with Andrew and Daryl putting on another life changing event. Thank you to everyone who attended the workshop – we hope you enjoyed yourselves but more importantly feel that you are armed with the tools you need to make a change in your business or your life.

– Lots of new faces came along to hear Andrew and Daryl talk about how to make money with ebooks, membership sites and The Ultimate Business Model. As usual, we had lots of interesting questions and Andrew and Daryl didn’t leave until every last one was answered.

– Our business builder competition was again a huge hit, with our audience members judging on who they thought was the winning effort. The standard was extremely high and many people just could not decide on a clear winner. Contestants were judged on how much they inspired the audience, their business model and who took the most action in the time given. We had 2 returning business builders and 5 debuts. Entrants were from all different markets and niches, with the only commomality being that they’ve all been able to take their businesses to the next level through the coaching and tuition of Andrew and Daryl. When all was said and done, it was Derek and Sally Boyer who held up the winners trophy once again. Congratulations on a superb effort guys!

– Our resident experts came along to the party and joined in the fun, with Paul Blackburn enlightening the crowd on how their minds work, Bret Thomson teaching one of the highest paid skills on the planet, Matt and Liz Raad spilling the beans on how to buy and sell a business and Krisztian Panczel giving the nuts and bolts of how SEO done right can significantly boost your positions in the search rankings for your market.

– Our attendees were showered with loads of prizes and gifts throughout the workshop. Customary to our workshops, Andrew and Daryl handed out one of their DVD product sets at the beginning of each session to reward people for coming back and being on time. In total we gave out 12 DVD sets to 12 lucky people. Enjoy! The MAJOR prize draw was drawn on the Monday, and Andrew and Daryl’s huge showbag worth over $20,000 was won by one lucky participant who will now get access to holidays, flights, coaching, products, accomodation and even a full day with Andrew and Daryl! All workshop winners will be announced in a future blog post.

– Thank you to everyone who gave us a glowing testimonial, either written or video. They will all be viewed and Andrew and Daryl will pick the winning testimonial shortly. We will notify you on this blog who won the night at Palazzo Versace so keep checking back for updates!

– The cocktail party was again a smashing success, with more yummy food than our small group could handle plus the Gold Coast’s best night views to behold! We hope you found some great partners to do business with and gave out lots of business cards.

Our Next workshop has already been planned so make sure you pencil in Feb 22nd-25th at Mantra Legends Gold Coast to come along and do it all over again! See you next time!




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Alex Cownie: How I Created $14,000 In 7 days From One Email With No Business Experience And No Money!

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Thought you’d enjoy this short video. It shows how a client of ours, Alex Cownie, made over $14,000 in her first 7 days with no internet smarts and no money, and from just one email. Inspiring stuff!

Here’s the background to Alex’s story.

As a ballet dancer at the top of her career, Alex danced for Princess Grace of Monaco and was considered one of the world’s top dancers. But tragically, a serious knee injury wiped out all her dreams of performing around the world.

But she didn’t give up, and after attending an OurInternetSecrets workshop she had the tools to turn her passion into a serious income.

In this inspiring case study, Alex shares her story in detail. You can view the case study here:


We just love being inspired by other people who have been successful online. It’s one of the reasons we love what we do, especially when our students start to make a big difference in their lives and the lives of others around them.

At the next OurInternetSecrets workshop we’ve invited 7 new inspiring people just like Alex to share their stories with you. They’ll be going through in detail what they did and how they applied their workshop learnings to their business.

The stories range from those making an extra few hundred a week, to those creating 7-figure incomes. All ages, all walks of life. The one thing they have in common, is that they all attended the 4-day OurInternetSecrets workshop.
If you’ve already booked your place – welcome! We look forward to seeing you there.

If you haven’t yet booked your place, then remember, as a client of ours you qualify for two tickets to this info-packed event. You’ll leave with everything you need to create your own online business.

Here’s the link to book (and view Alex’s video):


The event is on 26-29th October at Q1 on the Gold Coast.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Daryl and Andrew

PS – here are some more comments from past attendees:

The quality of the information and speakers was first class. It’s definitely one of the best workshops I’ve been to. An absolute MUST! Carol Fisher, Sunshine Coast

The information I gleaned was INVALUABLE. I had so many light bulb moments in nearly every session. I felt like I was at a family gathering because of how much Andrew and Daryl cared about each person that came along. Don’t hesitate, this is a proven system and will work for everyday people like you and me! Heather Fields, Buderim

I was shocked to be presented a TOTAL turnkey solution which was very unexpected. I paid thousands on workshops that weren’t half as good as this one! Lisa Hudson, Toowoomba

Click to Read Full Transcript »

