How Sally & Derek Boyer (Australia’s Strongest Man) Got Featured on National TV in a Few Short Months

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This case study is about a former Reality TV Gladiator (admits he did not get paid well at all) who struggled financially, but with his wife Sally is now overlooking a $250,000 contract and is on track make more in a few short months than they did in their past 2 years.

Derek and Sally Boyer came up with the concept of the Gladiator Diet soon after attending one of our Workshops.

And with our help and a little hard work, they had tested, trialled and packaged their product ready to launch. We were so impressed with the results we got it didn’t surprise us that they were featured on national television, and things have just rocketed upwards from there.

And the results? They had hundreds of orders within a few days, all done on autopilot! Their website, marketing and strategy was all pre-implemented from the knowledge they gained at the workshop. Now they’ve got organisations and experts from around Australia wanting to do joint ventures with them, some with very big lists!

They now have found their purpose, passion and have a big vision of changing the horrendous obesity endemic across the western world! How cool is that!

Watch their amazing story here:

The audience was so touched, moved and inspired at what 2 complete non-techies have achieved that they voted Derek and Sally the best business builder at our last workshop amongst some seriously good competition.

The lesson here is to make sure you choose the right strategy and marketing plan BEFORE you launch your campaign, believe in yourself, your abilities and your passions even during the toughest of times and to get the right help and mentoring from people who have done it successfully before you. If you don’t, you risk leaving lots of money on the table!

Do you need the right mentoring and coaching?

Amongst other things, we’ll be showing you in detail how to define your niche, get free publicity and create fantastic products quickly and easily at the 4-day OurInternetSecrets workshop coming up on 27-30 July. If you’ve already booked, welcome! We look forward to seeing you there. If you haven’t yet booked your place there are still a few available.

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Andrew and Daryl Grant
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To visit Dereks website, and find out more about the Boyer Diet, Click Here.


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Australia’s Strongest Man Lifts Profits Sky High

Derek Boyer


Derek:  Thank you so much for the warm welcome. My name is Derek Boyer.

Sally:  Hi I’m Sally Boyer.

Derek:  You’ve heard so many great presentations over the weekend and everybody got some great efforts. What makes us so different is the fact that we are absolute beginners in Internet business. Our journey started four months ago and in the next 15 minutes we’re going to tell you of our incredible journey that it took to get us up onto this stage.

After we’ve done that we’re going to answer an important question that we believe a lot of you will have and then we’d like to offer you an extraordinary package. How does that sound? Awesome. Well, let’s begin with my beautiful wife.

Sally:  Thank you. Well, guys, I’m a proud mom. I’m also a teacher. I teach nutrition and I’m in-love with this buffet here.

Derek:  She’s the only one that can call me that by the way.

Sally:  My two loves are looking after my family and food. I love food. Who out there loves good food? Great. One of my biggest responsibilities is to keep this big guy strong and healthy by being his personal chef. So I think I’m doing a pretty good job.

Derek:  She does indeed. Myself for the last 20 years I’ve been chasing this elusive title that being the world’s strongest man. All my efforts have been involved with trying to be the world’s strongest man. It’s like trying to find the Holy Grail to tell you the truth and that’s taken up all my time.

In this country I’ve reigned supreme as Australia’s strongest man. In fact, I’m undefeated in every competition since 1997. [Participants applaud] Thank you. You might have seen me on that little TV show that happened a couple of years ago. By the way, I’m the one in the middle with the smile. That was a lot of fun, but I’ve got to come clean and I’ve got to set the record straight.

A lot of people have this funny idea that if you’ve been on TV – and I’ve been on there quite a lot and I’ve done a couple of movie roles – they believe that you’re a wealthy guy and you live in some big house overlooking a canal behind this place. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is where we live. This is our little cubby house somewhere in Curara. Last year, we grossed less than $100,000 between us. Money’s never been an issue with us, so we’re comfortable but we also have three children that we’ve got to manage.

We have a little boy running around and we have to older girls. Mikaela the one with the drink, she’s 23. She’s actually just become a psychologist. Let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than having a kid that’s a psychologist. She keeps telling me I’ve got to change my ways. Now the other one, Paris, she’s 16 and the look will tell it all.

Sally:  Say no more.

