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Alex Cownie: How I Created $14,000 In 7 days From One Email With No Business Experience And No Money!

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Thought you’d enjoy this short video. It shows how a client of ours, Alex Cownie, made over $14,000 in her first 7 days with no internet smarts and no money, and from just one email. Inspiring stuff!

Here’s the background to Alex’s story.

As a ballet dancer at the top of her career, Alex danced for Princess Grace of Monaco and was considered one of the world’s top dancers. But tragically, a serious knee injury wiped out all her dreams of performing around the world.

But she didn’t give up, and after attending an OurInternetSecrets workshop she had the tools to turn her passion into a serious income.

In this inspiring case study, Alex shares her story in detail. You can view the case study here:


We just love being inspired by other people who have been successful online. It’s one of the reasons we love what we do, especially when our students start to make a big difference in their lives and the lives of others around them.

At the next OurInternetSecrets workshop we’ve invited 7 new inspiring people just like Alex to share their stories with you. They’ll be going through in detail what they did and how they applied their workshop learnings to their business.

The stories range from those making an extra few hundred a week, to those creating 7-figure incomes. All ages, all walks of life. The one thing they have in common, is that they all attended the 4-day OurInternetSecrets workshop.
If you’ve already booked your place – welcome! We look forward to seeing you there.

If you haven’t yet booked your place, then remember, as a client of ours you qualify for two tickets to this info-packed event. You’ll leave with everything you need to create your own online business.

Here’s the link to book (and view Alex’s video):


The event is on 26-29th October at Q1 on the Gold Coast.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Daryl and Andrew

PS – here are some more comments from past attendees:

The quality of the information and speakers was first class. It’s definitely one of the best workshops I’ve been to. An absolute MUST! Carol Fisher, Sunshine Coast

The information I gleaned was INVALUABLE. I had so many light bulb moments in nearly every session. I felt like I was at a family gathering because of how much Andrew and Daryl cared about each person that came along. Don’t hesitate, this is a proven system and will work for everyday people like you and me! Heather Fields, Buderim

I was shocked to be presented a TOTAL turnkey solution which was very unexpected. I paid thousands on workshops that weren’t half as good as this one! Lisa Hudson, Toowoomba

Click to Read Full Transcript »