Alex Cownie
Alex: Hi, everyone.
Andrew/Participants: Hi!
Alex: Everyone is very enthusiastic, I like that. When I was offered to speak today the first thing that went to my mind was, “Oh, no. I can’t do that. They’re not going to understand a word of what I’m saying.” I thought, that’s a very convenient excuse to miss out on a really good opportunity. Then I thought, you know what, I’m just going to do it. I’m going to step up and come here and tell you seven years ago I could not speak a word of English. Nothing. I couldn’t even say hi.
Then the more I thought about this presentation the more I realise, well, this is not so much about me because if it were about me I would probably be dancing around the living room or feeding ducks with my baby. This presentation is about you. I’m here for you, each and every single one of you. So if I didn’t have this presentation I get every one of you to feel really inspired, feel that all the things that you’re learning these four days are so easy to implement and you end up thinking like, “Alex’s business just rocks,” then I win.
For so many years I used to actually spend much more time on stage than I was off stage. I’m used to all of these lights in my face. I was a dancer. I was a professional dancer and I did really well. By the age of 17 I was doing already solo tours all over Europe. I danced for the Princess Grace of Monaco. I was on the top 50 dancers in the world between 18 and 21 years. Things are looking really good for me.
What happened is that I came to Australia – that was actually a really good thing. But when I came to Australia I danced and actually danced with Sydney Dance Company. They told me, “We’d love to hire you in the company but you don’t have the right visa.”
So I said, “Oh, awesome.” So I went along started to do other things and try to get a visa and along the way I got injured. I injured my knee and that was the end of it.
They told me, “You have to take 18 months off.”
I was really depressed, really down. Pretty much my whole life was over. It was 12 years I was training every day. I never took more than six days off ever in a row and all of a sudden it’s like, “What do I do now?” I’ve nothing to do.
Fast forward, five years, I married a beautiful husband and had a beautiful baby. But I was so bored. If you’re a parent you know that you have to change night keys, wake up five times a night, and cook dinner every day. That was fulfilling on some level but that was not enough. I wanted and I needed more.
So when my husband who had a business came to me and said, “My business is going good, not great, I need to learn Internet marketing and I want to learn from the best in the industry so I’m going learn from Andrew and Daryl Grant.” He said to me, “You know what, let’s do it together.” I was like, “Oh yeah, great!” I absolutely want to do that because I was so bored I just was excited to learn something new.
So when I joined the Millionaires Club 12 months ago, that was for my husband. I had no intention to do any business for myself until five months ago. I’m happy to announce that I’m not bored anymore.
Then we went to Thailand, I had a lot of fun in the retreats. I loved it. One day after dinner – Andrew knew about my injury and he just came to me and he was just looking like this, “Hmm.”
I said, “What’s going on here?”
He said, “You know what, actually I can help you with your injury.”
I’m like, “Okay. Well, you’re a super guru Internet marketer; can you really fix an injury?” But I like to think about things open-mindedly so I said, “Sure, I’ve got nothing to lose, let’s go for it.”
We sat down, three hours later after working on a bunch of stuff, for the very first time in five years I could not feel my pain anymore. It was amazing, so I can never thank you enough for that. It’s really amazing. Thank you, Andrew. Completely unexpected and changed my life. I was reborn again.
Actually, two weeks ago was the first time I actually trained for three hours with the proper training, first time I put on dance clothes again in almost six years now and this is how I looked like. That was two weeks ago. I could dance again.
I said, “Wow, everything is going so well maybe I should just back off a little bit and stay in my little comfortable life and make a few excuses.” That’s really comfortable here because I had the knowledge now to maybe build something, some sort of business or a dance. Also, I knew I could dance, so let’s back off a little bit. It’s a bit too fast here. I said, “I don’t have enough experience or I don’t know the first thing about websites. I don’t speak English well enough.”
“Ha, ha, ha.” They laughed at me. It’s like, “What are you doing now?”
“I don’t speak like a business woman. If you know me in the outside world, I’m always jumping around and dancing. I don’t have the serious look that you would expect out of business people. People don’t understand me on the phone. They always ask me to repeat myself. It’s so frustrating. I’m just not good enough.”
He said, “It doesn’t matter.”
But then I thought, you know what, it’s like people coming to a dance class and saying, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I got two left feet. I can’t dance.”
“Well, my friend, you’ve got a right foot, a left foot. I think you’ll be fine.”
If you’ve got excuses, maybe you should think about doing the same because they’re just irrelevant. You can just do it. So, let’s go for it.
With zero experience on the Internet or in business and with no money to invest in it, what the hell am I going to do now? It just gave me an idea. I’ve got a lot of experience as a dancer, so I’m going to write a book. I’m going to share what my experience is. So I went and looked at my Our Internet Secrets notes.
What do I do first? First, I’m going to do research to make sure this project is viable. I followed step-by-step everything that I’ve been taught like you’ve been taught this weekend. What keyword do I need to use? Is it a viable project? Do I make money out of it? Do people want it? Are people actually looking for this information? Who are my clients? Who are going to be my competition? It happened I had no competition in the field. It was awesome. What was going to be my twist?
I figured all that out. It took me about three weeks. That was in February. Then I put together a marketing plan. Twelve months ago when Nick said, “I’m going to need to learn Internet marketing,” I went to the dictionary and went, “Marke – what? What does that mean? Hmm… That’s interesting.” You can’t think of anyone less dedicated than me in this area to a business like this.
I still managed to put a marketing plan. This is how it looked like. It’s very simple. Here I made another decision. I thought, because I know this project is viable, I’ve done the research. I know I can make some money out of this. Unless I tried every single one of those little boxes, I will not give up on this project because now I know the first one, the second one, the third one won’t work. But what if the fourth one works? Tick. Alex wins. And then I make a business.
So, I went on and wrote my book. My English was good, not great. It’s okay. I professionally did that with Carol fixing that. Here we are, three weeks later, I had the book with 23 contributors from 11 different countries. I followed exactly that interview system step-by-step. Some on emails, some on the audio – I did not try and bend the wheel. How would I know? I’m a dancer. I just followed what they taught me and here was my book.
Then I needed to publish it. I needed about $11,000 for that. I didn’t want to invest and involve personal money in it and I didn’t want going to that. I wanted a business to be profitable from day one. I thought, “How can I do that?” I believe everything is possible.
