[Julie Lewin Case Study] How a Cancer Survivor Increased Her Worth 10x & Built A 6 Figure Income Through Her Passion In Celestial Healing

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Some of you may know Julie Lewin, who did a fantastic job at our support desk for many years. What you may not know about Julie might shock you. In 2000, Julie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and could not speak for an entire year.

What would you do if this happened to you?

She made a promise that if she ever got the ability to speak back, she would live her passion and inspire others to live their dreams….

In 2008 Julie attended an OurInternetSecrets event and hasn’t looked back since. She’s inspired thousands with her intuitive healing techniques, spoken as an expert on many stages, has put together a celestial consciousness retreat (which made her $16500 in one week) and now charges $497 session, up from $50 session a few short years ago.

Julie is a shining example of what you can do if you put your mind to it and apply some of the strategies we’ll be teaching at our 4 Day workshop.

You can listen to some of the fantastic results Julie has achieved in the video.

Here are some of the key lessons Julie learned in her journey:

1. Challenge yourself on your mentors. They can help accelerate the process and save you hours of pain and lots of money!

2. How much you are worth? Don’t be tied down to your own pre-conceived ideas. Create massive value and don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth.

3. If you get a chance, work to learn and soak up as much as you can from people who are succeeding.

4. Believe in yourself and can climb mountains you never thought you could previously climb.

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Julie: Who’s learned something today? Who’s still waiting to learn something? This is a real honour. “How to Increase Your Fees 10 times and Build a Six-Figure Income” – that’s what I want to talk to you about in the next 15 to 20 minutes.
It’s taken me a long time to get to this point. That little blue down the bottom there, I only got that yesterday. Nothing like a deadline to make you do something. I finished my PowerPoint presentation an hour ago and Daryl said, “Are you ready?” I said, “Yes.” So, here we go.
Who is Julie Lewin? I haven’t got lots of words for you. I like pictures. They say it speaks a thousand words. I was born in Gympie and I didn’t stay there long. My parents went roaming and we ended up in Mt. Isa. Do you see that stack there, the big one? That is half a kilometre high and I’ve got a story about that that I’ll tell you later.
I’m married to the amazing Frank and some of you may have met Frank. He’s quite a character. We got married 30 years ago in October and yes, we did have two babies. They wouldn’t let me put their pictures up here so I’ve just written “two babies.” We raised our children in Brisbane. These are my children now. We ran away from home two and a half years ago and left them with everything. We started again in the country and we love it.
Oh, there is a little bit of something else about me. I’m a healer and a medical intuitive. That might be a bit woo-hoo for some of you and it was for me when I was told that 28 years ago. What can I say about that? I discovered that I could see inside people’s bodies and locate the root cause of their discomfort. It didn’t happen overnight, but I decided I wanted to have that life, so I practiced every single day for the last 28 years.
Why have I got the Olympics symbols there? I met an Olympian in this room. We actually went to the function on the Saturday night and she started telling me about the Olympian mindset. I thought, “Wow! I have a mindset like that, but I’m not an Olympian.”
Let’s see what an Olympian mindset is. It’s determination, it’s inner strength, you’re hard working and persistent, you’re self-motivated like you light that light in your heart. No one else can do that for you. You can deal with adversity and you have tenacity. When you have those qualities, it means you can pick yourself up off the bathroom floor where you’ve been sobbing, get back into your life, and keep going with whatever it is that you want to do. You’re optimistic and positive and you have the ability to be really focused.
That’s what I’ve done over the last 28 years in a lot of different areas of my life. I practiced for nine years. I got to go on that TV show The Extraordinary where they tested me on film because I rang them up and said, “I can see inside of people’s bodies.”
They said, “Oh yeah, right.” They said, “Have you got anyone who can prove this?”
I said, “Well, my mom.”
They said, “Someone else?”
I said, “What about a doctor, a psychiatrist, and a nurse?”
They said, “Yes.” And so they rang me about six weeks later and said, “We’ll have film crew in town in a couple of days. We want to film you.”
