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Here’s Your Ticket To Freedom – Andrew and Daryl Teach Their Success!

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Have you booked for our 4 Day  internet marketing workshop yet? If you’re keen on having a successful internet business and would like some practical, step-by-step training, then we’d love to see you there.

It’s on 8-11th November at Mantra legends, Surfers Paradise, Queensland.

To reserve a place for you and a friend, please go to the link below and fill in your details. Once you’ve done this your place will be confirmed.



Here’s what we’ll be covering.

The workshop is based around the 3 keys to a successful online business:

–        Product (What do you sell? What niche?)

–        Traffic (How to get targeted buyers to your website)

–        Conversions (How to get them to buy once they get there)

Specifically, here’s what we’ll be covering:

–        Where to start if you’ve never made money online before.

–        How to build powerful little money-earning web-businesses that are so simple you can set them up on a Saturday afternoon.

–        A live demo of an easy-do-do web-strategy which made us US$250,000 in our first 12 months from a standing start.

–        How to quickly and easily create websites that generate passive income – set them up once, and they chug away making money day-in, day-out, with little or no further effort from you. (These strategies make us tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year).

–        More advanced strategies that can take your income up to the next level. Over the last four years we’ve perfected a business model that’s made us many millions of dollars. We’ve also taught that business system to others, and they’ve made hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars from it.


–        How to identify and eliminate any sub-conscious blockages you may have to earning passive income. This was a very important key to our success. We’ll show you the exercises we still do today to keep our internet business growing, and more importantly to keep the passive income flowing.

–        How to plan and implement your overall internet business, so that you build a secure, ongoing income. We believe that planning is essential if you want consistent, long term internet income you can rely on.

We believe that now more than ever it’s vital for you to have a second (and third, and fourth…) stream of income. For us, it’s the internet that provides that sort of security. Imagine having several internet businesses each bringing in a few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars a month. What would that do for your peace of mind?

What’s stopping you?

If you’re like most of the people we talk to about this, then the answer comes down to one of two things:

  1. “I don’t know where to start with an internet business” or
  2. “I have an internet business but it’s not making enough money and I don’t know how to improve it”

If you are in either of these categories, then these workshops are designed to help you.


Andrew and Daryl


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June 2013 4 Day Workshop Post Event Wrap Up

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June’s workshop was an amazing event, thank you to everyone who invested 4 days to come along and learn. We hope you learned some excellent strategies and got to meet some fantastic people.

Here are some of the highlights of the event for those of you who couldn’t make this one:

– Andrew and Daryl as always gave 110% and because there were so many questions, some of the days didn’t end up finishing until 6-6:30! We had a mixed contingent of participants from all industries who all had a great time getting to know each other.

– Our Business Builder Competition was a huge hit, this time with a slightly different format. Andrew and Daryl interviewed the business builders about their journey since coming to the workshop. Although the format was different, the presentations still all delivered. We had 6 inspiring journies shared with us. Special thanks to Julie Hillier, Gail Bennell, Julie Lewin, Matt and Liz Raad, Galia Cornish and Terri Nicholson for their presentations. This was the closest competition ever, with just a handful of votes separating the top 4 competitors. And after the afternoon tea break we had a dead heat count for first place! A last minute voting form came in to crown Julie Lewin the winning business builder. Congratulations Julie!

– Our major showbag prize draw was highly anticipated, with over $20,000 worth of amazing gifts and prizes for one lucky winner. The prize included a sexy top of the line iPad mini, mentoring, courses, a day with Andre and Daryl, flights and even a gorgeous weekend away at the Palazzo Versace.  Needless to say everyone in the room was sending out positive karma when the winning entry was pulled out from the barrel. Congratulations to Julie Warren for sticking around for the entire workshop and being the lucky winner! You have won a life changing suite of prizes, we hope you enjoy them.

– Guest speakers Matt and Liz Raad, Bret Thomson and Kim Atkins joined in the fun by sharing their pearls of wisdom at the workshop. Matt and Liz are renowned for their teachings on buying and selling websites which many found very enlightening. Bret spilled the beans on the latest cutting edge copywriting techniques and Kim updated everybody on some of the latest and best SEO models that are working well for taking businesses online profitably.

– The cocktail party at skypoint on level 77 at Q1 was a spectacular way to network and get to know everyone a little better, with some of the best views of the Gold Coast at night. Lots of great conversations, exchanging of business cards and potential joint ventures formed. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Whether you’ve joined OurInternetSecrets, The Freedom Club or just took away a goldmine of cool ideas to implement, we hope to see you around somewhere in cyberspace or a future event.

More details to come shortly on the next workshop!

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Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Fundamentals For Newbies

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So you have been working on your products and websites now for a while and you want to start ramping up your traffic and getting more visibility in the search engines? In this post we’ll explore some of the fundamentals of Search engine Optimisation (SEO).

Although you most likely will not have the time to become an SEO expert (nor should you!), it helps to have an understanding of how it works and why it is important as part of your overall website marketing strategy.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is getting your website structured in a way that is optimized for search engines to find your site when people type in the keyword. Eg., when people type in a keyword your site will appear on the left hand side of Google (organic searches).

If you look at any popular term, there are thousands and sometimes millions of searches on any particular term. If there are millions of pages on a term, how do you get to the top 10 searches? This can be very difficult. However, there are some things that can make it easy to get on the first page of Google for free,

What do Search Engines like? No-one knows the exact algorithms that search engines like Google and Yahoo use. However, we can make highly educated guesses on what factors they process when determining their search results.