Alex Cownie
Alex: Hi, everyone.
Andrew/Participants: Hi!
Alex: Everyone is very enthusiastic, I like that. When I was offered to speak today the first thing that went to my mind was, “Oh, no. I can’t do that. They’re not going to understand a word of what I’m saying.” I thought, that’s a very convenient excuse to miss out on a really good opportunity. Then I thought, you know what, I’m just going to do it. I’m going to step up and come here and tell you seven years ago I could not speak a word of English. Nothing. I couldn’t even say hi.
Then the more I thought about this presentation the more I realise, well, this is not so much about me because if it were about me I would probably be dancing around the living room or feeding ducks with my baby. This presentation is about you. I’m here for you, each and every single one of you. So if I didn’t have this presentation I get every one of you to feel really inspired, feel that all the things that you’re learning these four days are so easy to implement and you end up thinking like, “Alex’s business just rocks,” then I win.
For so many years I used to actually spend much more time on stage than I was off stage. I’m used to all of these lights in my face. I was a dancer. I was a professional dancer and I did really well. By the age of 17 I was doing already solo tours all over Europe. I danced for the Princess Grace of Monaco. I was on the top 50 dancers in the world between 18 and 21 years. Things are looking really good for me.
What happened is that I came to Australia – that was actually a really good thing. But when I came to Australia I danced and actually danced with Sydney Dance Company. They told me, “We’d love to hire you in the company but you don’t have the right visa.”
So I said, “Oh, awesome.” So I went along started to do other things and try to get a visa and along the way I got injured. I injured my knee and that was the end of it.
They told me, “You have to take 18 months off.”
I was really depressed, really down. Pretty much my whole life was over. It was 12 years I was training every day. I never took more than six days off ever in a row and all of a sudden it’s like, “What do I do now?” I’ve nothing to do.
Fast forward, five years, I married a beautiful husband and had a beautiful baby. But I was so bored. If you’re a parent you know that you have to change night keys, wake up five times a night, and cook dinner every day. That was fulfilling on some level but that was not enough. I wanted and I needed more.
So when my husband who had a business came to me and said, “My business is going good, not great, I need to learn Internet marketing and I want to learn from the best in the industry so I’m going learn from Andrew and Daryl Grant.” He said to me, “You know what, let’s do it together.” I was like, “Oh yeah, great!” I absolutely want to do that because I was so bored I just was excited to learn something new.
So when I joined the Millionaires Club 12 months ago, that was for my husband. I had no intention to do any business for myself until five months ago. I’m happy to announce that I’m not bored anymore.
Then we went to Thailand, I had a lot of fun in the retreats. I loved it. One day after dinner – Andrew knew about my injury and he just came to me and he was just looking like this, “Hmm.”
I said, “What’s going on here?”
He said, “You know what, actually I can help you with your injury.”
I’m like, “Okay. Well, you’re a super guru Internet marketer; can you really fix an injury?” But I like to think about things open-mindedly so I said, “Sure, I’ve got nothing to lose, let’s go for it.”
We sat down, three hours later after working on a bunch of stuff, for the very first time in five years I could not feel my pain anymore. It was amazing, so I can never thank you enough for that. It’s really amazing. Thank you, Andrew. Completely unexpected and changed my life. I was reborn again.
Actually, two weeks ago was the first time I actually trained for three hours with the proper training, first time I put on dance clothes again in almost six years now and this is how I looked like. That was two weeks ago. I could dance again.
I said, “Wow, everything is going so well maybe I should just back off a little bit and stay in my little comfortable life and make a few excuses.” That’s really comfortable here because I had the knowledge now to maybe build something, some sort of business or a dance. Also, I knew I could dance, so let’s back off a little bit. It’s a bit too fast here. I said, “I don’t have enough experience or I don’t know the first thing about websites. I don’t speak English well enough.”
“Ha, ha, ha.” They laughed at me. It’s like, “What are you doing now?”
“I don’t speak like a business woman. If you know me in the outside world, I’m always jumping around and dancing. I don’t have the serious look that you would expect out of business people. People don’t understand me on the phone. They always ask me to repeat myself. It’s so frustrating. I’m just not good enough.”
He said, “It doesn’t matter.”
But then I thought, you know what, it’s like people coming to a dance class and saying, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I got two left feet. I can’t dance.”
“Well, my friend, you’ve got a right foot, a left foot. I think you’ll be fine.”
If you’ve got excuses, maybe you should think about doing the same because they’re just irrelevant. You can just do it. So, let’s go for it.
With zero experience on the Internet or in business and with no money to invest in it, what the hell am I going to do now? It just gave me an idea. I’ve got a lot of experience as a dancer, so I’m going to write a book. I’m going to share what my experience is. So I went and looked at my Our Internet Secrets notes.
What do I do first? First, I’m going to do research to make sure this project is viable. I followed step-by-step everything that I’ve been taught like you’ve been taught this weekend. What keyword do I need to use? Is it a viable project? Do I make money out of it? Do people want it? Are people actually looking for this information? Who are my clients? Who are going to be my competition? It happened I had no competition in the field. It was awesome. What was going to be my twist?
I figured all that out. It took me about three weeks. That was in February. Then I put together a marketing plan. Twelve months ago when Nick said, “I’m going to need to learn Internet marketing,” I went to the dictionary and went, “Marke – what? What does that mean? Hmm… That’s interesting.” You can’t think of anyone less dedicated than me in this area to a business like this.
I still managed to put a marketing plan. This is how it looked like. It’s very simple. Here I made another decision. I thought, because I know this project is viable, I’ve done the research. I know I can make some money out of this. Unless I tried every single one of those little boxes, I will not give up on this project because now I know the first one, the second one, the third one won’t work. But what if the fourth one works? Tick. Alex wins. And then I make a business.
So, I went on and wrote my book. My English was good, not great. It’s okay. I professionally did that with Carol fixing that. Here we are, three weeks later, I had the book with 23 contributors from 11 different countries. I followed exactly that interview system step-by-step. Some on emails, some on the audio – I did not try and bend the wheel. How would I know? I’m a dancer. I just followed what they taught me and here was my book.
Then I needed to publish it. I needed about $11,000 for that. I didn’t want to invest and involve personal money in it and I didn’t want going to that. I wanted a business to be profitable from day one. I thought, “How can I do that?” I believe everything is possible.