Derek:  Okay. The tipping point for us happened last year in November when I returned from last year’s World’s Strongest Man competition.

Sally:  In this photo we’re sitting at a tavern celebrating but that whole weekend I had practically carry Derek around. He’s almost broken his back. Just a show of hands, who’d like to carry this guy around? So we decided things had to change and change fast.

Derek:  Right. Straight off of that, we did what you guys are doing right now. We actually came into this course exactly four months ago and sat down the back there for the entire four days. We were there and we took notes. Whose hands is about to drop off because of note taking? We were the same. In fact, we had three notebooks of notes. But when we were here, our objectives were to create security, we wanted to create a passive income, and we wanted to create a million dollar turnover industry.

Who has similar ideas to that? Put up your hand. We’re not alone, great. So at that time…

Sally:  Our resources are absolutely limited. We were earning less than a $100,000 between us, practically no computer skills, three children to support, no business or marketing skills, and we share one MAC notepad. So things are pretty grim.

Derek:  But we did have one thing that a lot of you guys will share with us and that is we had some great ideas. That’s what we did have. What we did was we made application to the Millionaire’s Club and…

Sally:  Were accepted.

Derek:  We were accepted and we were immeasurably happy because not everybody gets into that club. Soon after…

Sally:  We shit ourselves.

Derek: We shit ourselves. We’ve got to come clean because believe it or not, there is a price to be a part of that Millionaire’s Club. It was a price that we couldn’t afford, but we wanted it so much we bluffed in and we signed the contract for a year’s membership on that site. It was going to cost us $2,500 per month for 12 months and without estimated worth, we’re only going to get through around about six to eight months on this program.

That was a driving force for us at the very start; we needed to create capital and turnovers straight away. There’s nothing like that for a motivation.

Andrew:  So which one was you, Derek, out that two?

Derek:  I really didn’t decide on that.

Sally:  Double edged sword there.

Derek:  Yeah. That was in November. In the first week of December, Andrew and Daryl came back from their holiday overseas (nice for them) and they had an audit with us. They went through all our business ideas and we must say they were very thorough and they’re very patient and at the end of it…

Sally:  The feedback was that we should create a weight loss membership site and what we needed was an outstanding concept, a great twist, we needed data, we need runs on the board, we needed great testimonials from our clients and we needed cash flow.

Derek:  We certainly needed cash flow. What we did from there was we went into a 72-hour lockdown and we did everything that you guys are taking notes on right now. All those notes that we took, we took them all out.

We went through the entire thing again. We studied them. What we did was we researched every weight loss program in the world. We sat down and we went through everything. We listed all the good points and the bad points and where they fell short. Do you know what we found?

Sally:  We found that out there millions of people suffer unnecessarily because of all the misleading information, incomplete weigh loss systems, and total scams.

Derek:  So what we deduced from that was – here was something that there was a great need and importantly there was a massive hole in the market because we couldn’t find one complete weight loss program, not one. So what we did was we got together and we conceived – thanks for the name, Andrew – The Boyer Weight Loss Method.

What we did was we used ahead of the curve strategies on nutrition, mindset, exercise and support. We haven’t got enough time to actually go into what those principles are. But what we designed we believe is the most advanced and complete weight loss program in the world. We went back with these ideas to Andrew and Daryl and we pitched them this question.

Sally:  We asked this question: could you imagine losing up to 15 kilos in 30 days while eating up to 12 meals a day and not doing any strenuous exercise?

Derek:  Who thinks that would be cool? Put up your hands. Up to 12 meals a day, no strenuous exercise.

Sally:  The Grants immediately thought it was a fantastic twist in concept. We then made an agreement to go out and conduct an in-house 30 days weight loss program. We attracted 40 clients, we’re going to record all the data and the due date for the program, it stops at the 14th of January, so just two weeks away.

Derek:  Three weeks away.

Sally:  Three weeks, sorry.

Derek:  Three weeks away. When we were saying that, I remember Andrew vividly saying to me – you said, “Mate, good spin. Does this work? How many kilos could I lose in 30 days myself?”

And I said, “Mate, to be quite honest, 10 to 15 kilos on our program is absolutely possible.”

You know what he said? “We’d like to join up.”