I said, “I don’t think so.”
I said, “I don’t want to be made a mockery of, because what I do is serious.”
They said, “We promise we won’t do that.”
That TV show – no word of a lie – I would’ve filled this room with letters ten times over. My husband went and picked a sack up from the post box every day and it was very overwhelming, and so I decided I wanted to hide.
There’s a reason why I’ve got this here. Responding to all of those people, I thought that I was obliged to give all of myself to those tens of thousands of people that wanted a piece of me, so I did. There was a consequence. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in May 2000. The day after I had surgery I went to speak to my doctor and I couldn’t speak. I lost my voice for a year and I said to God, “If you let me speak again, live my passion, speak about it here today to inspire people to live their dreams and climb their mountains, I promise I’ll do that.”
We’ll fast forward to 2006. I’ve built my very first website. It was a clunky website, it’s still there, and it was through something called SiteBuilder. I’ve put a lot of my heart and soul into that and I thought I was doing pretty well. But I knew I needed something more.
Fast forward to 2008, Facebook changed my life. I know that sounds a pretty weird thing to say. My best friend from when I was 20 – and we had our babies together when I was 24 and 26 – found me on Facebook, exactly a month before there was one of this events. She got two tickets and she said, “Julie, would you like to come to Sydney with me to that event?” It was the very first Our Internet Secrets event that was like this.
I said, “Oh, I haven’t got any money. But I do have $400 to buy my passport so I can go to Thailand in two months. I’ll use that.” So I did. I spent my passport money and I went to Our Internet Secrets and I just kept saying, “Oh my God, oh my God! This is exactly what I’ve been asking for. God answers my prayers.” I joined Our Internet Secrets.
I’m going to fast forward to February, that’s five months later. You’re going to hear Daryl say something later and it might still hit thunder, but some people really bug her. I was one of them. I was still doing my research five months later. I never went to this event. This is part of the OIS program that they’ll talk to you about later. I was at that event. I didn’t have a topic. I didn’t know what I was going to write about. I was very confused in myself.
I spoke to Andrew and he said, “You need to go and speak to Paul Blackburn,” and I did. No word of a lie, in three minutes he changed my life. By the end of that first day, I had my topic. I went home, did some research on the Internet, and the next day I had a 30-day plan. In 30 days I created a product.
I went into a recording studio and I recorded ten healing mediations for before, during, and after surgery. I wrote an e-book, I outsourced the sales letter, and I had the project manage it because those guys at the recording studio said, “Sure, we’ll have that done in 48 hours,” they didn’t. I had to keep hassling them. Then they said, “Yes, we’ll get the guy to digitally master it. He’ll do that in 24 hours.” He didn’t. I’ve got everything on the 30th day. That was my target that I would submit everything to OIS tech is on the 30th day – and I did.
Thirty days later, I got my website back and I made my first sale overnight. Do you think I was a pretty happy cookie? I was. I’ve made some money from that product, but it’s not my best product and I need to market it more. Actually, here it is. It is actually a real live product. Who wants it? There you go.
Who knows Bret Thomson? He’s a copywriter extraordinaire. He’s an all-around good guy and you’re going to meet him this afternoon. I decided I wanted to be a little Bret Thomson wannabe, so I said, “Bret, are you going to teach this stuff that you do?” and he said, “Yes.” I said, “I want to be your first student.” I was one of his first students. I thought I was going to be Australia’s next best thing to women copywriting. I wasn’t.
I had big dreams in October 2009. I had no money. My clients were paying me $50 a consultation, I had a huge heart. I’ve made this deal with God that if He gave me back my voice that I would help people. I was really willing to learn. Andrew and Daryl provided that environment for me to learn and I’ll tell you what, I ate it, I slept it, I breathed it, and I did everything that they told me to do.
Guess what? I got offered a job with Andrew and Daryl and I became the OIS help desk manager in October 2009. I got trained for a few weeks and then I was on my own. I wrote this email to Daryl. I said, “Dear Daryl, you have the wrong person. I so cannot do this job. You’ll have to find someone else.” I went to press “Enter” and I couldn’t. I did that four times and I said, “Okay, maybe I’m not meant to quit this job,” but I did need some help.