I had a great idea. I need a system that I can reproduce anytime I want to be able to pay for my business so the business can make money and pay for itself and it’s just fine. How do I pay for my project? I felt so clever when I came up with that one I thought I’m going to get sponsors. People are going to be so interested in what I’m doing. Well, I did a really nice sponsor pack, contacted people, followed up on the phone – nobody signed up. I thought, “Oh, I didn’t feel so clever anymore.”
But did I give up? No. I just kept going. I have much more boxes to tick. Then I thought that was a really good idea. I felt even more clever on that one. I thought, “I’ve got 3,000 people on the list. I’m going to sell the book bulk to dance schools.” At that time, I just have one document. What document? That was my book. Not even good English. Not even all in English at this stage.
“Do you want to buy one of those? Actually, do you want to buy 25 or 50 of those?” It looks like nothing.
People just said, “We’re interested but we don’t know what you’re doing here. So, thank you.”
But I still managed to sell 50 books. It was pretty awesome. So I got a bit excited.
I thought, “What if I sell advertising?” Then that was the start of a really good week – a week that changed my life. If I knew that was so easy, damn it.
This is my secret:
Step one, you send an email. Can everyone here send an email? That’s step one. Take note. It’s very important.
Step two, you call two days later or you send a second email.
Step three, that’s the most important point. You get paid.
That’s all I did. I don’t think it can be simpler than that. Results? In my first seven days, I made over $14,000 and I got a free exposure to over 70,000 people from all around the world, so internationally.
I’ve got affiliates calling me up saying, “Hey, I’ve got this list of 30,000 people. Do you need affiliates?”
Of course I said, “No, no, no, no, no.” That’s fantastic. I couldn’t believe this. It happened to me. Whoa.
I still managed to sell 257 books even before the book was finished. That was because I got my advertisers to promote the book as well. It was the deal. Get back [12:02 inaudible] and just get the wheel going.
Getting $1,000, up to $4,000 phone calls every single day is fun. It’s really motivating. I felt so good at the end of that week, I was on the phone all the time, I was following up people – that was so much fun. It took an email and a phone call.
I thought, “I’m going to build my business.” I built a bonus that I could just give away to people. That’s a nice little recipe book called “100 Healthy Snacks” and I just either sell it or give it as a bonus. That fits really well with some of the stuff I talked about in the book.
I’ve got the website where I sell the book. The main purpose of this website is to sell the book and also promote master classes where I go to dance schools and teach and then I make $500 to $4,000 in about 90 minutes. I do that on that site. But most importantly, I build my list there.
The benefits of buying one product – they buy my book and then what? I needed some backend to my business. I needed to find a way to get some revenue ongoing without having to work for it because I’ve got a two-year-old to take care of. If you’ve got kids, they keep you fit.
So, I built up this website. By the way, I did the website myself. As an advertising membership, which means that I get people to advertise on this site for $49 to $497 a month with more or less exposure depending on how much they pay and then here we go. I get paid every month and without even trying to get people on this yet, I already got nine people signed up. So, that’s really exciting.
Now I need to just market that thing. The potential on this one is pretty much unlimited because I set it up so I can put as many people as I want. My goal within the next 18 months is to make half a million dollar a month. Do you think I’m going to stop? Is that motivating? I’m not giving up until I get that.
Then I thought, “I’m going to reproduce the system.” My husband was about to publish a book, so I thought, “You know what, I’m going to do it again with you.” Guess what? It worked again. I asked him, “How many ads do you want in your book?”
He said, “Six.”
I said, “All right.” I wrote 45 emails. It took me about three hours to just [14:41 inaudible] all those things. I got five ads paid for $1,000 each, plus a contra-deal that gets him lots of exposure. That’s actually with Jason Urbanowicz. You saw the testimonial a little bit earlier.
The system works and I can use it and reproduce it anytime I need or want. How fun is that? An email and a phone call.
There’s more. Talk about free publicity. I thought, “Well, I can send emails. That’s pretty easy.” I did that and I got interviews happening from actually next week and for the next four months in every single one of the major events made here in Australia. I got interviews in Dance Australia Magazine and a bunch of other ones. You pretty don’t care about that. All you need to care about is that they are putting my interview in their magazine online in their business news. That’s free publicity to thousands of people that actually are interested in what I’m saying. How cool is that?
My reputation is growing. Three weeks ago I was invited to judge a competition in central coast, a big dance competition. They took me seriously. I just couldn’t believe it. I was a jumpy little person and all of a sudden I was a very serious judge. “Here you go, first prize.” But I did a pretty good job. I even got to sell a few more books. That’s cool.
Then I got a few emails. There are grumpy people and I thought, “Whatever.” I’m not going to care. I’m going to take the feedback and if I need to fix things, I will. but I’m going to stay positive and I’m going to see what all the people are saying about my product and what I’m doing, because I’ve got pages and pages now in about three months of amazing testimonials from all around the world that are just so supportive. It just makes your heart go, “Oh, I’m doing something good here.” I do it for the people. I’m just deciding I’m focusing on the positive stuff. Yes, some stuff are going to go wrong. But that’s okay because more good stuff are going to go right. Just remember that.
What are your excuses? Seriously, do you have two left feet? Can you speak English better than me? Probably. I hope for you. Do you know how to send an email? Do you know how to follow step-by-step instructions that are easy? Do you know how to dial a phone number?
Participants: Yes!
Alex: All right, that’s it. You can do it. I believe every single one of you can do it because I did it. I started five months ago, I still had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know the first thing about any of that. I’m doing this for my family because now I get time for them. I get to take more care of them. I get to be a happier person around them because I’m not bored anymore. I’ve got a lifestyle.
I actually love my life now. I’ve got a purpose, a mission. I’m helping dancers to be called professional dancers in a smart and healthy way. How good is that? Avoid people to becoming injured like me and I’m doing this. It’s just amazing.
Yes, it’s your turn right now. You have ideas written down. I know. I checked last night. I talked to you. You made effort to be in this room and you know you have no good excuse not to. What excuse do you seriously have? Can you speak English? That’s all you need.
I’ve proven it’s much more easier than it actually looks. If I could do it then you can too. I really, really believe it. There’s no secret. Just follow the system. Thank you.