I had a great idea. I need a system that I can reproduce anytime I want to be able to pay for my business so the business can make money and pay for itself and it’s just fine. How do I pay for my project? I felt so clever when I came up with that one I thought I’m going to get sponsors. People are going to be so interested in what I’m doing. Well, I did a really nice sponsor pack, contacted people, followed up on the phone – nobody signed up. I thought, “Oh, I didn’t feel so clever anymore.”
But did I give up? No. I just kept going. I have much more boxes to tick. Then I thought that was a really good idea. I felt even more clever on that one. I thought, “I’ve got 3,000 people on the list. I’m going to sell the book bulk to dance schools.” At that time, I just have one document. What document? That was my book. Not even good English. Not even all in English at this stage.
“Do you want to buy one of those? Actually, do you want to buy 25 or 50 of those?” It looks like nothing.
People just said, “We’re interested but we don’t know what you’re doing here. So, thank you.”
But I still managed to sell 50 books. It was pretty awesome. So I got a bit excited.
I thought, “What if I sell advertising?” Then that was the start of a really good week – a week that changed my life. If I knew that was so easy, damn it.
This is my secret:
Step one, you send an email. Can everyone here send an email? That’s step one. Take note. It’s very important.
Step two, you call two days later or you send a second email.
Step three, that’s the most important point. You get paid.
That’s all I did. I don’t think it can be simpler than that. Results? In my first seven days, I made over $14,000 and I got a free exposure to over 70,000 people from all around the world, so internationally.
I’ve got affiliates calling me up saying, “Hey, I’ve got this list of 30,000 people. Do you need affiliates?”
Of course I said, “No, no, no, no, no.” That’s fantastic. I couldn’t believe this. It happened to me. Whoa.
I still managed to sell 257 books even before the book was finished. That was because I got my advertisers to promote the book as well. It was the deal. Get back [12:02 inaudible] and just get the wheel going.
Getting $1,000, up to $4,000 phone calls every single day is fun. It’s really motivating. I felt so good at the end of that week, I was on the phone all the time, I was following up people – that was so much fun. It took an email and a phone call.
I thought, “I’m going to build my business.” I built a bonus that I could just give away to people. That’s a nice little recipe book called “100 Healthy Snacks” and I just either sell it or give it as a bonus. That fits really well with some of the stuff I talked about in the book.
I’ve got the website where I sell the book. The main purpose of this website is to sell the book and also promote master classes where I go to dance schools and teach and then I make $500 to $4,000 in about 90 minutes. I do that on that site. But most importantly, I build my list there.
The benefits of buying one product – they buy my book and then what? I needed some backend to my business. I needed to find a way to get some revenue ongoing without having to work for it because I’ve got a two-year-old to take care of. If you’ve got kids, they keep you fit.
So, I built up this website. By the way, I did the website myself. As an advertising membership, which means that I get people to advertise on this site for $49 to $497 a month with more or less exposure depending on how much they pay and then here we go. I get paid every month and without even trying to get people on this yet, I already got nine people signed up. So, that’s really exciting.
Now I need to just market that thing. The potential on this one is pretty much unlimited because I set it up so I can put as many people as I want. My goal within the next 18 months is to make half a million dollar a month. Do you think I’m going to stop? Is that motivating? I’m not giving up until I get that.
Then I thought, “I’m going to reproduce the system.” My husband was about to publish a book, so I thought, “You know what, I’m going to do it again with you.” Guess what? It worked again. I asked him, “How many ads do you want in your book?”
He said, “Six.”
I said, “All right.” I wrote 45 emails. It took me about three hours to just [14:41 inaudible] all those things. I got five ads paid for $1,000 each, plus a contra-deal that gets him lots of exposure. That’s actually with Jason Urbanowicz. You saw the testimonial a little bit earlier.
The system works and I can use it and reproduce it anytime I need or want. How fun is that? An email and a phone call.
There’s more. Talk about free publicity. I thought, “Well, I can send emails. That’s pretty easy.” I did that and I got interviews happening from actually next week and for the next four months in every single one of the major events made here in Australia. I got interviews in Dance Australia Magazine and a bunch of other ones. You pretty don’t care about that. All you need to care about is that they are putting my interview in their magazine online in their business news. That’s free publicity to thousands of people that actually are interested in what I’m saying. How cool is that?
My reputation is growing. Three weeks ago I was invited to judge a competition in central coast, a big dance competition. They took me seriously. I just couldn’t believe it. I was a jumpy little person and all of a sudden I was a very serious judge. “Here you go, first prize.” But I did a pretty good job. I even got to sell a few more books. That’s cool.
Then I got a few emails. There are grumpy people and I thought, “Whatever.” I’m not going to care. I’m going to take the feedback and if I need to fix things, I will. but I’m going to stay positive and I’m going to see what all the people are saying about my product and what I’m doing, because I’ve got pages and pages now in about three months of amazing testimonials from all around the world that are just so supportive. It just makes your heart go, “Oh, I’m doing something good here.” I do it for the people. I’m just deciding I’m focusing on the positive stuff. Yes, some stuff are going to go wrong. But that’s okay because more good stuff are going to go right. Just remember that.
What are your excuses? Seriously, do you have two left feet? Can you speak English better than me? Probably. I hope for you. Do you know how to send an email? Do you know how to follow step-by-step instructions that are easy? Do you know how to dial a phone number?
Participants: Yes!
Alex: All right, that’s it. You can do it. I believe every single one of you can do it because I did it. I started five months ago, I still had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know the first thing about any of that. I’m doing this for my family because now I get time for them. I get to take more care of them. I get to be a happier person around them because I’m not bored anymore. I’ve got a lifestyle.
I actually love my life now. I’ve got a purpose, a mission. I’m helping dancers to be called professional dancers in a smart and healthy way. How good is that? Avoid people to becoming injured like me and I’m doing this. It’s just amazing.
Yes, it’s your turn right now. You have ideas written down. I know. I checked last night. I talked to you. You made effort to be in this room and you know you have no good excuse not to. What excuse do you seriously have? Can you speak English? That’s all you need.
I’ve proven it’s much more easier than it actually looks. If I could do it then you can too. I really, really believe it. There’s no secret. Just follow the system. Thank you.

