Nick Cownie How I Went From $16K Per Year to $99,800 in a Weekend

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Hear Nicks Inspiring inspirational journey from passive watcher to massive action taker.

Nick took his background in NLP and supercharged his business by applying a few key techniques and strategies he learned from The Grants.

It has enabled him to create a leveraged NLP business that allows him to run leveraged workshops (often times without him being involved at all!) and gives him lifestyle and time with family!

Nick’s presentation was inspiring, educational and a lesson to anyone that with a bit of hard work and determination you can do great things.


Some of Nick’s Major Learnings:

  • All the knowledge in the world doesn’t mean anything if you don’t take Massive Action!
  • Do whatever you have to do but start associating with people playing the game at a higher level than you. Just by being around these people, things happen and opportunities are abundant.
  • Believe in the Value you provide and get over your issues with charging others for that value!
  • Set lofty goals, get a coach who has achieved it and listen and action (without questioning it) whatever it is they have to say!

To visit Nicks website, visit his blog here and find out about his 7 Minute Mindset Program Here.

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How I Went From $16K per Year to $99800 in a Weekend

Nick Cownie


Nick:  Like Andrew said, I’m going to show you guys in the next probably 15 minutes or so how I went from $16,000 a year (which sucks, doesn’t it?) to $99,800 in a weekend. I’ll tell you a little bit about my story and how we were able to do that.

What I want to do is actually take you right back to when I was 13. This is when this whole journey started for me. I’m the bigger one there on the screen. I had braces because I had bucked teeth. I had glasses – actually, I didn’t need them. The doctors got it wrong. I had a flat top haircut like Vanilla Ice. It’s not on the slide, but I had acne and I was taller and skinnier than everyone else. I was really attractive at 13. I made a decision at 13 years old, if I have no looks or I look pretty goofy and I had no money because my family was pretty much broke, I need to learn how to understand people.

At 13, I got my hands on a copy of a book by Allan Pease called “Body Language.” Has anyone seen that book? A good friend of mine in high school found a copy of that in the high school library. He wanted it because Allan Pease taught you that if you tell a lie with your palms out, people believe it. He wanted to be a better liar when he’s talking to his parents as much as 13-year-old boys still I suppose.

He told me about this book after two weeks. If you borrow a book, you get it for two weeks and you have to take it back. So I borrowed it and two weeks later, I had to take it back. He borrowed it and two weeks later, he took it back. I borrowed it – and this went on for about six months until the librarian ambushed us. We put it down on the table and she said, “Buy a bloody copy, okay?”

So, we had to go out and get a copy. That’s really what launched me into the personal development industry at age 13 even though I didn’t really know it at the time.

Fast forward a few years – 2001 I turned 21. That’s a big monumental occasion for most people. But what was probably bigger for me that year is the day after I went to visit that same friend who I was swapping the book with – we were still friends.

He just had a big argument with his girlfriend. He said, “Let’s go for a walk,” and it was about 8:00 at night in Parramatta in Sydney. It’s a super awesome place if you’re walking around at that time at night. We were held at gunpoint. I had a gun against my head, “Give us your money,” and all that kind of stuff. I literally thought I was going to die.

I ended up with posttraumatic stress disorder. I had that for five years, from age 21-26. Hopefully, no one in here has had any experience with that. It really messes you up. I almost failed uni as a result of that. I wouldn’t leave my bedroom. I kind of went progressively, I wouldn’t leave my bed, I wouldn’t leave my bedroom, then I wouldn’t leave my house. If I’d go outside I’d have to be home before dark. It went on and on and on until eventually I went to a seminar and learned some stuff – I’ll talk about in a minute – that helped me get over that.

I still managed to graduate uni. I graduated as an acupuncturist. That was my trade originally. That’s my girlfriend there on the screen [laugh]. That’s one of my lecturers from uni. We went and worked in a hospital in Beijing, so I got to fulfil my doctor fantasy, wear the white coat and all that kind of stuff. That was pretty cool. I came back to set up as an acupuncturist thinking, “This is fantastic. I love it. I’m going to heal the world.”

I never made over $16,000 a year as an acupuncturist. That’s not profit by the way. That’s total income. My expenses were equal, if not higher. I was busy going broke as an acupuncturist. Any acupuncturist in the room? No? Okay, they’ve all gone broke.

Two years later, I still wasn’t making any money. I thought, “I’ve got to do something about this.” I went along to a seminar and I saw Andrew and Daryl speak. They presented their e-book process. I was blown away by that so I signed up. I’ve got to get this thing. And I didn’t do a thing with it. What do you reckon happened? How much money did I make? Big fat zero. I didn’t use it all.

About six months later, I showed that program to my brother who was a bit of a computer genius. He went, “Oh, these steps to research e-books – that looks like a bit of hard work and I’m quite lazy. I’ll just write a bit of software and automate the whole process.” He did and it’s still sitting on his hard drive at home. He hasn’t done anything with it.