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Look What We’re Giving Away At Octobers Workshop! Over $23,000 in Prizes…..

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Recently we took our 10 year old son to the Gold Coast Show, and you guessed it – the first place he wanted to go was the showbag stand!

Thousands of kids get excited each year to see what the best showbags are (our little guy particularly liked the Zombie one this year!). So why should you be excited?

We thought… why not give away “A Showbag To Remember” at our next Our Internet Secrets event on 26-29 October at Q1 on the Gold Coast!


In the past we’ve given away cruises, holidays, thousands of dollars worth of our best products and even time with us individually to work on your business!

This time we’re putting together our version of a MEGA-Showbag, worth over $23,000.

One lucky attendee at our event will win this awesome Showbag, just for coming along to the workshop. How much fun is that?!

So what’s in this Showbag? We’ve asked some of our top clients to contribute one of the products they sell in their internet business. So we’ve got all sorts of goodies. We think you’ll be thrilled by their generosity!

Ok, so here’s what’s in the MEGA-Showbag:

BIG GIFT #1 – Sales Letter Done For You by Monika Mundell (valued at $2200) – Monika is one of the best copywriters around and has offered to write your next sales letter for you!
Read more about Monika at http://monikamundell.com/

BIG GIFT #2 – 30 Day Boyer Weight Loss Program plus mentoring from Derek and Sally Boyer – Derek and Sally’s proven results program in just 30 days, plus personal coaching (Value $1000). This is the program that enabled us to lose over 20kg between us, in just 30 days. Read more at http://boyerweightloss.com/

BIG GIFT #3 – Online Store Mastery Membership from Krisztian Panczel – Learn how to build an online ecommerce store and outsell the big players in your niche! Valued at $2997. Read more at http://onlinestoremastery.com/

BIG GIFT #4 – 5 Nights luxury accommodation in Darwin from Tina Villis valued at $2575. Tina’s business provides luxury homes for holiday letting around Australia.
Read more at https://australianluxurystays.com.au/

BIG GIFT #5 – Return Flights from your usual place of residence for you and a partner to the Gold Coast, two nights accommodation at Queensland’s highest rated hotel Palazzo Versace and a day with Andrew and Daryl to discuss your business, including lunch with us at our favourite restaurant! (Valued at $10,000)

BIG GIFT #6 – Blooms Painting Course + 3 nights accommodation (subject to availability) at a ‘Barn in the Barossa’ from Jacqui Coates ($1400 value). I (Daryl) recently did one of Jacqui’s courses and it was just an amazing experience! Read more at http://abarninthebarossa.com.au/

BIG GIFT #7 – Total Website Profits Program from Matt and Liz Raad valued at $3000. Matt and Liz teach you the ins and outs of buying and renovating websites for profit. Read more at http://mattandlizraad.com/

The best news of all is that one lucky attendee WILL win this awesome prize, valued at $23,172.

Just for attending the event, you go in the draw to win.

Of course you get much more than this when you attend our workshop – you get to learn stuff that can literally change your life.

If it wasn’t for our internet businesses, we’d still be working 7 days a week, swapping time for money, and never getting anywhere financially.

At this event we’ll share with you in detail the strategies that we used to get ourselves out of the rat-race, and living the life we’d always dreamed of. It’s made such a huge difference to our lives that we just love sharing it with others.

If you haven’t yet booked, here’s the link:


Look forward to seeing you there!
Andrew and Daryl

PS – If you’re still undecided about coming along, then check out these comments from attendees at our past workshops…

This workshop has given me some killer ideas on strategies I had no idea existed. It’s been a fabulous experience and I am so sad that it ended so soon! Eddie Burrill, Brisbane

Just loved the quality of the information. The success stories were so inspiring and made me believe I could actually do it too! Well worth your while attending. Louis Grey, Brisbane

This is the workshop I wished I had attended BEFORE starting my online business! Felicity H, Melbourne

The internet changes so often. Think of this workshop as your annual tune-up. You’ll learn something from every single session. Mark Aburrow, Echuca

Had no idea information products could be so profitable. All the information was fantastic. Book your spot immediately as this workshop WILL be a full house! Julie Edwards, Townsville

Got some great tips on creating a twist on my niche that will separate me from my competitors. DO IT – don’t think about it, just do it. Its a fantastic, life changing opportunity. Totally Inspiring! Julie Gavrilonvic, Sydney

Had no idea how much money you can really make if you do it right. Content was great. You will learn heaps and no high pressure sales. My kind of seminar! Derek Cross, Gold Coast

I got a massive amount of content from people who are the best in the business. If you are serious about creating financial freedom for yourself then this is a “must do” workshop.
Jenny Grey, New Zealand.

Love that you guys were in the same boat as me when you started. It’s not
rocket science! Chris O’Sullivan, Cairns, Qld.

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Thanks To Everyone Who Made July’s Workshop an Awesome Event!

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July’s workshop has now come and gone – and what an incredible 4 Days it was! Here are some of the highlights of the event for those of you who couldn’t make this one:

– Andrew and Daryl had the pleasure of teaching over 220 keen participants their systemised way of making money through their ‘Ultimate Business Model’ System. During question time, Andrew and Daryl didn’t hold back at all when answering the barrage of questions that came at them throughout the event. Everyone that attended had their minds expanded and left invigorated and excited about taking their ideas and monetising them.

– Our Business Builder Competition was again well received, with 8 Business Builder stories inspiring our attendees. Each person was from a completely different industry and all had to overcome challenging situations, self doubt and fear. But in the end, they all in their own right achieved some notable successes. In the end, Alex Cownie’s story from injured ballerina to re-inspired teacher (and being able to create a passive income from her passion) won the crowds sentiment over. Congratulations to Alex and a huge thank you to all the Business Builders who participated. Now it’s time to start getting ready for our October Competition! Are YOU going to be one of our future Business Builders?