So these were our first participants, believe it or not, out of the 40 that we needed. We needed 40 participants. Now, I’m just going to go to Andrew for a second. This is what I said to you. At the end of the program, how many kilos did you lost over the 30 days?

Andrew: Within 30 days, I lost 13.1 kilograms.

Derek:  Excellent, how is that? That’s extraordinary. He’s not a slapping 20-year-old either. All the clients that we chose were between 30 and 60 years old. They’re all hard cases as far as weight loss was concerned. We wanted that, we’re very specific.

Andrew:  Except for Brody.

Derek:  Except for Brody. There was one young girl involved. The week before Christmas…

Sally:  We had loads to do. We had to do our promo shots as an example there, final venue, participants, the right equipment, develop a website, we needed to create some media buzz, and most important to us, we needed to find a reliable, honest, friendly baby sitter.

Derek:  Can you guys remember what you were doing at Christmas time? What were you doing on Christmas day? Can you remember what you were doing? Well, this was what I was doing on Christmas day. I was actually formulating the actual exercise program for the entire program. It was happening that quickly we didn’t actually have a Christmas. Now, do you guys remember what you were doing on Boxing Day? This was what Sally was doing with our one and only computer. We had to take days in and days off on it.

Sally:  We had the cricket on in the background, but it was my turn to use the computer and note out the strategies for nutrition.

Derek:  At that time, we realised that there was an awesome opportunity for our weight loss program. We needed participants, we needed a venue, and we needed that in less than a week’s time on New Year’s Eve, two-thirds of Australia we’re going to make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. We knew that and it was an awesome opportunity. So, we had to get some advertising and we wanted to do it fast.

Sally:  Instead of placing an ad in Gold Coast Bulletin Classifieds which will cost us around $400, we got hold of a journalist who loved our concepts and our story and she immediately put out a story together and presented it on the 30th of December looking something like this. Oh, I made a big, big mistake, write this down, don’t ever leave someone else’s or your own phone number as a contact number.

Derek:  My phone has been ringing and it hasn’t stopped ever since. When this went to press in the Gold Cost Bulletin from 4:00 that morning, we started receiving phone calls.

The first phone call that we received was from Jessica Lawrence, the producer of A Current Affair. She was so impressed with our program and our concepts and it was a new idea that she wanted to immediately at 4:00 in the morning hold us down into an exclusive deal. She asked me at 4:00 in the morning, could the crew come down from Brisbane that morning and get all that clients together, plus us and do an interview that would be shown that night – the night before New Year’s Eve – on national television.

Again, we shit ourselves because we only had two clients which happened to be our mentors, we call them up at 7:00 in the morning for advice.

Sally:  The reply was, “Great! But call back later. It’s way too early.”

Derek:  So, we waited and we had breakfast and we called them back and they said to us, “Best advice, don’t panic. If they want your story, they’ll wait.” We called them and they said, “Yes, come back on Monday.” They gave us the weekend to prepare. That day, we filled up all the spots on our program like that, we had so many calls.

Sally:  I had to make a big shout out to the local McDonalds in and I rang. You saw how small our place is so we couldn’t hold any interviews or any meetings at our own home, so we had to go by McDonalds. The coffee’s pretty good, but most importantly they had a playground for our child.

Derek:  Who thinks it’s ironic that you would be holding applicants at McDonalds? Well, since we did the Current Affair thing, we can no longer go to McDonalds for fear of anybody taking photos of us and slapping it on Facebook.

From that we have the weekend before A Current Affair was coming back. We immediately went into action. We contacted the Our Internet Secrets staff and Andrew and Daryl and they produced our websites, they put everything online. This is our website. This is what a professional cover page looks like. It’s got everything that’s required to start making sales.

Everything is generated. You’ll see a welcome pitch. If young Sam could just play it for 10 seconds.

Video:  “I’m Derek.”

“I’m Sally.”

“How would you like to learn how you can lose up to 15 kilos of excess weight fast and safe? You might know me as Thunder from the popular TV show Gladiator. I’m also the World’s Strongest Diabetic.”

Derek:  Thank you very much. It goes on. But basically, we went into the studio that weekend. Once we’re doing all of these interviews with people and in their garage studio on a green screen we’ve a teleprompter, there was already a written script for us. We just read off this TV and this is what you’re seeing. So if you want to go to the website and check it out, you’ll see what a professional site looks like.