Lets look at these in a little more detail:

  • Relevance!!!!! – the 3Rs – it’s very important – Relevance | Relevance | Relevance. Search engines want their user to have a good experience. When you type in a word, the stuff that comes back to you must be on topic and relevant to what you are looking for. If it doesn’t you’ll go somewhere else right!? The search engines are fanatical about this to give clients a good user experience. If your site is not providing a good user experience, they won’t put you up on the top of the search. They want the site to be relevant to the search term.
  • Reputation – what do other people on the internet say to you – also known as “wisdom of the crowd”. Do you have authority sites linking back to you? There was a social scientist who looked at crowds and how they operate when they had to make choices – he came to the conclusion that 80-90% of the time left to their own devices – the crowd will get it right.
  • Google has worked out that when people vote on the internet about what works for them and what doesn’t work – Google has worked out that they get it right. The more people who visit your site and the amount of backlinks to your site – Google deems this to be more relevant.

To see how well your site is SEO’ed, check out www.WebsiteGrader.com. You can check out your site or your competitor’s site and it will give you a ranking on how your site performs as far as your SEO is concerned. It talks about a bunch of things in detail – met tags, headings etc.

Its shows you where you are doing great and where you can improve.

If you are trying to rank for a keyword, you can look at your competitors and see ways of improving on what they are doing and get hints on how you can rank higher than them.

SEO On-Page / Off-page techniques

SEO requires both on-page and off-page techniques. They make your site visible and allows Google to judge the relevance. Here are the important on-page techniques:

  • Keyword in domain name – the phrase or keyword that you want to be known for. This is not always possible – because you want to be know for a number of things. Eg., in Andrew and Daryl – this is our phrase – we have www.andrewanddaryl.com – however, that is not always a practical thing to do. Our Internet Secrets is our other main site. We want to be known for Our Internet Secrets. “Internet Secrets” is the keyword we want to rank on. You need to do your research – how are people referring to your subject and the keywords they are using in this process
  • Relevant file names for each page
    • Have these relevant to the keyword on the page
    • Have the keyword in the page if you can
    • Keep in mind that Google is generally ranking a page – not a site – you can have multiple pages on your site ranking for different keywords – one might be ranking for one subject and another for another subject – so when looking for file names on your site – do they have your keywords in there as well.
  • Title tag
    • Talk to your techie about this – in the Title Tag – have your keywords in there.
  • Keywords in body copy
    • The words on your page should include your keywords – WARNING: don’t over do it – don’t put too much in there that is unnatural to try and trick the search engines. Google is smart and if the page is overloaded with keywords – you will be penalised for this.
    • Don’t put white keywords on a white background – Google knows this – and you will be penalised if you do this.
    • Use the keywords and key phrases as much as you can in a natural way.
  • Keywords in Heading tags (H1 to H6)
    • These are your headings – eg., headlines, subheads
    • Keywords in here is important – some of the copywriters might get the headline produced as a graphic – and when this is put into the copy – you need to be careful doing this because this may be seen by Google as a picture. When there is a picture – Google will see the tag behind the scene of the picture. So it is important that the tags are appropriately titled.
  • Good, fresh content
    • Content that is updated on a regular basis is what the search engines are looking for
    • Good, relevant and timely
    • The search engines know by the behaviour of the people coming to your search. Does it have some buzz around it, are people referring your site to other people.
    • Google don’t specifically tell people how they judge or rank a site.
    • What we are talking about here is from our observations for what is working.
  • Number of Google indexed pages
    • How big is your site
    • How many pages you have
    • This adds weight to the site
    • Do these pages link back to other pages – it’s all relevant
    • The pages are seen by Google.
    • We have a number of pages on OIS that are in the member’s area – and we don’t allow Google into that part of the site – it is blocked to Google. So we don’t have those pages indexed. The techies will know all about this.
    • If you index them and allow Google in there – the public will be able to see this. So make sure they are pages you want the public to see.
  • XML Sitemap
    • This makes your site visible to Google.
  • Site age
    • The older the site – the more weight it is given as an authority.
  • Visitor time and behaviour on site
    • If people stay a while – Google uses the wisdom of the crowd – if visitors are staying on your site for an extended period of time – the longer people are on your site – the more relevant your site must be.

These are some things you can do to help make your site more relevant to Google. Most techies, particularly SEO, they will do this basic stuff for you. You must be clear on what your keywords are and what you want to be ranked for. This is based on how your market refers to your topic. Go to the Google keyword tool to check this out.

Remember that this stuff works particularly well if you have an offline business or a geographical business. You can find out where the best use of your time is in terms of finding out where you can dominate on the free side of Google.

If you have a #1 on the free side – the CTR is about 40% – compared to 1-2% on the paid side – and up to 10% on the PPC side is exceptional.

This is worth considering in terms of selling info products, too.

Andrew and Daryl teach SEO principles in more detail (content, traffic and building a highly relevant site) at their 4 day workshop. The next one is in February from the 22-25th at Surfers Paradise on the gold Coast. If you’d like to learn directly from Andrew and Daryl, secure your tickets here!

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Karl Bryan From Frustrated Consultant To $10K a Day With My Online Business School!

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Karl Bryan is a great example of overcoming adversity and tough times.

Karl’s business got decimated as a result of the recession. He had over half a million dollars committed to a deal and wasn’t so sure about navigating another business as economic conditions continued to worsen.

Debt was mounting and he was questioning the direction in a few areas of his life.

Then Karl stumbled across some DVDs of Andrew and Daryl and by following a few key strategies managed to turn his consulting skills into an online business school that leverages his knowledge and time.