– Two new guest speakers graced the stage for the first time at a 4 Day workshop. Krisztian Panczel told his courageous story growing up in oppressive Hungary as a little boy and vowing never to give up striving to create a better life for himself and his family. And boy did he come good on his promise, revealing some of the key SEO strategies that helped him build a large online business and create an amazing lifestyle. Warren Black then revealed some alarming statistics in the area of business compliance, taxation and government bullying. He also taught a few key principles and mindset shifts people need to make in order to deal with these organisations effectively. Both Krisztian and Warren will be running their own 3 day workshops later on this year. Stay tuned for more details or email our support desk if you’d like to find out more.

– Our major prize draw had everyone on the edge of their seat, with a chance to win $100K. After 4 days of buildup, the official prize draw pulled out Waiman Edmund from the barrel, who then placed his envelope in the $100K barrel. Although he didn’t pull out the $100K prize, his consolation prize – a weekend at the Palazzo Versace and a full day with Andrew and Daryl to work on his business – was nothing to sneeze at!

– The cocktail party on level 77 was a spectacular way to network and get to know everyone a little better, with some of the best views of the Gold Coast at night. Lost of cool stories shared, swapping of business cards and potential joint ventures formed. Thanks to everyone who attended, we hope you had a great time.

And so in the days, weeks and months following your workshop experience, we wish you all the best in your journey. Whether you’ve joined OurInternetSecrets, The Millionaires Club or just took away a goldmine of cool ideas to implement, we hope to see you around somewhere in cyberspace or a future event. If you couldn’t make this one, please book out your diaries for dates in October: 26th-29th at Q1 Resort and Spa.


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Here’s What To Expect At Our Next Huge 4 Day Educational Masterclass with Andrew and Daryl!

Posted on 23. Jul, 2012 by .


This is a quick reminder to book for the Our Internet Secrets workshop if you haven’t done so already. As a reader of the OIS blog you get two tickets to this workshop (valued at $1997) on 27-30 July at the luxurious Q1 Resort and Spa in Surfers Paradise.

We already have over 420 people booked, so please be quick, as there are only a handful of seats left. Here’s the booking link:


Here are just some of the highlights that you can expect when you come along:

• The workshop takes you step-by-step through the systems we use to create internet businesses – from little projects that you can set up on a Saturday afternoon, to multi-million-dollar businesses. We show you in detail what you need to do from start to finish.

• We’ll show you what’s working right now in terms of marketing. You know how quickly things change online? We know it can be hard to keep up. So we’ll make it easy for you, and show you the systems that are giving us (and our clients) the best results.

• You walk out at the end of the event with your very own 12 month plan, so you can use what you’ve learned to create the lifestyle you’re after. Whether you want to “sack the boss” and create your own business, create a passive income so you can retire early, or just make a bit of extra cash on the side, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to achieve it.

• You get to meet lots of people who are successfully applying what they’ve learned from us. They share with you their journey – what they did, their hurdles and their successes. We find this is the best way to learn – from people who are out their doing it every day.

• We also have a heap of fun, with prizes and giveaways. And remember, everyone that attends has a chance of winning our Major prize worth over $100,000 – but you need to be there to win!

Here’s the booking link again:


Secure your seat for an AMAZING event… See you there!

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What would YOU do with $100,000? We Can’t Decide!

Posted on 17. Jul, 2012 by .


We always love to something extra special at our workshops to get people excited and increase the fun factor.

For our upcoming July workshop, we just could not decide. We had a huge debate, and we all wanted different things.

We each shot a video on what we’d do with $100,000 – all YOU have to do is show up and be present for the draw for your chance to take home all the marbles and choose which option you’d like!

Andrew couldn’t go past a fast, sleek sports car or boat. He thinks cruising in style would be pretty cool.

Click on the video below to hear Andrew argue his case:


The team think a Millionaires Lifestyle would be a better choice. Imagine having a personal trainer, chef, masseur, house maid and more catering to your every need for a full 6 months! You’ll not only have time to do the really important things you keep putting off, but by the end you will feel refreshed, energised, healthy and if you’ve spent your time wisely alot richer too!

Click below to hear the teams choice:


Daryl thinks a relaxing Caribbean cruise shopping for some serious bling would be a life changing experience. Imagine a luxury cruise across the tropics, followed by gracing some of the world famous shopping precincts for the perfect diamond (or for guys – the perfect genuine Rolex watch).

Click the video below to hear Daryl’s exciting endorsement of her choice:



So, which would you choose? Head on over to our voting page to see what everyone else wants and register your vote!


You can also register for the workshop if you haven’t yet done so as tickets are getting gobbled up quickly.

See you there for YOUR CHANCE at $100K!

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What Would You Do If You Had No Time Or Financial Limitations?

Posted on 26. Jun, 2012 by .


What would you do if you had all the time and money you needed?

Hang out with the kids?
Buy a boat?
Set up investments?

It’s an important question, and if you’re going to truly become financially free, it’s one that you need to answer very clearly. If your goals are vague or fuzzy then it’s a lot harder to reach them! But here’s the thing – we ask this question of people all over the world. And you know what? Almost everyone we ask says the same thing: “I’d help other people”.