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[Julie Lewin Case Study] How a Cancer Survivor Increased Her Worth 10x & Built A 6 Figure Income Through Her Passion In Celestial Healing

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Some of you may know Julie Lewin, who did a fantastic job at our support desk for many years. What you may not know about Julie might shock you. In 2000, Julie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and could not speak for an entire year.

What would you do if this happened to you?

She made a promise that if she ever got the ability to speak back, she would live her passion and inspire others to live their dreams….

In 2008 Julie attended an OurInternetSecrets event and hasn’t looked back since. She’s inspired thousands with her intuitive healing techniques, spoken as an expert on many stages, has put together a celestial consciousness retreat (which made her $16500 in one week) and now charges $497 session, up from $50 session a few short years ago.

Julie is a shining example of what you can do if you put your mind to it and apply some of the strategies we’ll be teaching at our 4 Day workshop.

You can listen to some of the fantastic results Julie has achieved in the video.

Here are some of the key lessons Julie learned in her journey:

1. Challenge yourself on your mentors. They can help accelerate the process and save you hours of pain and lots of money!

2. How much you are worth? Don’t be tied down to your own pre-conceived ideas. Create massive value and don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth.

3. If you get a chance, work to learn and soak up as much as you can from people who are succeeding.

4. Believe in yourself and can climb mountains you never thought you could previously climb.

Click to Read Full Transcript »