If you’ve ever felt completely frustrated about what’s out there, you’ll find inspiration and strength from what Karl has achieved

Click play below to watch Karl’s story:


Some of Karl’s Major Learnings:

  • Find a proven formula that works, commit and stick to it until you see it through!
  • Setbacks and disappointments are all part of the journey of being an entrepreneur. Learn to embrace them as part of your learning!
  • Believe in the Value you provide and always be open to developing new distribution channels so others can access that knowledge.
  • Being a technophobe is absolutely no excuse. Karl’s living proof you can have a successful internet business without being a tech-head.

To visit Karls website, Click Here.

We’ll be inviting 8 empowering business builders to speak LIVE at our July workshop, along with our faculty experts and of course Andrew and Daryl themselves. Tickets are limited (and free for OIS blog readers!) so hurry on over and secure your ticket now.

Full Transcript

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From Frustrated Consultant to 10K a Day with My Online Business School


Karl Bryan


Karl: How’s everybody doing? Feeling good? I’m in Vancouver, Canada and I was talking to Andrew a little bit earlier, I mentioned to him that obviously you guys are just having Brisbane weather and we’re having Vancouver weather in the month of March. I’m sitting here in the rain while you guys are just sitting in the sunshine, so I wish I was sitting there with you guys for sure. So hope all is going well.

I’ve also had the pleasure of watching about probably a hundred hours of Andrew and Daryl on TV through my own education, so no doubt you guys are presently sitting there in between the ears it’s absolutely flowing, about to overflow. I hope it’s been a great time for you guys, you’ve learned tons, because again the guys have taught me an unbelievable amount.

When Andrew mentioned that he wanted me to come on and sort of share a bit of a success story, I didn’t hesitate. If it’s midnight or 3:00 in the morning, it wouldn’t have mattered because it’s absolute pleasure and I do very sincerely want to thank Andrew and Daryl for pointing me in the right direction, providing me some excellent guidance.

I will tell you first hand that again I’ve been through the journey that I’m guessing you guys are either undertaking or about to undertake and that’s trying to make some real income online and do pretty well. Some of the advice that you’ll get out there is less than desirable and I can honestly say that all of the advice I got from Andrew and Daryl has not only been good but it’s been sensational, so I hope you guys are soaking it all in and really enjoying your time there.

On that note, he asked me to give a little bit of a story and he used the word “inspiring” as the word that he used for the story that he wanted me to tell. As much as I’d love to tell an inspiring story, I don’t know that’s going to inspire anybody, but I can tell you that it’s very raw and real and this is sort of what my journey looked like.

Some years ago, it was 2008, I had a consulting company going at that time. Things are going pretty well. I’ve got some experience in that space, so it’s going well. In 2008, I’m sure you guys know in Australia, the recession set in. It hit you guys a little bit. It hit North America a lot harder than it did there. I had a pretty good company going and things were going really well, all of a sudden the recession set in. The recession set in in my company. It didn’t set in in North America, it set in in Karl Bryant’s – the backseat of my car.

It was a rather less than desirable experience but it was what it was. It was a learning experience. I had just about a week before George Bush literally went on TV and did this presidential address to say that the economy was about to capitulate and he was very concerned about a whole number of different things that were going on. Some companies were going sideways. I had just committed to a $500,000 deal – no joke – so I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” You couldn’t have got a worse bit of timing. You couldn’t have got a worse scenario. I had just bought a brand new house, so again at that time I had the banks fooled at least. I thought I was doing pretty well and they agreed to sell me this really cool house and I bought this really cool car and boom!

To cut the long story short, what I’m trying to get at there is things went sideways and things went sideways big time. I went through a little bit of a rough year. I was asking myself some questions. To be quite frank, I think I sort of lied to myself in a padded room, it’s what it felt like and didn’t leave not for a short period of time but extended period of time until I literally got to the point where my mortgages $3,500 a month and then I had $100,000 line of credit. I had $97,000 on my credit, so basically I couldn’t make it one more month of my mortgage payment hitting the sucker and it was going to be all over red rovers. It was reasonable ugly.

I’m sure you guys probably heard of Mal Emery – I got onto Mal Emery and I spoke to him for a little bit, asked him for a little bit of advice, a little bit of direction. He wanted me to fly over to Australia to do this presentation that he had coming up. There was no way that I was going to be able to do that.

Then he put me in touch with Paul Godden who – and again, you guys might know through your association with Andrew and Daryl, Paul – but he does some video work. I couldn’t afford to get over and to go to Australia, which of course I couldn’t admit that to Mal Emery. It was reasonably embarrassing at the time, but I got onto Paul. He sent me some videos and lo and behold, I was sitting there watching these videos and much of which was about generating income on the Internet. This was something that was possible. Then boom! Andrew and Daryl come up.

I remember thinking – and I don’t know Andrew is going to take this – but I remember watching him on the presentation and I thought, “This guy’s suit is too big, man. If this guy is making all this money on the Internet, surely I could have a crack at this.” I was watching the presentation. I see they’re very sincere and I thought that these are people that I really feel comfortable that they could guide me a little bit on my journey, so I immediately signed up for Andrew and Daryl, started walking through, setup some e-books, got some online lead generation going on, follow the whole formula with Google AdWords and what not, and click through rates.

I got that going and all of a sudden I got a little bit of momentum. Again, just keep in mind where I’m at. I’ve got a $97,000 line of credit, I’ve got $3,500 mortgage payment coming, so in other words, I’ve got 30 days to get my act together and there’s no more time for mocking about it. Again, I’d like to say there’s a little bit of exaggerating in there, but I can assure you this was a reasonably compromising time emotionally.