We’ve heard some wonderful goals – from helping struggling friends and family, to dreams of setting up charities and support around the world. How awesome is that? Now this might give you a clue about why we now teach what we’ve learned about making money online. You see, even though we don’t have to work any more, we still love to feel productive. To make a difference.

And this is what motivates us.

A couple of years ago, we sat down and asked ourselves “now that we have all the time and money we need, what will we do with it?” It was a powerful exercise, and one which has shaped our current lifestyle.

Here’s what we came up with. We decided the best way we could make a difference, was to help other people to achieve the sort of life we now enjoy. Through the workshops we run we now teach people all over the world how to make passive income the way we do – selling info products. (And if you haven’t yet booked for the next one, here’s the link: http://www.ourinternetsecrets.com/workshop).

Many years ago we heard a story that sums up what we do, and why we do it. You may have heard it already, but we think about it whenever we help another of our members to financial freedom. Here’s how it goes. There was a man walking along the beach. In the distance he could see a woman, bending down, picking something up, and throwing it out to sea – again and again. As he got closer he saw that there were thousands of starfish washed up on the shore. They were all destined to die – unless they could get back into the water. So the woman was throwing them back, one at a time. It was a huge task, and the man thought what she was doing was a bit futile as there were so many starfish. He said to her “Why are you wasting your time doing this? Look how many starfish there are. You’ll never make a difference.” The woman reached down, picked up another starfish and threw it back. She stared the man in the eye and quietly said “Well I made a difference to that one”.

If you’d love to come along to one of our life-changing workshops, please book your place here: http://www.ourinternetsecrets.com/workshop

And here’s a little bit of homework to do before you come along (you’re going to enjoy this…)

Step #1: Draw yourself a warm bath. Add your favourite fragrance. Pour yourself a glass of bubbles. Close the door and sink in.

Step #2: Ask yourself this question: “If you had all the time and money you needed, what would you do?” Think about the things you’d do for you, your friends and family, and for people you don’t yet know.

Step #3: Now close your eyes and visualise the things you’d do as specifically as you can. Focus on the feelings you get as you do them. Congratulations! You’re on your way to achieving your dreams!

Bring that enthusiasm to the workshop, it’ll be full of enthusiastic people with a vision to create a free lifestyle! See you there!

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Tony and Leanne Argyle Taking Our Jewelry Business To the Next Level

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Tony and Leanne prove that a husband and wife team with kids can still achieve great results! Originally from New Zealand and running a jewellery business, they were looking for ways to accelerate their profits, and it wasn’t until they read a few pivotal books and came across Andrew and Daryl’s teachings that they started to see some amazing boosts to their bottom line.

Hear their journey to where they are today.

Some of Tony and Leanne’s Lessons:

  • Read great book that will stimulate your mind and get you to think outside the box
  • Get mentors who have done what you want to do and listen to their advice!
  • You’ll need to get out of your comfort zone and learn skills to grow your business exponentially, and do things you’ve never done before.
  • Frustrations and roadblocks are all part of the journey – embrace and expect them!
  • Never give up!

To visit Tony and Leanne’s site, visit their site here.

We’ll be inviting 8 empowering business builders to speak LIVE at our July workshop, along with our faculty experts and of course Andrew and Daryl themselves. Tickets are limited (and free for OIS blog readers!) so hurry on over and secure your ticket now. We already have half our allocated seating booked already!

Full Transcript

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Taking Our Business to the Next Level

Tony and Leanne Argyle

Monika: Tony and Leanne Argyle

Tony: Hi guys. We’ve been members of Our Internet Secrets now for about 12 months. In fact, it was this meeting this time last year was the first time we came along. I remember looking up at the stage and somebody did a business builder. I thought, “Geez, it’ll be cool to be up here,” and now I’m wishing I wasn’t. But never mind, you can’t help these things.

Just to give you a bit of a background, we’re a couple kiwis if you haven’t worked that out from the accent shift. We’ve been in Australia now for about three years. Prior to that, we lived in the south island of New Zealand, a little town called Ashburton. Is somebody from Ashburton? I thought I heard applause. It’s not exactly the centre of the Internet world, Ashburton. That’s a very sleepy little place. That’s the main street of Ashburton or at least that’s how Ashburton people think that it looks. The reality is to most of the rest of the world, Ashburton looks more like this.

But it was good to us – we were born and bred there. We owned a jewellery store for about 12 years and life is good. We made a good income, everything was fine. But I got to a point where I had a bit of a midlife crisis and I needed to do something else. Like most men having midlife crisis, I looked at all my options. I could get my ear pierce store or Harley Davidson or something like that. None of them really fitted the bill. I did get my cheese waxed at one stage and I must say the result was quite impressive.

That’s me on holiday in Port Douglas. At this point, I wasn’t really feeling like there was anything else going on. So I said to Leanne, “Why don’t we move to Australia?” We’d always come on holiday here quite a lot of the time and we enjoyed it. In the interest of me not embarrassing her anymore, she decided that we’d leave the country and that might be the best answer. So, we came to Australia.

Just before we shifted, I read a book called “The 4-Hour Workweek.” Has anybody read the book by Tim Ferriss?