Julie: Who’s learned something today? Who’s still waiting to learn something? This is a real honour. “How to Increase Your Fees 10 times and Build a Six-Figure Income” – that’s what I want to talk to you about in the next 15 to 20 minutes.
It’s taken me a long time to get to this point. That little blue down the bottom there, I only got that yesterday. Nothing like a deadline to make you do something. I finished my PowerPoint presentation an hour ago and Daryl said, “Are you ready?” I said, “Yes.” So, here we go.
Who is Julie Lewin? I haven’t got lots of words for you. I like pictures. They say it speaks a thousand words. I was born in Gympie and I didn’t stay there long. My parents went roaming and we ended up in Mt. Isa. Do you see that stack there, the big one? That is half a kilometre high and I’ve got a story about that that I’ll tell you later.
I’m married to the amazing Frank and some of you may have met Frank. He’s quite a character. We got married 30 years ago in October and yes, we did have two babies. They wouldn’t let me put their pictures up here so I’ve just written “two babies.” We raised our children in Brisbane. These are my children now. We ran away from home two and a half years ago and left them with everything. We started again in the country and we love it.
Oh, there is a little bit of something else about me. I’m a healer and a medical intuitive. That might be a bit woo-hoo for some of you and it was for me when I was told that 28 years ago. What can I say about that? I discovered that I could see inside people’s bodies and locate the root cause of their discomfort. It didn’t happen overnight, but I decided I wanted to have that life, so I practiced every single day for the last 28 years.
Why have I got the Olympics symbols there? I met an Olympian in this room. We actually went to the function on the Saturday night and she started telling me about the Olympian mindset. I thought, “Wow! I have a mindset like that, but I’m not an Olympian.”
Let’s see what an Olympian mindset is. It’s determination, it’s inner strength, you’re hard working and persistent, you’re self-motivated like you light that light in your heart. No one else can do that for you. You can deal with adversity and you have tenacity. When you have those qualities, it means you can pick yourself up off the bathroom floor where you’ve been sobbing, get back into your life, and keep going with whatever it is that you want to do. You’re optimistic and positive and you have the ability to be really focused.
That’s what I’ve done over the last 28 years in a lot of different areas of my life. I practiced for nine years. I got to go on that TV show The Extraordinary where they tested me on film because I rang them up and said, “I can see inside of people’s bodies.”
They said, “Oh yeah, right.” They said, “Have you got anyone who can prove this?”
I said, “Well, my mom.”
They said, “Someone else?”
I said, “What about a doctor, a psychiatrist, and a nurse?”
They said, “Yes.” And so they rang me about six weeks later and said, “We’ll have film crew in town in a couple of days. We want to film you.”
I said, “I don’t think so.”
I said, “I don’t want to be made a mockery of, because what I do is serious.”
They said, “We promise we won’t do that.”
That TV show – no word of a lie – I would’ve filled this room with letters ten times over. My husband went and picked a sack up from the post box every day and it was very overwhelming, and so I decided I wanted to hide.
There’s a reason why I’ve got this here. Responding to all of those people, I thought that I was obliged to give all of myself to those tens of thousands of people that wanted a piece of me, so I did. There was a consequence. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in May 2000. The day after I had surgery I went to speak to my doctor and I couldn’t speak. I lost my voice for a year and I said to God, “If you let me speak again, live my passion, speak about it here today to inspire people to live their dreams and climb their mountains, I promise I’ll do that.”
We’ll fast forward to 2006. I’ve built my very first website. It was a clunky website, it’s still there, and it was through something called SiteBuilder. I’ve put a lot of my heart and soul into that and I thought I was doing pretty well. But I knew I needed something more.
Fast forward to 2008, Facebook changed my life. I know that sounds a pretty weird thing to say. My best friend from when I was 20 – and we had our babies together when I was 24 and 26 – found me on Facebook, exactly a month before there was one of this events. She got two tickets and she said, “Julie, would you like to come to Sydney with me to that event?” It was the very first Our Internet Secrets event that was like this.
I said, “Oh, I haven’t got any money. But I do have $400 to buy my passport so I can go to Thailand in two months. I’ll use that.” So I did. I spent my passport money and I went to Our Internet Secrets and I just kept saying, “Oh my God, oh my God! This is exactly what I’ve been asking for. God answers my prayers.” I joined Our Internet Secrets.
I’m going to fast forward to February, that’s five months later. You’re going to hear Daryl say something later and it might still hit thunder, but some people really bug her. I was one of them. I was still doing my research five months later. I never went to this event. This is part of the OIS program that they’ll talk to you about later. I was at that event. I didn’t have a topic. I didn’t know what I was going to write about. I was very confused in myself.
I spoke to Andrew and he said, “You need to go and speak to Paul Blackburn,” and I did. No word of a lie, in three minutes he changed my life. By the end of that first day, I had my topic. I went home, did some research on the Internet, and the next day I had a 30-day plan. In 30 days I created a product.
I went into a recording studio and I recorded ten healing mediations for before, during, and after surgery. I wrote an e-book, I outsourced the sales letter, and I had the project manage it because those guys at the recording studio said, “Sure, we’ll have that done in 48 hours,” they didn’t. I had to keep hassling them. Then they said, “Yes, we’ll get the guy to digitally master it. He’ll do that in 24 hours.” He didn’t. I’ve got everything on the 30th day. That was my target that I would submit everything to OIS tech is on the 30th day – and I did.