So boom, I just got to work, got it happening and lo and behold, the whole thing started to work. I really couldn’t believe it. I was in touch with Andrew and Daryl trying to get my whole system going and there is just no doubt, all of a sudden I started chipping away, chipping away, chipping away. The e-books were okay but then I thought, this is money to basically buy lunch once in a while, but I didn’t feel like this was going to get me back to seven figures and get me into this space that I really want to be, although if I would’ve pursued it and definitely that was going to be possible. But I don’t know, I wasn’t selling into my wheel house business consulting. It’s sort of what I knew, so I figured if I tweaked that ever so slightly and I move in a better direction that was suitable to me and my personality and my experience I would have more success.

I understood business consulting, so what I did was I built an online business school because I have a few e-books and what not chugging along – I built this online business school behind the scenes and not a word of exaggeration on my first day, I did a little bit of launch and in fairness I had a bit of experience with launches and selling product – I sold $10,000 on my first day. All my Christmases came at once and I all of a sudden emotionally felt like, “You know what? I’m on my way. I’m going to be able to work this whole Internet thing out. I’m going to be able to follow Andrew and Daryl and get this thing rocking.”

So, boom. I built this online business school. Again, I had probably more emails than I could possibly handle. I got my ducks in a row, had a little bit of success, I got the thing up and going and then I went, “Okay, beauty. This little sucker’s in my wheel house.” Again, through the formulas that I’ve learned, a little bit about driving traffic, about Internet marketing, just sitting in the same seats that you guys are sitting on now and instead of sitting there, I was basically watching them virtually because I had a ton of videos and I was able to sit in my office and watch these presentations over and over and over again, I started following this formula and this has effectively what I ended up building.

This has been a whole lot of work over the last couple of years to get it. But basically, this is my online business school where I take people to this website and then drive them to a guided tour. I give them a little bit of a test drive. Can you see now dashboard, Andrew?

Andrew:  Yeah. We got dashboard now, yeah.

Karl:  Okay. And you see my smiley face? The other that I didn’t mention that Andrew and Daryl – when I saw them on the presentation, one of the first things they did is that they described themselves as a technophobe. I went, “Oh, perfect. Okay. I’m a technophobe, so I’m going to fit in with these guys, you little beauty.” Well, that would be understatement.

I actually just got Skype going about an hour and a half ago and I had my friend walking it through – I say this because I’m sitting here looking at my photo now – and he said, “It looks good,” but he goes, “You know, Karl, your nose looks a little bit bigger than it normally does. Can you turn a little bit to the right?” I like, “Geez, dude. Come on, man. I can’t. I got these people watching me.” My face is pointing but as I sit here looking at my beautiful picture, I get a nice nose for the radio as you can see.

The bottom line is this is the online business school, so this is a socket that we built and this is what it effectively looks like. We’ve got this step-by-step instruction that will take a small business owner through and then if you go in we’ve got a weekly e-learning system so it’s a full blown curriculum. What we do is we’ll go partner with different people going business to business, so called accountants, bookkeepers, and networking organizations. Or say you guys are in Brisbane, you’d go find a yoga instructor, so the yoga instructor is teaching people how to become yoga instructors.

Really what they’re doing is they’re starting a business. What she can do is her apples against oranges value proposition instead of just teaching them yoga she says, “The issue you’re going to have is three days after graduating, you’re going to work out that teaching yoga is going to be 100 times easier than trying to fill your yoga class every week.”

What we do is like the competition, we teach you how to become a yoga instructor, but now we’re going to plug you into this system with this good looking guy name Karl. What he’s going to do is for the next 12 months is provide you value and support and step-by-step business instruction on how to get your business from A to Z and how to fill up your yoga school. So all of a sudden, she’s got a far more powerful value proposition. And more to the point, we’ve got a joint venture in place that’s driving customers to the website.

In each of the e-lessons – we drive this out to them on a weekly basis. Some people want to listen so we’ve got audio; some people want to watch so I’ve got a video; and then some people want to read so we’ve got an e-class, there’s a downloadable workbook as well. If somebody wants to read, they don’t even need to watch the video. They can have a look at this workbook to be able to walk themselves through.

The nuts and bolts of it, that’s the system that we built and that’s effectively what it looks like. Again, through the grace and good luck of running into Andrew and Daryl, like I said, went through reasonably compromising time and got our ducks in a row, put the wheels in motion to get some income online, and as I said, we had a little bit of success early on like we did $10,000 when I launched it which was way beyond my expectations and probably my wildest dreams at that particular stage, to be honest with you, the state of mind I was in. Over the last 12 months, we’ve averaged $86,000. Basically, if you work it out, $83,333 will get you to seven figures. So, we are doing in excess of seven figures with this program.

Andrew: That’s really good.

Karl: As I mentioned, I’m worried to inspiring probably not what I managed to pull off. But in terms of the inspired one, it’s probably the one you guys are listening to right now. Like I said, I dusted myself off after watching them and seeing their presentation. I really just want to throw a sincere thank you out to Andrew and Daryl for helping me out. I can only hope for you guys that they can provide as much inspiration, direction, and confidence. I felt like they believed in me before I believed in myself online I guess you could say. I can only hope that they can do that for you guys. I encourage you guys to watch.

It can absolutely happen. As you guys sit on those chairs and think about the seven-figure online businesses and very legitimately building something special you can be very proud of on the Internet, if you put your mind and you dust yourself off and get working every morning, bright and early – it’s not going to be easy but you do it – you can absolutely pull it off.

That’s it. Andrew, is there anything else?

Andrew: It’s just fantastic, Karl. I appreciate you sharing that. That’s really exciting for us to hear. How many times did we actually sat down face-to-face talking and discussing your business? How many seminars of ours have you actually come and attended to get your main business going?