Leanne: Awesome book. Even I’ve read it.

Tony: Awesome book. Leanne doesn’t read business books or anything like that.

We read the book and it’s basically all about how to make money online while you sleep. So I thought, “This is great.” There’s money coming in, I’d like to stay under this. In the book he spoke about having membership sites. When we moved to Australia we thought, “Well, that’s the answer. We could have a membership site.”

We had a jewellery store for 12 years at that stage. We’ve done a lot of promotions and a lot of marketing and we had some success with our store. Leanne and I had a background in advertising. We thought, “What a cool idea. Maybe we’d do a membership site for retail jewellers and we’ll put our marketing material together and build them.” We thought, “Hey, this is the answer. This is what we’ll do.”

We didn’t really go about it the right way. As Andrew and Daryl will probably tell you in the next few days, you’re best to actually sell your membership site first and then worry about building the content. But it didn’t know that at the time and I went and spent all this time putting all this material together over probably three or four months. We had about 100 pages worth of website material on there.

For all the efforts, I would stand and looks like this by the end of four months. I’ve been sitting up all night putting the stuff and constantly not really getting anywhere. To really make it even more frustrating, we only managed to sign up one member. I was trying to think to myself, this is just crazy and I have the guts over this stage. I was ready to take a machine gun to my computer. I was over this.

I went to the library one day and picked up another book. It was the “Secrets of Internet Entrepreneurs Exposed!” Some of you might have read that as well. I was reading through the book and it was good material – all these people talking about how they made money online.

I got to a chapter by Andrew and Daryl in the book. All the other people talked about how successful they’d been, but in the case of Andrew and Daryl, they didn’t say much about themselves. They actually shared what worked. They told you step-by-step through the chapter what you had to do to get a membership site working. I said to Leanne, “This is it. This is what we need, somebody who’s done it that we can learn from.”

We did a lot of hunting around on the Internet. We found out they were here on the Gold Coast where we lived, which is even better. So I ran to the office and spoke to Carrie (?). We went down and saw her and we joined up within a couple of days. Carrie (?) said to us, “You better come to one of these 4-day meetings. You’ll learn a lot from doing that.” This is what we should be doing. So we came along to one of the 4-day meetings.

There’s lots of good material – much like what you had here today, what you guys are going to see. At the end of the first day, they let you come on my own and I went back and I said to Leanne, “You’re going to have to come to come to these next three days. This information is really good.”

“Jesus, I haven’t got time. We’ve got the kids.”

I said, “Don’t worry about it. We’re just going to get down here and we’re going to learn a few things.”

One of the things that we covered and we learned about in what Andrew and Daryl spoke about was presenting from stage and the money you can make from doing that. My reaction to presenting from stage looked a bit like this. I just didn’t want to bear it. I hadn’t spoken in public for 17 years, which was a speech I made at my wedding and I wasn’t very keen on doing that as you can see on the head I have a shotgun to me on the day. That was the first job or is it the third? But the idea of speaking, it just didn’t appeal.

But Andrew and Daryl once we joined up, they took us through the process of what was involved with doing it. We thought, “Okay, we can do this.” I went to Toastmasters for about six months. I just went along to see whether I could actually stand up without crapping myself and I found out I wasn’t so bad. We had the opportunity to speak before about 25 jewellers.

Leanne: Yes, 25 – about a month after we joined Internet Secrets. We went and spoke at a meeting for jewellers. I think it was about 25 there and we sold our…

Tony: The $599 membership site.

Leanne: We sold about 11 of them so we thought, “Oh wow, this is great. We’re on to it.” That was about a month after we started. We just got on the horse and did it.

Tony: We had a couple of other speaking opportunities after that. After about six months, I think it was September/October last year, we knew enough people. We thought we’ll have our own workshop. So we organised a workshop in Sydney. That’s where the trade fair was at the time and we got quite a few people along to that.

By the stage we had a $599 package where we actually work one-on-one with jewellers. We spent the day in the workshop with them and we gave them lots of good content. At the end of the day, we presented them the chance to join the $599 and we sold $36,000 worth of business from that day.

Leanne: Yes, it’s awesome.

Tony: Since then we’ve had another speaking engagement where we spoke for a couple of hours, I think we got about $43,000 worth from it. We’ve realised now that there’s money to have from this. I’m sort of a bit more excited about speaking from stage than what I was.

That’s really our story. Since then we’ve redeveloped our membership site. We didn’t really get a crank up to the extent we did and wanted to. Sam’s been a big help with us on that. He’s redone the front page for us with a little bit of a video on there. These guys will share some really good information with you about videos because there’s real opportunity. A lot of people like things visually, so there’s a good chance to do that.

The other big project we’ve been working on is this one. Do you want to talk about it, Leanne?

Leanne: We started this little exercise about 12 months ago. We thought we had this great idea. It was a little bit more technical than we thought every time we got to the next thing where “Oh, we didn’t think of that, didn’t think of that, didn’t think of that.” We actually started promoting it again on Monday. We sort of had a false start halfway through last year and so it’s taken us this long to get it going. But that’s okay. Good things come to those who wait. We really started putting a bit of wick into Facebook and what have you again on Monday. We actually had our very first sale from the site yesterday. The relief was unbelievable.

