Beating the Recession
Now more than ever it’s vital for you to have a second
(and third, and fourth…) stream of income

“Meet in Person Two Technophobes
Who Set up an Online Business on Auto-pilot
Raking in $US250,000 in their First 12 Months”

Attend one of our 2010 Workshops
where we’ll reveal exactly how we did it!
You will receive our FREE gift valued at $997
as our thanks to you for attending

During these unique events, you’ll discover everything you need
to know to set up your own automated home business that:

operates largely on auto-pilot so you can make hundreds, even thousands of dollars a week around the clock for just several hours work a week

involves no direct selling, dodgy products or gimmicks of any kind but is a solid and reliable business you can be proud of

can be started on a shoe-string budget with no staff required (the only thing you need is a computer and an internet connection)

doesn’t require you to be an IT nerd to be successful.

And most importantly puts you in the “driver’s seat”
to design your dream life!

From: Andrew Grant, Gold Coast, Queensland

Hi There,

Yes, it’s true!

We wake up most mornings, turn on our computer and experience the thrill of seeing that our bank balance has shot up over night while we were sleeping. 

We don’t worry about how we're going to pay the bills any more!

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But for my wife Daryl and I – and an increasing number of our students - it’s a daily reality

And if you too would like to make money while you sleep then there’s an event coming up that you’ll kick yourself if you miss.

Let me explain.

Introducing A ‘Look Inside the Grants’
Internet Business Workshop 2010’

My name is Andrew Grant and my wife Daryl and I are throwing open the doors to reveal the nitty-gritty details of our online business.

So why should you care?

Well, in our first year online we made US$250,000 working just 1 to 2 hours a week on average.

And that’s pretty incredible whichever way you look at it. But particularly when you consider our IT skills were really basic. I mean between us, sending an email and Googling something was almost a stretch.

But it's now five years down the track, and we’ve fine-tuned,  expanded and created new systems to the point where we’re now pulling in well over 7 figures annually!

But here's the scary thing, we still can’t build a website to save ourselves.

The fact is that you do not need to be an expert in computers to make money online.

And at our workshop we’re going to hand you the ‘Blueprints’ to our proven, sequential systems. In fact I personally GUARANTEE it.

It is our goal for you to be able to set up your own automatic pilot internet business that makes you money around the clock. So you can enjoy the earning power, freedom and mobility to design the life of your dreams. How good is that going to feel?

Now you may already have attended one of our 4-day workshops.  We held four last year and one the year before, and one the year before that...

We were bowled over by the response to those events.

We got rave reviews. People said it was unlike anything they’d been to before.

In fact, at the risk of sounding like we’re blowing our own trumpet let me go out on a limb and say this…

If you’ve got any interest at all in achieving
financial freedom, this workshop is the one
event you can’t afford to miss this year.

Yeah, I know.  That sounds like dreadful hype, doesn’t it?

However if you have done anything with us or know anybody that has been involved with any of our programs you will know that we do not do “the hype”. In fact I hate it. But, when the reality is almost unbelievable it is very hard for me not to get excited.

But just humour me for a couple of minutes and check out what the attendees at last year’s workshop had to say.

Here’s a couple of their comments to get you started.

The most beneficial
workshop of my life

At last! A workshop that provided me with ALL the information and resources needed to make me a money making machine. I have never been to a more well organized, professional, and beneficial workshop in my life. Thank you Andrew and Daryl, you have made me ready to go out and become financially free.”

Will Cotterill, Managing Director
Revive Day Spa and Health Centre

The Grants provide the tools

“Unlike many seminars that build your hopes but shatter your dreams by sending you home hyped without the tools – the Grants actually provide the tools!”


Vanessa Thornton, Internet Marketer, Cronulla, NSW.

Makes starting an internet business easy

What a fantastic 4 days. I am so excited with the quality and quantity of the content I have learnt over this past few days. You guys are amazing, the way you can break down the high tech stuff that makes creating internet businesses seem truly simply and easy to do. Can’t thank you both enough...

Donna Cox, Sydney
Ph 0401 701085

See, when I tell you this is a “not to be missed” event for anyone looking to take charge of their finances and their life I’m serious, ok?

But that was last year’s workshop. This year we’ve got a few surprises up our sleeve.

But before I tell you what they are, some of you may not be familiar with our story about how we came to enjoy an automatic pilot income.