Karl: Not one yet.

Andrew: So we haven’t actually met yet, have we?

Karl: No, we haven’t met.

Andrew: So, you’ve been doing all this remotely just taking the stuff out of Our Internet Secrets and making these all work for yourself.

Karl: Literally, sitting here doing exactly as I’m staring at my computer now. I’m literally staring at my computer, watching your presentation. Just to be very clear to everybody in the audience, I didn’t watch this stuff once. I have studied this, man. I have studied your guys’ processes and it’s not always about what you guys are talking about, but it’s the underlying theme and what not. I’ve done this all virtually. I’ve done it with my computer screen. It’s been some work, but it’s worked.

Andrew: What’s the mindset like for you now from where were? Was it 12 months ago now or eight months ago when we first started talking?

Karl: With fear of trying to fall into the all of a sudden going from telling you that there’s no way of inspiring anybody to trying to inspire somebody, legitimately I’m telling you, I sat there – I was as good as in a padded room with my black shades on, not wanting to answer the phone, not wanting to talk to anybody. I really went through a tough time. Literally, I was on the cast of bankruptcy. There’s just no two ways about it.

Previous to that, I’ve done very well financially.  As you know, if you’d always been in rough times financially, it’s one of those things where you fight through it. If you’ve been very reasonably well off and felt comfortable financially then you have it all taken away, that’s a reasonably substantial emotional drop I guess if I’m wording that well. I was in a rough spot, mate. I’m going to tell you flat out.

Andrew: Where are you at at the moment? How’s life different for you?

Karl: We’re killing it. We’re doing seven figures, financially free, not an issue. I just bought my wife a Jag and life is good, bud. Life is good.

Andrew: Can I marry you or what [laugh]?

Karl: [Laugh] Well, she’s away.

Andrew: Any tigers in the room? Cool. It’s great. Listen, mate, I appreciate you hanging around and wanting to do this for us. I’m thinking everybody in the room has got something out of it. is that right?

Participants: Yes.

Andrew: Everybody, put your hands together for Karl.

Karl: Thank you very much. It’s much appreciated.

Andrew: I’m not sure if you can hear that that everybody was clapping and they really appreciate it.

Karl: I do. I heard it. I appreciate it, awesome. Thank you so much. Much appreciate it.

Andrew: Okay, we’ll let you get some sleep now or some night club and whatever it takes your fancy. Once again, well done.

Karl: Thanks so much.


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Matt Buchel How I added $330K To My Bricks and Mortar Business

Posted on 04. Jul, 2012 by .


Matt Buchel took an unconventional approach to his presentation, making it fun, entertaining yet informative. He explores his motivations behind wanting to grow his business, in a way only Matt could do!

Matt goes on to explain the nitty gritty of how he went about setting up a few of his online businesses, and shared some key distinctive shifts in mindset he has had as a result of working with the Grants, applying their teachings and being able to accelerate his profits in such a short period of time.

The audience loved Matt’s energy and enthusiasm – this guy has personality!
Check out Matt’s awesome story:

Some of Matt’s Major Learnings:

  • Marketing is where the money is. First and foremost, be a marketer even if you don’t think of yourself as one.
  • The market always has to be your first consideration when creating or selling a product or idea.
  • Deliver maximum value in your offer and your bonuses, far beyond what they expect and what your competitors are doing.
  • Adding a little ‘personality’ to your marketing helps you stand out from the crowd!

To visit Matt’s Tropical Lifestyle website,  click here.

We’ll be inviting 8 empowering business builders to speak LIVE at our July workshop, along with our faculty experts and of course Andrew and Daryl themselves. Tickets are limited (and free for OIS blog readers!) so hurry on over and secure your ticket now.

Full Transcript

Click to Read Full Transcript »

How I added $330K to My Bricks and Mortar Business

Matt Buchel


Matt: I’d like to thank Andrew and Daryl for letting me come up here because you’ll never know what can happen when I come up onto a stage. So, we’ll see.

In this presentation, I’m going to go through how to use the membership site. How many people actually have a membership site working at the moment? Not so many. But there are business owners, right? I saw quite a few hands come up with business owners.

I want to show you with my membership site how I’ve used it actually in my business, which I’ll explain a bit more about in one moment. Then I’m going to show you how I created a full info product business that I absolutely know nothing about. Not a single thing. It’s about photography and cameras. I’ll show you all that in a minute.

One thing before I get into that part is I want to actually ask, are there any ladies in the room who like shopping? Come on, put your hand up. I know you do. Are there any men in the room that have daughters, girlfriends, wives or whatever that like shopping? Everyone else must shop online.

When I show you part two the whole idea behind that was to pay for my wife’s credit card. I’ll explain more about that in a minute. Part two, I’ll show the overall result.

Another goal of mine is when Andrew and Daryl said, “You can speak at the Business Builder Award,” I said to myself, “My market. What do Andrew and Daryl teach?” They teach the market has to always be first. So you’re my market. Is it okay to be my market?

I thought if I want to win the actual Business Builder Award, I’ve got to treat it like it’s a business. How do I win in business? Deliver maximum value in my market. Does that sound all right? I’ll try my best to deliver value.

I’m going to show you a little bit about myself. We’ve got a short amount of time and I’ve decided to show you exactly what I actually did to achieve things and hopefully at the end if I deliver value, would you guys consider voting for me?

Participants: Yes.

Matt: Thank you. That’s a fair exchange of value, right?

Let me explain a bit about myself. I came from Riverstone. Anyone from Sydney, know where Riverstone is? It’s out at the back in the western suburbs. That’s my first house. I bought it when I was 25. It’s not much of a house but it did the trick. I was working at $20 an hour, working hard.