But I thought that was so exciting, I went to another seminar where I knew Andrew and Daryl would be speaking. I’ve got the guts up to go up and tell them about it. “We’ve got this great bit of software. It automates your e-book research.” Daryl said, “Here’s my business card and here’s my personal phone number and email address.” Who’d like it? I click a button in the sense of it flows away. Obviously I’m not going to do that. But Daryl gave me that.

Do you reckon the world changed overnight? No, I didn’t use it. Absolutely crazy – I didn’t use it.

What I realised is I had a lot of stuff in my head that was holding me back from being successful. So, I started researching options to fix my head. I came across neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis. I spent the next year working really intensively on my mindset to fix that and I became an action taker big time as a result – from massive procrastinator to massive action taker.

I met my wife, Alex who’s just over there sitting on the ground with our little girl. I met Alex in 2007 in October and – how’s this for action – moved in the same day, just literally never went home.

Andrew: Just hold on. I’m going to interrupt here. Alex, come up here for a second. This is worth seeing. This is breathtaking action, mate. Put your hand up if you reckon Nick is punching above his weight here. This is Alex, everybody. And this is the result of moving in on the first day I think [laugh].

Nick: Take action.

Andrew: Good stuff. That’s worth seeing as taking action…

Nick: What’s this about “punching above his weight”?

Andrew: Yes, mate [laugh]. I just looked at the photos of you. Sorry if I interrupted there. Thanks very much.

Nick: That’s all right. A round of applause for my gorgeous wife. Thank you.

We were married 11 months after the day that I refused to go home. That was fantastic. We got married on the edge of a cliff on the northern beaches in Sydney. That was on Alex’s request in case she changed her mind. That was really awesome.

I still wasn’t making any money though. I became an action taker. I heard about the World Internet Summit. How’s this for action? A good friend of mine had bought tickets to the seminar and she rang me that night and said, “I’m at this event. It’s at the Convention Centre in Sydney. It’s really awesome. They’re not checking name tags. I reckon you can sneak in.”

We lived just down the road; we live in Griffith at the time. I was a bit nervous but I did that the next day. I’ve seen Brett McFall who runs that event and he thinks it’s hilarious because I’ve spent a lot of money at the event that I didn’t really have.

I saw a lady up on stage speaking about a basic marketing training program and she did a presentation. She said, “This will cost $2,000,” and I went, “I’ve got to do that but I don’t have the money.” I went home and I found in an account exactly $2,000 saved up to pay my taxes. I went, “Screw the government. That money goes to Debra.” That’s exactly what we did. We bought that.

What I thought a really good idea is, Alex and I hated our jobs, we were both working full-time – Alex was doing translation for an online poker company because she’s French, French in English; and I was teaching English to Japanese in Korean students, which I had no passion for at all. I used to carry Daryl’s business card around in my wallet with the idea that one day I was going to get the guts up to call – and I did. We’re walking around Circular Quay in Sydney and Alex said, “You just call that bloody number and stop talking about it. It’s been years.”

So I rang up and Andrew answered the phone, “Hi, it’s Andrew Grant here.”

“Hi, Andrew. It’s Nick Cownie.”

He was like, “Nick who?”

“We met a couple of times.”

He said, “Yeah, right. What can I do for you?”

I said, “I just want to work with you guys and do something.”

“So, what’s your idea?”

“I really want to work with you guys and do something.”

Andrew said to me, “Well, you’ve put yourself ahead of 99% of the pack just by having the guts to call.”

Inside my head I’m going, “If only I’d done that three years ago.”

“This coming weekend we’re running a Members Only 2-day workshop up here on the Gold Coast. If you can get there, you can come as our guest. We’ll go and have lunch and we’ll talk and see if there’s something we can do together.”

Is that pretty cool? That’s awesome – just because I had the guts to make the phone call. I went, “Yes, sure. I’ll be there.” Click. “Oh God, what have I done?” I turned around to Alex.

This is where we’re living at the time in Chatswood. We’ve got no money but I have to go. I actually didn’t have a hotel booked until I got there on the day. I’ll sleep on the park bench if I have to. I flew up there and had lunch with Andrew and Daryl. Things started to change. But when I got home, I was talking to Alex.

We lived in this place here and this is a studio apartment. That photo is taken like this – click, click. You can see I’ve got something circled in red there. That is a stain in the corner of the roof. That’s actually a dead possum. It’s decomposed and its juice is sucked into the gyproc and stunk the place up. So we had to get out of there in a hurry.

But in 2009 we’re still making no money, really frustrated, and we thought there’s only one logical thing to do. We’re going to go on a holiday and go and make a baby. When you’re under pressure, what you really need is more pressure. That’s exactly what we did and it actually worked really well.