Thirty days later, I got my website back and I made my first sale overnight. Do you think I was a pretty happy cookie? I was. I’ve made some money from that product, but it’s not my best product and I need to market it more. Actually, here it is. It is actually a real live product. Who wants it? There you go.
Who knows Bret Thomson? He’s a copywriter extraordinaire. He’s an all-around good guy and you’re going to meet him this afternoon. I decided I wanted to be a little Bret Thomson wannabe, so I said, “Bret, are you going to teach this stuff that you do?” and he said, “Yes.” I said, “I want to be your first student.” I was one of his first students. I thought I was going to be Australia’s next best thing to women copywriting. I wasn’t.
I had big dreams in October 2009. I had no money. My clients were paying me $50 a consultation, I had a huge heart. I’ve made this deal with God that if He gave me back my voice that I would help people. I was really willing to learn. Andrew and Daryl provided that environment for me to learn and I’ll tell you what, I ate it, I slept it, I breathed it, and I did everything that they told me to do.
Guess what? I got offered a job with Andrew and Daryl and I became the OIS help desk manager in October 2009. I got trained for a few weeks and then I was on my own. I wrote this email to Daryl. I said, “Dear Daryl, you have the wrong person. I so cannot do this job. You’ll have to find someone else.” I went to press “Enter” and I couldn’t. I did that four times and I said, “Okay, maybe I’m not meant to quit this job,” but I did need some help.
I had a friend who had just become a hypnotherapist and I said, “You need to get here right now. I’m about to quit the best job in my life.” She actually drove over. I still had the emails open on my computer that I couldn’t answer. No word of a lie, she sat on my front veranda with me and did an intervention. Sounds cool. She left, I went back inside, I started answering those emails, and I didn’t stop.
I have had the most extraordinary journey with Andrew and Daryl. I love everything to do with Our Internet Secrets. That’s my favourite part on the website and anyone who’s had a welcome call with me will know that.
Andrew and Daryl – these are my mentors. I absolutely love the mentorship that they’ve given me and it’s transformed my life.
Janet Beckers – she’s one of the OIS Faculty members and you’ll hear a bit more about her. She’s the joint venture queen.
Guess what? I had a recruitment agency from Adelaide Facebook me privately (I didn’t know who they were) and said, “Can we do a joint venture with you? We wanted a joint venture on all of your products.”
I said, “But my website is not finished yet.”
“Oh, as soon as it’s done send it to us and we’ll put it on our website. We’ll market it to our thousands of people.” That just happened last week. Yes, thank you.
Gideon Shalwick – he’s another one of Our Internet Secrets Faculty members. He’s the video blogging expert and what he doesn’t know is not worth knowing.
You’ll see all these people later. They’re all my mentors.
Fast forward to September 2011, I had my first speaking gig with Adam Gibson. I spoke for 90 minutes, closed 50% of the room and made $5,000. I was very excited. I’ve never made that much money in that short a time in my life. In that moment I thought, you know what, I can do anything I want to do. I can make as much money as I want. I just have to put my heart and soul into it and ask for it.
Fast forward to April 2012, Celestial Consciousness Retreat. I didn’t follow Andrew and Daryl’s advice. I didn’t do the middle steps. I just went from the little product to the big product and I charged $3,300 for that. I sold out and I made $16,500 in a week. My next one is in November. I’m pretty excited about that. I went in two years from $50 a session, I now charge $497 a session and I have a monthly target of 20. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I do more, sometimes I do less, but it averages out.
You see that there? I said I wanted to go to the top of that. I’m afraid of heights and to get to the top of that I had to go in a cage that had just bars on it. We went half a kilometre up in the air and then the guy that took me up there said, “Now you have to get on that ladder that goes half a kilometre down and you have to climb another six feet to get right up to the rim up there.” It took him 20 minutes to get me to get on the ladder. Then I climbed and my head hit something. It hit a ceiling. They talk about a glass ceiling, I hit a wooden ceiling.
I said, “I can’t go any further.”
He said, “Sure you can.”
I said, “No, I can’t.”
He said, “That changed things. Well, you have to just come back down and step over that half a kilometre chasm and get back on here. We’ll have to wait for them to send us back down.”
I was stuck on that ladder for 25 minutes like this in my slippery hands. Anyway, he coaxed me back down. I always remember that when I think that I can’t do something. I saved my own life in that stupid thing that I did, but maybe it was one of the best things that I ever did. That was a moment.
I’m very excited to have pulled together my ultimate business model. My first tip is I’ll give away something for free. Oh, I’ve made a mistake. “Seven Steps to Celestial Consciousness.” I just started a meditation circle, it’s live online to anyone in the world and we discuss it afterwards in a special Facebook group. I do a one-day workshop on mastering intuition, because that’s what I’ve developed. I’ve developed my intuition to a really high regard. I’ve created a home study pack. There’s my six-day retreat. I do mentoring. I have my first mentoring client on Monday and she really loves that. Then I’ve got a high end mentoring program. I’m not going into what all of those are. I haven’t got any time.
Who wants to feel the love? Who wants to know how to stop psychic vampires from sucking your energy? I can teach you how to do that. I’ve got four eclasses. I sell them for $97. I’ll give you them for free.
This is my meditation room. This is the PowerPoint slide that comes up when I do the webinar, so everyone knows that I’m sitting in there recording this web meditation. I’ll give you the first one for free.
Vote for me if I have inspired you. Thank you, everyone.