Now I live up here, down the road, Gold Coast. This is my house now 12 years later. The gazebo out at the back is as big as the house I had the first time. That was really hard work. You only get the results from hard work, you’d put the working up front and you can make everything passive after that. That’s exactly what Andrew and Daryl teach. It’s so easy if you put the work in and design it to be passive.

I’ve got three kids that you can see there and then one currently being cooped you might say. That’s due for delivery in about six months roughly. My youngest is Jacob there. He’s only 18 months old or he’s a little bit younger than that. I spend time feeding the baby, looking after kids, I have to get a diaper for my wife to come do stuff like this and that sort of thing. She likes me around to help with the kids as you can imagine.

I also own a pretty reasonable size business called Tropical Lifestyle and the membership site. I want to explain a little bit about Tropical Lifestyle and how it tied into that in a minute. I’ve got 35 staff, plus we’ve got contractors all around Australia.

It doesn’t take up all my time. My time is spent doing the most valuable things. Who knows what the most valuable possible thing you can do? Yes, kids. But I’m talking business wise. Marketing is where the money is. That’s what Andrew and Daryl are teaching. That’s the most valuable thing. I’ve got guys overseas and so on and I would spend my time marketing and some other bits and pieces I’m about to show.

Tropical Lifestyle is my main business. Everything I’ll show you next runs passively without me. Tropical Lifestyle runs without me too but it’s like a multi-million dollar business, I do give a bit of close eye on it. I’ve got a lot of staff as I said. Let’s actually get cracking.

The problem: I wanted to contact prospects through Tropical Lifestyle. Does anyone know what an autoresponder is? If you don’t know because I saw a few people shaking their head, not sure, it’s emailing people regularly, preset, pre-done. When somebody inquires about Tropical Lifestyle, I email people.

But I figured myself, there are only so many testimonials, so may frequently asked questions, I’ve modelled exactly what Andrew and Daryl do themselves where they send out the questions and so on, trying to give information. There’s only so many things that I could come up with. I thought, “What can I do to give the people more information especially those that didn’t want to purchase straight away but are purchasing in the future? They’re getting free info packs but how can they get even more so I’m always in front of mind?”

Fairly enough, it was a five-minute conversation in November – not last year but the year before – I was talking to Daryl, it was a five-minute conversation and that was about it. She gave me the idea. It turned into Backyard Makeover Profits.

Basically, it’s a membership site that shows people exactly how to makeover their backyard. I’m not trying to sell to them the whole time. It’s got e-lessons and so on. I’m not trying to sell it all. What I’m trying to do is just give them information so I’m in front of mind and have it discreetly placed inside the lessons. So each week, it all happens automatically over the top of the autoresponder.

My sales guys, when they’re actually talking to people on the phone, we put an info pack and all this but they also point it out on the phone “We’ll give you access to this membership site,” which I have sold before but now I’ve decided to give access free, which I’ll explain more in a minute too. But what we actually do – it’s $700 and something value which I’ll explain – we give access free.

I’ll show you exactly what I did step-by-step. Would that be cool? I’m hoping this is where I can deliver value. Have I delivered any value yet? Maybe a little bit. So, I’m getting closer towards that hopefully. That’s my plan.

I found an existing membership site and modelled it. Obviously I don’t want to model the wrong membership site. I had some membership sites I’d seen through different people through this environment that they’ve built. I just looked; I didn’t copy it by any means. I pulled bits and pieces from other sites and just used the structure behind it.

As Andrew and Daryl both have been saying, that’s the fastest way. When Daryl was talking about swipe files, that’s the value in the swipe files. You basically got a template to follow.

I wrote up a job description. I figured out what membership site I wanted to do. I wrote up a job description because I didn’t want to do it myself. I’m not a very good writer. I needed an overall big picture. That’s all you really need.

I advertised for freelancers. Lucky enough, Andrew is going to explain about this shortly. It’s from what you’re saying before, I advertised on oDesk and Elance for freelancers. Then I interviewed candidates. I wanted to find the best people I could so I could get the job done quickly, easily, without any problems.

It’s just a matter of just talking to them in Skype because they’re all over. Sometimes depending on what the job you need done depends on the type of person that you want to hire sometimes – people from the Philippines, sometimes people from Western countries, it depends on what you want done.

Here’s what I came up with. We came up with Kristina which is a webmaster and a designer. Fairly enough, she’s from Australia. I didn’t want to pay a little bit extra.

Caesar, he’s a funny looking fellow, isn’t he? Every time I see that photo, I picture him in the robe like Caesar in the robe with the rope. Anyway, Caesar is a content writer, so I taught him what I wanted done in the gist of the lessons.

While he started working on that, we assembled the website. I said to Kristina, “It’s like this, what we want done.” More on the bigger picture, other people are doing it because I don’t know how to build a website but I knew how to model somebody and make it look decent. So, I had a high perceived value to people.

We made template, we dropped the lessons in there that Caesar had written. I ran my eye over them to make sure that they made sense and that sort of thing. Basically, I did about 5% of work and Caesar did 95% of it. So, if anyone ever buys a gazebo at Bali how can you possibly not tell that to other people? Because that’s the secret, right?

I created value as well. I’ve written a book “Little Known Secrets to Successful to Backyard Entertainment.” I’m sure Andrew and Daryl told you about writing a book. Like I said earlier when I first set the membership site up, I did sell access to it. As Andrew was saying yesterday, you’re better off making the money out of the backend. My gazebo’s quite expensive as you can imagine. Does anyone own a Tropical Lifestyle gazebo? No. Well, that’s another market you know.