Who has kids? Do you find it hard to motivate yourself to do things for yourself? If I said, “You’ve got to get up at 5:00 am tomorrow morning to go to the gym,” yes, a good one, “You’ve got to get up at 5:00 am tomorrow morning and take your kids somewhere really important,” would you do it? Absolutely. That lit a fire under my backside that was super, super hot.

I went back to the Our Internet Secrets 4-day workshop just like this. I was sitting there and going, “Oh, I’ve got to get up on that stage. This is a pretty special day for me.” I saw a lady speak, Janet Beckers. Janet wasn’t pitching anything, but I was so enraptured by her presentation that I chased her down in the break and interrupted her lunch. I said, “I’m so sorry. I know you didn’t sell anything. I know you’ve probably got stuff to sell. I want to buy whatever it is.” She went, “Um, okay. Sure.”

Over the next week, I’ve signed up for Janet’s program on running interview teleseminars and making a membership site. The thing that inspired me was when she said, “When you’re up there, go for the people at the top. Don’t shoot low.” That’s exactly what I did. I created an audio series called “Inside the Millionaire Mindset.”

Some of these people you might recognise if you’re into this whole industry. There’s Yaro Starak, there’s Janet, there’s Jo Martin who I think I heard Daryl said will be speaking at some point. Jo is awesome. In the bottom right-hand corner there’s Tim Ferriss who wrote “The 4-Hour Workweek.” I had Tim Ferriss lined up about a week and a half before I was due to interview him, his personal assistant sent me an email saying, “Tim can’t make it anymore. He’s gone snowboarding in Japan.” If you’ve read “The 4-Hour Workweek,” that’s a very Tim Ferriss excuse.

Is Paul speaking as well this weekend? Okay, on Monday you guys will see Paul. Paul is the master. He’s my idol. Paul’s absolutely brilliant. Paul runs Beyond Success which is probably the biggest coaching, training company in Australia. He invited me to come and be the resident NLP mindset expert for his coach training. Now I go down and teach all of his people a couple of times a year all the techniques that I know and use, which is awesome.

We started making some money finally – a sigh of relief. We managed to buy a house. This is our house in Catumba. That’s where we lived up until six months ago. We moved up here to be closer to Andrew and Daryl and the Millionaires Club. So now that’s an investment property for us, which is awesome.

But what’s really cool is the dodgy little apartment we lived in will fit in the kitchen in the house that we had in Catumba. That was really cool for us. Imagine that feeling of relief and excitement when you compare those two photos and realise our whole house, our whole life would fit in the kitchen. Plus, we’ve actually got space for a fridge now, which is really cool.

2010 I started running NLP trainings and I was invited to speak all over the place. I started doing really well. As you can see, they’re quite full rooms and I’m getting around and speaking.

That’s when our daughter was born, Emilia, who’s just the absolute love of my life. I love her beyond words. Absolutely amazing.

I went on a bit of a personal mission to meet everybody that I could in the Internet marketing and information marketing areas. Some of these people you might know. There’s Brett McFall on the top left-hand corner – he runs the World Internet Summit – Armand Morin, Joanna Martin, Matt and Amanda Clarkson, Andrew and Daryl in the centre of course. The guy pointing to me like that, his name is Simon Leung. You heard a bit about Google AdWords – that guy wrote Google AdWords. He designed the whole thing.

I met some really cool people and learned some more some stuff. All of a sudden, getting some momentum now, people are starting to interview me. My first ever interview was with West Loh. West is the first person to ever interview me – that was really cool.

I went information product crazy. We started with a newsletter, we started running courses. Probably Andrew or Daryl told me to film it and turn it into videos and audio products. We put up membership sites and multimedia courses. That started taking over. But what got really exciting is in February last year, I went back to the same World Internet Summit where Brody bought the Facebook training.

I was having a chat with Andrew and Daryl there. I saw a lot of people selling $25,000 programs and I thought, “I reckon I can do that too.” Luckily for me, one of the speakers was boring at the time. So I sat there and made notes. If I was going to sell something for $25,000, what would I put in that program? I sketched it out and created a program that I called “The Lifestyle Business Blueprint,” put a $25,000 price tag on it, and I told Andrew and Daryl about it.

One week later, I had 16 people in the room, and four people bought that program at $24,950 which is 25% conversion rate. I sent a text to Andrew saying, “I’m so excited. I told you last week I was going to do it. I just made $99,800 in a weekend and I’m absolutely blown away.” We were so excited – Alex and I – that when people were signing the forms at the back of the room, we had to excuse ourselves and walked down the stairs. We got halfway down the stairs and we’re going like this. We were blown away.