The whole site was copyrighted by Monica Mandel. Thank you very much, Monica. Thank you.

The whole site revolves around this thing here, this opt-in box. This is what it’s all about. I didn’t even know what an opt-in box was four months ago to tell you the truth and we’ve since went everything there is. This is what makes it all happen. If you haven’t or don’t or already know, the money is in your list. We had this opt-in box created, we learned how to use an autoresponder, and with Monica as well as our copywriter we’re now generating some great things from it and we’ll continue on with that.

After we did that, the very next day – it happened a little bit like that. We were on A Current Affair, they came in and we’re on national television. This is what it looked like:

Video:  “A weight loss program that causes rapid weight loss.”

Derek and his wife Sally, a qualified nutritionist have constructed a 30-day program which they say we’ll see participants lose up to five kilos a week. The eating plan involves preparing two meals the night before and then breaking them into 12 portions. The meal plan is then changed every ten days.

“It utilises advanced principles on nutrition, training, and mindset tools. They all come together to give you an optimised training effect.”

“Who’s excited about getting healthy?”

Derek:  Okay. Now here’s the interesting thing, do you remember that opt-in box that we had?

Sally:  Following the program, we had 700 people join our list in that site.

Derek:  In the first week.

Sally:  Thank you, Monica. That was really exciting for us.

Derek:  Absolutely. That was the beginning of it. With the autoresponder, we started generating emails to all of them. We started developing a relationship with them from the very get-go to launch our product at some later time that we hadn’t already constructed. But I‘ll tell you what, at this time going into the New Year with only two weeks until the start of our program, we were bloody exhausted.

Sally:  We needed help.

Derek:  So we called our mentors and we accessed their immense networking system. And you know what, by just asking, it’s amazing who comes to your help.

Sally:  Soon we have 25 people ready just to go, go, go.

Derek:  Like that. We just asked.

Sally:  Thank you to everybody who just jumped in and helped out.

Derek:   We can’t get through all the names but we’re thankful to all of them. These are all experts in their own fields. If you take a quick photo of that I can guarantee you’ll get great service from all of them.

From that we started the program. We had an induction on the 14th of January and on the 16th we went to work. We encouraged everybody from the very start that this wasn’t going to be a boot style type training camp. We encouraged everybody to live their normal lives as is. The program had to work for anybody under their normal circumstances. That was very, very important.

Here are some of the results. This is what it is all about. Here’s one of our typical clients on the program. His name is Sonny. He lost 16.4 kilos in 30 days. These are not doctored photos, these are the originals. Do you see his before and after shots? He told us that it was the lightest he’d been in 17 years. In 30 days he had reversed 17 years worth of weight gain in 30 days.

Now here’s another superstar that we had in the program. You might know her. How’s that for a change?

Sally:  Well done, Daryl. Awesome.

Derek:  That was extraordinary. We had a family on the program. Both Daryl and Andrew are on it and together they lost more than 20 kilos between them. We’re immensely impressed.

We also have a plan with them. They’re also now on our 60-day program which follows the 30-day program. We do have a plan for them. We’re going to train them until this Christmas. So when you see them at the Christmas party this year, this is what you’re going to expect to see. That’s our plan. What do you guys think? [Participants applaud]

We’ll show you one other client before we go. This guy was extraordinary. He lost 22.5 kilos in 30 days. But most importantly, we made everybody do a health check, a blood test before and after the program. We wanted to see what sort of benefits we could have with health. He went from 170/110 with his blood pressure down to 110/65. Who thinks that’s good?

Sally:  Yes, awesome.

Derek:  These results aren’t just particular to one man; this is right across the board. Overall, all our clients when weighed up together, we averaged all their weight loss and this was the average for our entire client base of 40 people.

Sally:  In just 30 days.

Derek:  30 days.

Andrew:  Fantastic.

Derek:  When we said from the very start that you can lose up to 15 kilos in 30 days, we weren’t joking. It wasn’t an imaginary sort of total; it’s an expectation on our program. We deliver – that’s the number one thing.