I gave my prospects access free as part of my follow up sequence. They got a free trial. As I said, my sales guys were actually going in there and explaining that it’s a $700 basically gift. “If you’re not ready for it yet, we’ll give you a gift.” They’re pretty happy with that.

What sort of results did I get? As I said, contact your customers regularly and automatically. I went past what you could do with an autoresponder. What I felt I could do with my business every market is different. More gazebo in Bali, hot sales which is my goal, which is what you might call my backend because that’s really what I’m selling. I’m actually really selling Lifestyle but the gazebo in Bali had to give them the lifestyle.

One gazebo per week. Now I’ve tracked this through InfusionSoft and we keep the best that we can. But it’s at least one gazebo a week. I actually think it is high. I think it’s more like maybe 1.8. But anyway, one gazebo a week gives me $338,000 per annum basically off the back of membership site that Daryl gave me in a five-minute conversation. Does that sound all right?

It’s not about business. What I’m trying to do is show you what I’ve found possible among other things. Just a handy hint, you can use the same strategy in any business, plus you can also use it to a high-value product. It’s just another technique. They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat – more than one way to be right. So, there’s more.

Part 2, the information business. This is where it gets really interesting and anyone that’s looking for an opportunity or stuff, this is the one that I know absolutely nothing about. I’m not going to put up with screaming kids and all that sort of thing and my wife’s credit card bills. That’s how it came about.

The problem: my wife loves shoes, furniture, jewellery, and clothes. Everyone in this room has experienced somewhere along that line that someone around you is spending money on something and the credit card bill is going up. This is a common thing that used to happen – it still does actually. “Matthew, let’s go shoe shopping.” All right, fair enough. Maybe I’ll go off somewhere else. Any guys in here who sometimes do that?

The solution: the Photography Training College. What’s interesting about this is it’s not a high ticket but it’s not a low ticket item. This is actually an info pack I send out. I take them offline to online. I also take them online to online. Then I take them – follow me here, follow me here. They claim the info package online and then I post it out to them offline and then they order it back online or via the telephone.

I’ve tested different price points. Currently, I’m running it at $897 a year or $89 a month. I’ll show you exactly what it is step-by-step.

First of all, I found a hungry market. When I put this photo is when I was just trying to check if my wife is actually shopping in that situation. I knew there are people that want to learn photography, but they didn’t know how to do it. I’m sure there are few different people around in opposition but I thought I had to make sure I had a point of difference. I just have to find out what they wanted.

I found out what they wanted by doing a quick survey. I basically ran some Google AdWords to one of those Survey Monkeys. The problem is with all the other courses and stuff, what they actually wanted is to know how to get customers and all the other courses didn’t how to get customers. I know how to get customers, which is handy because that’s all part of marketing.

Then I found a product that I could make my own. It didn’t look that one. It is just some blank DVDs and a book in a Word document. I had a graphic designer, Kristina that you saw earlier on to make it look pretty. She tidied it up.

Then I added the secret ingredient. You’ll notice here – this is actually a message market match. It’s not so how you can flood your business with customers, it’s how you can flood your photography business with customers. I’ve tried to target in as best I could so they had exactly what they wanted. That helped big time.

Building a marketing system – this is all happening at the same time. This step-by-step is happening at the same time. I started placing ads in different media. I set up autoresponders. I set up all the letters and so on. I did a bit of social media like Facebook direct to the website (exactly what Kerry was talking about before) Google and so on – all the different ways. I think I came up with about seven or eight different ways of driving traffic. I think Daryl was saying yesterday, the worst thing is number one. So I had mortal reasons, not mortal ways and I was tracking everything.

Actually, here’s a handy hint for you. The other one track telephones – there’s a company called Telecube Factory. You buy a 1300 phone number for $5. You pay $5 a month and you can track exactly ads. By me spending $5 on an actual phone number, I’ll save thousands every month. I might spend $500 a month on telephone numbers but I dropped the ads that don’t work. It’s fully tracking. That’s something to do if you’re doing offline stuff and people are ringing through. Yes, Telecube.com.au.

I would like to add a bit of personality. Does anyone think I might have a little bit of personality? Yes? Excellent. Thank you. Check this out then. I added a little bit of personality to the website because I know people like a little bit of personality. If you ever look at my Tropical Lifestyle website, it’s TropicalLifestyle.com.au, you’ll actually see…[Video playing]

Video: “We’re right here in front of Photography Training College. If you’re anything like me, you probably got heaps of commitment, you’ve got kids, you’ve got family, you’ve got lots of things you can do. Check this out. One kid and I’ve got another kid. There’s always something I have to do.”

“That’s why I started the Photography Training College, so it’s easy for you to study at your own pace at home. The best part is it’s only $89 a month. Anyone can afford it. It’s easy for someone with kids like me. Go ahead, join the Photography Training College. Come on get it. So you’ll be making money and have financial independence so you can spend more time with your kids. Come and join the Photography Training College today, so you’ve got independence and you can leave your wife and kids at home when you’re out taking photos. Come and join us today.”

Participants: [Applaud]

Matt: If anyone is interested in photography, it is a good course. My 18 months old son that I was dropping at the time, he’s fine. He didn’t land on the floor. He can walk with his hand. My wife got in there under this camera and picked him up. That is all done on the green screen, which is quite easy to do.

I started marketing test. I wouldn’t say a marketing test – Andrew and Daryl are always telling you to test, but the real thing is an actual campaign. I want to spend X amount of dollars and I want to see what results I can get X amount of dollars. I want to track those X amount of dollars results.