Tony: It’s a $50 watch but hey, we’ll take it. Anything we’ll do for stat. Basically, prices of items started at full price and they progressively dropped until such time as they reached the reserve or if somebody buys it. It’s basically a place for retail jewellers. It’s what we’re calling in Australia as number one.

Leanne: We’ve actually got an elevator pitch. You’ll be very proud. We came up with that yesterday. We’re Australia’s number one jewellery clearance site.

Tony: We’ve got about 13 jewellers with product on there at the moment. It’s about half a million dollars worth of stock. I think it’s done 600 items but we’ve got about 70 jewellers that are interested on getting on board. It’s got underway. It’s got a lot of work to do but we’ve made the stats.

In terms of you guys, you’re all here obviously because you’re looking for something fresh and something you need to do. We’ve been through a lot in the last 12 months. It hasn’t been fine sailing. We’ve had some frustrating days – at least four of them this week already I think. But the main thing is persistence.

I think what we got out of it is the fact that when you’re in an environment like this, you’ve got people that have the same situation as you. You can relate to each other, you understand everybody goes through periods where you hit the wall when you’ve got people you can work with. We’ve made some really good friends out of being part of this. The one thing that you can take away from this experience is that you’ve got to be persistent. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist. We aren’t. You just got to have something, believe in it. If it’s a passion, that’s so much better for you. We love what we do and just keep at it. That’s the secret.

Leanne: Really it’s just keep going. Don’t give up. That’s our little story.

Tony: Vote for us. Woo-hoo.

Thank you.

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How To Come Up With Niche Ideas For Your Next Product

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Stuck for ideas on what niches to tackle for your next product? This is a fantastic process taught by Andrew and Daryl at their 4 Day Workshop!

This process is just for coming up with topic ideas. There is quite a comprehensive checklist of things to do to see if it might be a profitable niche, which we also share at our upcoming workshop (register here to come for free).

How to come up with Possible Topics

First think about things you’re interested in. Have an open mind!

  • You’ll need to do a complete brain dump. Get a whiteboard or big sheet of paper to create the list. If you have a friend or colleague that can prompt you or join in the process, even better!
  • Don’t sensor yourself when you start the process. You must hold all judgements and let the analysis (next stage) do the talking. You might unknowingly eliminate a great niche otherwise!

8 Powerful questions to help you identify your niche market and generate ideas

Now its time to get your pen out and get ready to start dumping all your ideas from your brain to a written form so you can start doing something with your ideas!
Here are 8 great questions to get your creative juices flowing. Spend a few minutes on each question, asking the question continuously and just write.
  1. What are you most passionate about?
  2. What else do you do in your spare time?
  3. What do you enjoy reading about?
  4. What has been your greatest achievement?
  5. What are you most proud of?
  6. What has been your biggest ever challenge?
  7. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
  8. How would your friends and family describe you?

    This is a fantastic process, that when done properly can get the creative juices flowing and open up many avenues of possibilities. By the end of it, you may have up to 100 topic/niche ideas that you can now move forward to stage 2 with. The great thing about this process is it also gets you thinking about topics you enjoy, like or have some interest in, which makes building a business around this topic much more enjoyable.

    If you’re free from July 27th-30th and can make a trip to the Gold Coast, Andrew and Daryl will be walking through the ENTIRE process step by step, so you’ll have all the tools you need to start creating your next online empire the second you step out. It’s a no-hype, content rich workshop that delivers a down to earth, education packed experience that will leave your head spinning with ideas and action steps.

    We have previously sold tickets for $1997 and clients have always said it was well worth their $. Tickets to July’s event are free for OIS Blog readers, but seats are limited so register quickly!

Register Here To Secure Your Seat!

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Results & Winner of Our Referral Competition – Kornelia!

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The recent Our Internet Secrets Event in March was a resounding success, with around 200 people joining us to experience Andrew and Daryl’s teachings.
fire up

Throughout the weekend, participants learned several ways to generate an online income stream and gave out thousands of dollars worth of prizes, plus a massive all expenses paid holiday cruise!

We had many people comment on the life changing information.

We also held a referral competition for people who their friends might benefit from the event. It’s no surprise we ended up having a huge amount referrals, so a massive thank you to everyone that recommended a friend!

Everyone that referred 10 or more people will receive the edited videos of the entire event for future reference. How cool is that!

After a close count, the winner of our referral competition is Kornelia Kecskes!

Her prize? The entire suite of Andrew and Daryl’s products, a huge pack of dvds, workbooks and CDs worth over $10,000!!!


Special mention to Heather and Eddie Kenyon & Carol Fisher and Keith Bostach,and Kerry Furlong and Sonya Humphrey who also had a great effort. We hope you enjoy the workshop videos!


July OurInternetSecrets Workshop: Are You Coming?

If you are free from the 27th – 30th July, Andrew and Daryl will be doing it all again (this might be the last 4 dayer ever!) so make sure you come along for all new updated content, opportunities to win more fantastic prizes and of course networking with business leaders in all industries with a similar goal and ethos towards business.

We will be giving one lucky person a Millionaire’s lifestyle for a month! more on this soon.

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