In June last year, we applied and we were accepted into the Millionaires Club. Of course, we went and got some champagne and wine, which is what we have for dinner every night because Alex is French. We started coming to the Our Internet Secrets 2-day Members Only workshops.

In July, we went to the Lucrative Niches workshop. I didn’t do too much after that one. But Alex had a great idea. Alex used to be a professional ballet dancer, so I really am punching above my weight here. She had a great idea which is, “Let’s do some research on how many people want to become professional ballerinas.”

The search term – this is Google Keyword, I took this last week by the way – “How to be a ballerina.” There are just over 1.8 million searches a month, which is pretty good. There’s some good traffic there. If you type that into Google, there are about 28.5 million sites up about that. So, it’s quite a bit of competition.

We put a site up and got it ranked on page one of Google. Do you want to see the site? That’s the website. The content we learned at that Lucrative Niches workshop was so good, we put a site up with no content and got on page one of Google. Isn’t that awesome? There’s nothing on it yet.

In July, I went to another Our Internet Secrets workshop “Build Your Brand with a Book.” Like I said, action taken out, it’s all about action. You can learn it and do nothing with it. You get no results, 57 days later I had my book written which I thought was fantastic. Not to be outdone, Alex came up with an idea and wrote a book in 14 days. Alex’s book “How to be a Ballet Dancer,” that’s what we’re going to put on that site with all that crazy traffic on page one of Google. Sound like a good idea?

In September I thought, “Well, saw that $25,000 program. Let’s do it again.” We had Millionaires Club coaching with Andrew and Daryl. I took the concept to them and Daryl and Andrew gave me one tip. They said, “Everything you’re doing is great. Do this one thing differently.” We went from 25% conversion to 75% conversion. Is that awesome or what? Absolutely amazing. Three times the number of sales from one tiny tip that they told me, which just blew me away.

In December last year, I was introduced by Andrew to Derek and Sally who were just over here in the corner. You get to hear from these guys tomorrow. Absolutely amazing. They’ve launched probably the world’s best weight loss program – I won’t go into because that’s their baby and their story.

What happened is Andrew put us in touch because they had the exercise, they had the diet, and they wanted the mindset to have a complete system. Andrew said, “We’ll plug Nick into your system and then it’s good to go.” One month later, that program was featured on national TV, which is just awesome.

In February this year, we spent Valentine’s Day in the most romantic day possible – we came to a workshop with Andrew and Daryl on membership sites. They had all these examples of “This is a membership site we built in three days. This one we built in three days.” I went, “I’m going to do that too.” But I failed miserably. It took me four days. So, I created a site called How to Close the Sale Fast! From concept to finish and up, ready to go in four days.

Just a month ago, we went to our last Millionaires Club meeting and I told them I am sick of running workshops in seminar rooms. It’s not working for me. I’ve just been screwed up by the venue in Sydney and I’ve got a seminar coming up in two weeks. I’m looking for ways to fix that. The concept I had was running workshops live online.

I’ve got a ton of great feedback from Andrew and Daryl and 14 days later, I ran the world’s first 100% live online NLP training, which is just awesome. As you can see, that’s not me on the screen – I didn’t teach that. I have staff who work for me. That girl was in Perth. We had a couple in Perth, a bunch of people in Queensland, New South Wales, Adelaide, Victoria, and one woman in Tassie – all doing that training at the same time online with live video streaming. First time ever in the world, absolutely brilliant.

What’s next for me is I’m in the process of researching how to get my own TV show. You guys have seen that show Fear Factor? Well, my book is about “7 Minute Mindset,” how to eliminate fear, procrastination, and failure in 7 minutes or less. I want to get people – make them really scared. Here’s a spider and then seven minutes later, they can have that thing crawling up all over their arm. That’s my big goal for this year.

I’ve got a meeting on Wednesday with someone who’s going to become my international speaking manager. I’ll be speaking all over the world. This week I’m going to a workshop on franchising because we want to take our concept of live online NLP training and franchise it and sell it all over the world. That’s what’s next for me.

Once that’s done, Alex and I want to move to France and buy a castle and just have babies – hopefully without sleep problems.

Participants: [Applaud]

Nick: Thanks. So that’s what’s next for me. But what’s next for you is I have discovered the absolute secret to success on the Internet. Do you know what it is? You take the Internet, you add Andrew and Daryl, you do exactly what they say, and then you make money. It couldn’t get any easier. That’s exactly what it is, right?

I told you guys a couple of years ago I was looking and going, “I’ve got to be up on that stage,” and now I am. Is there anyone sitting there going “I’ve got to be up on that stage”? I tell you, in three or six months time, if this happens again, it will be one of you up on stage doing this. It ain’t rocket surgery. Take the advice, do what they say, get the results. It’s that simple.

That’s how I went from $16,000 a year to $99,000 in a weekend. Hopefully, you found some use in that. Thank you very much for your time.

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