For example, I want to spend $2,000. I want to work out exactly where that $2,000 is going and I want to see what happens with it. So the next time I spend the $2,000 I get better value for money. Imagine if you’re spending a million dollars a year on marketing and you could save 20-30% of it, where is that going? On your bottom line, right? That’s a handy hint – track as much as you can.

I outsource inquiries and customer service. There are things like 3 Messaging where for about $1.50, if people ring up, what actually happens is you give them a script, they’ll answer it and they’ll email you the answer. Of course they don’t actually know anything about photography – I had to deliver some customer service, I actually found someone in the Philippines that actually knew something about photography so they could give email support and stuff for the people on the course. I have my staff collect cash and send orders.

So, the whole thing revolves without me. I set it up now, it just works. I can switch it on and off when I want.

I’ll show you what sort of results I got. Campaign 1 – this is a full-week campaign, $12,900 in sales. Does that sound okay? It’s all right. But I was not happy with that because I knew the conversions were too low. I’ve done some benchmarking. You heard Daryl talking before; she’s giving you ideas of what conversions should be right. So I thought, “What’s gone wrong here?”

So, I did Campaign 2. It’s another full-week campaign, same amount of money, same amount of leads, $18,870 in sales. Does that sound a little bit better?

Participants: Yes.

Matt:  That’s actually a 46.2% increase in sales, so that’s all right. As I said before, Campaign 1 and 2 both have the same amount of leads. Who wants to know what I actually did to increase the leads? You know what Daryl was talking about yesterday – test, measure, and tweak and all that sort of thing? I’ll explain to you exactly and this is part of delivering value. I want to deliver more value now. There’s plenty more to come. I’m almost there.

First of all, I made the payment plan stand out because people were basically reading the sales letters, order form at the back or tick all the boxes, following all the templates to do but they just weren’t reading it properly. It’s $89 a month or $897 up front.

So I thought I’ll make it simple because we rang some customers or some potential prospects asking, “You’ve inquired about this. How come you haven’t bought?”

“We didn’t realise you could do it for $89 a month.”

It’s written everywhere. But they weren’t reading it. So, I made it stand out as a single flyer. Anyone know what ethical bribe is? Let me explain to you what an ethical bribe is. An ethical bribe is massive value to someone – massive, massive value. So much value that it seems almost impossible but it’s true. You’re trying to tip someone over the line. It might be the thing that they do. The ethical bribe – it’s like a super, super, super bonus.

That is my ethical bribe in the Photography Training Course. They join up that – remember it’s an $897 course – I want to give them $2,000 worth of holiday accommodation, which I do to deal with someone – long story. But they basically get $2,000 worth of free holiday accommodation. Who would consider signing up for $2,000 worth of holiday accommodation if they’re considering a photography course? So people are interested. It’s not too bad. You’re going on a holiday free in places around Australia. It’s pretty good.

Of course, I built a long-term way of paying for my wife’s shoes and clothes. I guess the thing is with that, now that the whole thing is set up, if I want to turn it all off or on, it’s a matter of email. I’ve got a girl, Suzie in Mexico. She looks up advertising for us. I shoot an email to turn the Photography Training College on bang, it’s gone – or it’s not gone. I just run the four-week campaigns which I’m constantly doing. I sort of got hold of it just before Christmas. It’s too early really.

Of course, I’ve got a happy wife and a happy life. Pretty good results. What’s the overall result?

Business 1 – Backyard Makeover Profits gives me a better qualified, ready to buy customers.

Business 2 – Photography Training College gives me a better way to pay my wife’s shoes and jewellery. And of course, a happy wife which is good.

What’s all this in dollars? $338,000 for Backyard Makeover Profits – it’s probably more like I said. Photography Training College, that’s eight weeks. That $338,000 is over a year. The $31,000 is only over eight weeks. The grand total $369,770. Not too bad, right?

The thing is it’s easy. All you have to do is do the stuff. You’ll probably make a few mistakes on the way. I can’t say I’m perfect. I did make mistakes. But if you keep going, you’ll be fine.

I want to thank Andrew and Daryl because the whole membership site, if it wasn’t for that conversation with Daryl, it would not even exist. Thank you. That’s whatever thousand in the bank in sales.

But wait, there’s still more. The ladies at the back, they’ve got some envelopes. So, everyone feels like they’ve learned something, just a little bit? I’m hoping I delivered some value. I’m going to deliver amazing, amazing value now. Would you be interested in voting for me? Yes? Maybe? I’m only asking if you’re interested, I’m not asking you to commit. Just asking if you’re interested. What if I gave you an ethical bribe – would you be interested then? Yes? All right.

For the lovely ladies at the back of the room – I’m now handing out envelopes and you’ll have the chance to go on to the draw to win $25,000. This is not BS, this is 100%. This is the draw that I’m actually running at my business at the moment. It’s only just started. You’re meant to buy a gazebo, to get an entree but because I’m here doing this, I thought… If you’re interested you can buy a gazebo, I’ll give you another entree. Does that sound fair enough?

What do you do next? The first step is vote for Matt. The second step is open the secret envelope. See how well marketing works? Then the third step is reveal your ethical bribe.

There’s also a $10 voucher in there, so if you decide going to Gold Coast or if you’re coming back another time, I didn’t even put an expiry – that’s how generous I’m being. I didn’t even put an expiry date on it. That’s a thing that you should do in your marketing. There’s a $10 thing, so if you’re coming to the Tropical Lifestyle Superstore, you can buy something for $10 or have something for $10 off or whatever. If you’re interested in gazebo in Bali, you can also have a free info package.

Vote 1, Matt.

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