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Look What We’re Giving Away At Octobers Workshop! Over $23,000 in Prizes…..

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Recently we took our 10 year old son to the Gold Coast Show, and you guessed it – the first place he wanted to go was the showbag stand!

Thousands of kids get excited each year to see what the best showbags are (our little guy particularly liked the Zombie one this year!). So why should you be excited?

We thought… why not give away “A Showbag To Remember” at our next Our Internet Secrets event on 26-29 October at Q1 on the Gold Coast!


In the past we’ve given away cruises, holidays, thousands of dollars worth of our best products and even time with us individually to work on your business!

This time we’re putting together our version of a MEGA-Showbag, worth over $23,000.

One lucky attendee at our event will win this awesome Showbag, just for coming along to the workshop. How much fun is that?!

So what’s in this Showbag? We’ve asked some of our top clients to contribute one of the products they sell in their internet business. So we’ve got all sorts of goodies. We think you’ll be thrilled by their generosity!

Ok, so here’s what’s in the MEGA-Showbag:

BIG GIFT #1 – Sales Letter Done For You by Monika Mundell (valued at $2200) – Monika is one of the best copywriters around and has offered to write your next sales letter for you!
Read more about Monika at http://monikamundell.com/

BIG GIFT #2 – 30 Day Boyer Weight Loss Program plus mentoring from Derek and Sally Boyer – Derek and Sally’s proven results program in just 30 days, plus personal coaching (Value $1000). This is the program that enabled us to lose over 20kg between us, in just 30 days. Read more at http://boyerweightloss.com/

BIG GIFT #3 – Online Store Mastery Membership from Krisztian Panczel – Learn how to build an online ecommerce store and outsell the big players in your niche! Valued at $2997. Read more at http://onlinestoremastery.com/

BIG GIFT #4 – 5 Nights luxury accommodation in Darwin from Tina Villis valued at $2575. Tina’s business provides luxury homes for holiday letting around Australia.
Read more at https://australianluxurystays.com.au/

BIG GIFT #5 – Return Flights from your usual place of residence for you and a partner to the Gold Coast, two nights accommodation at Queensland’s highest rated hotel Palazzo Versace and a day with Andrew and Daryl to discuss your business, including lunch with us at our favourite restaurant! (Valued at $10,000)

BIG GIFT #6 – Blooms Painting Course + 3 nights accommodation (subject to availability) at a ‘Barn in the Barossa’ from Jacqui Coates ($1400 value). I (Daryl) recently did one of Jacqui’s courses and it was just an amazing experience! Read more at http://abarninthebarossa.com.au/

BIG GIFT #7 – Total Website Profits Program from Matt and Liz Raad valued at $3000. Matt and Liz teach you the ins and outs of buying and renovating websites for profit. Read more at http://mattandlizraad.com/

The best news of all is that one lucky attendee WILL win this awesome prize, valued at $23,172.

Just for attending the event, you go in the draw to win.

Of course you get much more than this when you attend our workshop – you get to learn stuff that can literally change your life.

If it wasn’t for our internet businesses, we’d still be working 7 days a week, swapping time for money, and never getting anywhere financially.

At this event we’ll share with you in detail the strategies that we used to get ourselves out of the rat-race, and living the life we’d always dreamed of. It’s made such a huge difference to our lives that we just love sharing it with others.