Sally:  This day was so exciting for us. On the 15th of February, it was a Wednesday. We launched a pre-launch package. The product launched at 5:00 pm. By 5:05 we had sold seven packages.

Derek: In first five minutes.

Sally:  Seven packages and we’ve continued to make thousands with this particular product – the pre-launch package.

Derek:  This is where we are right now. Next week, you’ll see us again on A Current Affair. They came back to the weighing. They got everything that we’ve just described to you. You’ll see that this week and so with the rest of Australia. You’ll see that we have in the next 10 weeks, this is our structure. We’re going to release our online product at $797. We think that this is awesome value. It’s awesome. On top of that we have some backend product that will be coming from it. So we’re going to be doing some franchising, some supplements – with white label supplements, some e-books, some online support as well.

On the side you’ll see there’s an affiliate program. We’re going to be offering that to our clients. Can you imagine losing up to 15 kilos in a month and making hundreds even thousands of dollars whilst doing it? Who thinks that would be a good idea? We do, because we’re going to get our clients that love our products to go out and sell it to their friends and they’re going to get something of great value out of that as well.

On top of that, you can see corporate there. Last week, we were approached by this guy. Does anybody know who this guy is? The Super Butcher.

Sally:  Andrew McDonald.

Derek:  He’s a local guy, he’s a family guy, and he owns this massive butcher chain. Six stores here in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, he has over 12,000 people going through his stores each week. On top of that, he has over 100,000 people on his database which are all local. He has asked us to put together an 8-week weight loss program for his clients who he wants to give back to. He’s limited the amount that will come onto our program at a thousand. We’re going to have a thousand clients to deal with for eight weeks starting on Easter Monday.

Now let’s do some math on this. This is the quote that we gave back to him. This has only just happened this week. We’re going to charge each client $70 each for a package that we’ll give them. That will have the entire training kit in it, their diary, their pedometers and all the things that they’ll need, plus they’ll get a before and after shot image of their eight week program. On top of that, we’re going to charge each of those clients $200 each for the program in which they’re charged $25 per week for the entire program. That’s an upfront fee.

In total, if you do the math on that per client, its cost is $300,000 for eight weeks work. That to us is more turn over than we’ve created and made for the last three years. [Participants applaud] Thank you.

Importantly, to the Internet Secrets guys, we can afford to get to the end of the program. We’re after that as well. This is what we want to achieve.

Sally:  We’d really want to affect the world we live in and have a huge impact on the health system.

Derek:  We do have a plan. What we want to do is redefine weight loss in the world. We think there is so much wrong with it, there’s so much misinformation. What we want to do is reshape the world.

Sally:  Who likes sexy? Sexy is good.

Derek:  We’re going to sell the world what it wants and give it what it needs. In the same thing, we see a big problem with so many holes in it that if offers us an opportunity to put together something that’s outstanding within our marketplace and we have no doubt that we have an outstanding product.

In summary, over the last four months, we’ve gone from standing start, sitting where you guys are right now to getting national media. We went from having no business skills, no marketing skills. I can barely download an image on Facebook. At the moment, I’ve got to ring up that 16-year-old daughter to do that. We went from nothing to being driven to succeed to now turning over thousands of dollars and we’re looking over a quarter of a million contracts as we speak.

Sally:  We did exactly what we were told from Daryl and Andrew and we are now blasting off into success. So a big, big, big huge thank you to Daryl and Andrew.

Derek:  Thank you.

Sally:  And to all the people that we’ve met through the Millionaires Club and Internet Secrets, the networking has been amazing.

Derek:  One other thing, the thing that’s most important to us is for every single dollar that we make, we know that’s reflective of the great value that we’re giving back to our customers on this program. It changes lives and to us we get a great kick out of that. Changing people’s lives, they’re coming out to us saying, “You what, it feels great. Thank you very much.” We’re so appreciative and that gives us great kudos.

We’re going to answer a question that some of you might have – in fact, we think a lot of you may have. You’re wondering or may be wondering, can you yourselves achieve something as we have done in four months? Our answer to you is this: absolutely.

Sally:  Absolutely.

Derek:  Absolutely. You don’t have to use our model and we’ve done something that’s our own. But we believe that anybody out here can actually do something similar very, very quickly through these guys.


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