I had a friend who had just become a hypnotherapist and I said, “You need to get here right now. I’m about to quit the best job in my life.” She actually drove over. I still had the emails open on my computer that I couldn’t answer. No word of a lie, she sat on my front veranda with me and did an intervention. Sounds cool. She left, I went back inside, I started answering those emails, and I didn’t stop.
I have had the most extraordinary journey with Andrew and Daryl. I love everything to do with Our Internet Secrets. That’s my favourite part on the website and anyone who’s had a welcome call with me will know that.
Andrew and Daryl – these are my mentors. I absolutely love the mentorship that they’ve given me and it’s transformed my life.
Janet Beckers – she’s one of the OIS Faculty members and you’ll hear a bit more about her. She’s the joint venture queen.
Guess what? I had a recruitment agency from Adelaide Facebook me privately (I didn’t know who they were) and said, “Can we do a joint venture with you? We wanted a joint venture on all of your products.”
I said, “But my website is not finished yet.”
“Oh, as soon as it’s done send it to us and we’ll put it on our website. We’ll market it to our thousands of people.” That just happened last week. Yes, thank you.
Gideon Shalwick – he’s another one of Our Internet Secrets Faculty members. He’s the video blogging expert and what he doesn’t know is not worth knowing.
You’ll see all these people later. They’re all my mentors.
Fast forward to September 2011, I had my first speaking gig with Adam Gibson. I spoke for 90 minutes, closed 50% of the room and made $5,000. I was very excited. I’ve never made that much money in that short a time in my life. In that moment I thought, you know what, I can do anything I want to do. I can make as much money as I want. I just have to put my heart and soul into it and ask for it.
Fast forward to April 2012, Celestial Consciousness Retreat. I didn’t follow Andrew and Daryl’s advice. I didn’t do the middle steps. I just went from the little product to the big product and I charged $3,300 for that. I sold out and I made $16,500 in a week. My next one is in November. I’m pretty excited about that. I went in two years from $50 a session, I now charge $497 a session and I have a monthly target of 20. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I do more, sometimes I do less, but it averages out.
You see that there? I said I wanted to go to the top of that. I’m afraid of heights and to get to the top of that I had to go in a cage that had just bars on it. We went half a kilometre up in the air and then the guy that took me up there said, “Now you have to get on that ladder that goes half a kilometre down and you have to climb another six feet to get right up to the rim up there.” It took him 20 minutes to get me to get on the ladder. Then I climbed and my head hit something. It hit a ceiling. They talk about a glass ceiling, I hit a wooden ceiling.
I said, “I can’t go any further.”
He said, “Sure you can.”
I said, “No, I can’t.”
He said, “That changed things. Well, you have to just come back down and step over that half a kilometre chasm and get back on here. We’ll have to wait for them to send us back down.”
I was stuck on that ladder for 25 minutes like this in my slippery hands. Anyway, he coaxed me back down. I always remember that when I think that I can’t do something. I saved my own life in that stupid thing that I did, but maybe it was one of the best things that I ever did. That was a moment.
I’m very excited to have pulled together my ultimate business model. My first tip is I’ll give away something for free. Oh, I’ve made a mistake. “Seven Steps to Celestial Consciousness.” I just started a meditation circle, it’s live online to anyone in the world and we discuss it afterwards in a special Facebook group. I do a one-day workshop on mastering intuition, because that’s what I’ve developed. I’ve developed my intuition to a really high regard. I’ve created a home study pack. There’s my six-day retreat. I do mentoring. I have my first mentoring client on Monday and she really loves that. Then I’ve got a high end mentoring program. I’m not going into what all of those are. I haven’t got any time.
Who wants to feel the love? Who wants to know how to stop psychic vampires from sucking your energy? I can teach you how to do that. I’ve got four eclasses. I sell them for $97. I’ll give you them for free.
This is my meditation room. This is the PowerPoint slide that comes up when I do the webinar, so everyone knows that I’m sitting in there recording this web meditation. I’ll give you the first one for free.
Vote for me if I have inspired you. Thank you, everyone.

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