If you haven’t yet booked, here’s the link:


Look forward to seeing you there!
Andrew and Daryl

PS – If you’re still undecided about coming along, then check out these comments from attendees at our past workshops…

This workshop has given me some killer ideas on strategies I had no idea existed. It’s been a fabulous experience and I am so sad that it ended so soon! Eddie Burrill, Brisbane

Just loved the quality of the information. The success stories were so inspiring and made me believe I could actually do it too! Well worth your while attending. Louis Grey, Brisbane

This is the workshop I wished I had attended BEFORE starting my online business! Felicity H, Melbourne

The internet changes so often. Think of this workshop as your annual tune-up. You’ll learn something from every single session. Mark Aburrow, Echuca

Had no idea information products could be so profitable. All the information was fantastic. Book your spot immediately as this workshop WILL be a full house! Julie Edwards, Townsville

Got some great tips on creating a twist on my niche that will separate me from my competitors. DO IT – don’t think about it, just do it. Its a fantastic, life changing opportunity. Totally Inspiring! Julie Gavrilonvic, Sydney

Had no idea how much money you can really make if you do it right. Content was great. You will learn heaps and no high pressure sales. My kind of seminar! Derek Cross, Gold Coast

I got a massive amount of content from people who are the best in the business. If you are serious about creating financial freedom for yourself then this is a “must do” workshop.
Jenny Grey, New Zealand.

Love that you guys were in the same boat as me when you started. It’s not
rocket science! Chris O’Sullivan, Cairns, Qld.

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Come Take a Look Inside Our Internet Business (Here’s What We’ll Be Teaching)

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One of the greatest things about being financially free is we get to do lots of travelling around the world with our kids. We also love the passive income and freedom that having a successful internet business brings.

One of our other passions is teaching other people how to achieve the same results. We get so much satisfaction and a real buzz out of seeing one of our students excel in their business and open up a world of financial independence.

The main way we’ve been able to teach people (as we don’t do one-on-one consulting anymore) is through our 4 Day workshops. We walk you through step by step exactly what we did, and by the end you have a takeaway strategy you can implement the very next day.

If you’ve never heard of us before and want to know what we’ll be teaching, here’s an outline of what we’ll be covering on each day:

DAY 1 – Friday 27 July. Today we’ll show you how to design your internet business. We see too many people get this bit horribly wrong! Either they leap in with no idea of what they’re going to do, and so they waste loads of time and money for no return. OR, they get so confused and overwhelmed that they don’t even know where to start.

If either of these is you, then by the end of this first day you’ll have a clear idea of why you’re getting online and what you’re going to sell. And most importantly, we’ll show you some quick, clever ways to research your niche so you can stand out from your competition.

DAY 2 – Saturday 28 July. Today is the nuts and bolts of building your internet business. We’ll show you how to create a website that gets people to take action – whether that’s to buy your product, come into your store, opt in to your list, or give you a call to place an order. We’re going to show you exactly what the best websites do to get great results. And we’ll give you loads of examples of the right and wrong ways to do it.

We’ll also show you how to write a winning sales letter. You know we have one sales letter that’s made us over a million dollars? We’ll show you how.

We then show you the very latest ways we’re using to drive loads of eager customers to our websites. We’ll show you in detail how we dominate page 1 of Google, use the latest in social media, set up high quality Joint Ventures, and loads more to quickly find hungry customers.

DAY 3 – Sunday 29 July. Today we finish off the process of building an online business by showing you how to tweak your website to get the most income out of it. That website that’s made us over a million dollars – would you believe we nearly canned it in the first few weeks? It wasn’t until we tweaked it (and we’ll show you how) that the money started flowing.

Then we show you something REALLY exciting – how you can supercharge the process, and create a 6 or 7 figure business in as little as 90 days. Over the last 4 years we’ve been involved in 15 of these businesses – at the workshop you’ll see why we think they’re the best thing since sliced bread!

DAY 4 – Monday 30 July. We know that none of this works without a success mindset, and a plan to make it all a reality. On this last day we show you the “secret sauce” that we add to all our internet businesses that makes them so successful. We first show you the techniques we use to identify and eliminate our subconscious blockages to being successful (yes, we’re still weeding them out!). Then we show you how we plan any new internet business so that we get the outcome (and the income!) we want from it. You’ll walk out at 5pm with a mini business plan, ready to start on Tuesday!

As you can see, the workshop is mainly us on stage, (except on the odd occasion where we bring in one of our faculty members to talk about stuff they’re better at!). It’s definitely NOT a sell-fest, with an unrelated series of 90 minute sales pitches!

We’ve had hundreds of raving testimonials from people in all industries, all ages and all walks of life.

We’ll do everything in our power to add as much value for you as possible. We always have lots of fun and give out lots of cool prizes – both big and small.

We look forward to seeing you there in person and helping you take your ideas and turn them into profits, so you can spend your time exactly how you want to.

Simply Register Here for your complimentary tickets (yes, they’re free!).

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