So please let me explain what all this is about by taking you back to where it all started.



From working 7 days a week to making money while we sleep

See Daryl and I used to be business consultants.

We’d go into companies and government departments and train staff on how to lift profits and productivity.

For example, we’d show them how to break down their complex business operations into simple, replicable systems. And then train all their staff in these systems.

We were making a good living. But boy, were we working for it.  We were working seven days a week, running ourselves ragged.

And frankly, our lives weren’t our own.   When clients said “Jump”, we asked “How high?”

And since we were running our own business, if we didn’t work we didn’t get paid. No sick leave or holiday pay for us.

We were making a decent living, but what’s the point if you don’t have a great lifestyle? If you’re working so hard that you don’t have the time to enjoy your money?

And we never seemed to be able to get ahead financially to the point that we were no longer slaves to our job.

About the time Daryl fell pregnant with our first child we thought…

Enough’s enough. There’s got to be a better way.”

We wanted to be able to spend quality time together and with our new family. Not be too tired and cranky to enjoy our home life when we got home from a long day.

So we sat down and worked out that if we could earn at least $10,000 a month passive income we’d be able to throw in our consultancy job for good.

But that was all very nice in theory. The big question, of course, was how we were going to do it?
We gave ourselves five years to come up with the answer.

And that’s how we got involved in real estate investment. After all every one says buying and selling property is the path to riches, right?

It’s also the path to major headaches, if our experience is anything to go by. Sure we were making profits on the deals - eventually.

But negotiating red tape and liaising with our solicitor and managing tradesmen and researching the property market and dealing with real estate agents was soaking up SO much of our time.

It was a pain in the bum to be honest. And it certainly wasn’t the passive income we’d dreamed about.  

After attending a few trading seminars, we also started dabbling in the stockmarket. And it was pretty much the same story as real estate. Sure, we were making money but it was too much effort for too little reward.

So the hunt continued.

This went on for four-and-a-half years mind you. By this time we were juggling raising a daughter and a son while still working 7 days a week.

We felt like rats on a treadmill.  Maybe you know how that feels?

We were working 60 hours a week to be able to afford to give our children all the good things in life.  But then we felt guilty for not being able to spend enough time with them.  What a vicious circle!

And as for our social life? Well, what social life? After we’d finished work for the week and taken care of the kids we’d collapse with exhaustion.

It felt like we were living to work.

Meanwhile, our search for a passive income was frustratingly slow. We just seemed to keep hitting brick walls.

The first step to our financial breakthrough

Then one day Daryl and I attended a seminar run by a friend and business mentor.  We listened to this speaker talk about an online business opportunity. This guy reckoned people all around the world were growing wealthy by tapping into a global customer base that earned them a passive income of up to tens of thousands of dollars a week…

And it was almost entirely automated. There was no need to ship out products, take orders or hire staff.

The money flowed in around the clock with just several hours work a week.

What’s more the money tap could begin to flow within a half-hour of launching the business…

But what was even more outlandish, the speaker reckoned you didn’t have to be an IT nerd to be able to set up such an operation.

That anyone could learn the simple systems and formulas. 

I confess that if this seminar hadn’t been staged by a long-time friend of ours I probably would have dismissed what this bloke was saying as complete rubbish.

Daryl was the same. She sat there hoping like hell none of our friends ever learnt we’d been to one of those “ridiculous get-rich quick on the internet” seminars.

After all, we were both raised to believe that money came through hard work and hard work alone.
If it sounds too good to be true it probably is, right?

Daryl’s got a PhD in science. She spent a lot of time in the laboratory before opting for a career change by joining me in the business world. 

So even more than most, she’s the kind of person who needs to see conclusive evidence before her very eyes before she swallows any seemingly outrageous claims…

"But after hearing about all the people who
were making big money with this strategy,
by the time we got home we were
determined to give it a go

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

And so what was this “phenomenal” business opportunity?

It was the marketing of niche specialty information in the form of ebooks on practically any topic you could think of on the internet.

So when we got home Daryl grabbed the first thing she could find off our library shelves. It was a book on writing practical reports that we’d put together for our business consultant clients.

Now look, back then we both knew virtually nothing about computers. (And frankly, where still not exactly IT gurus.)

Word processing and Googling things was about the extent of our IT know-how.

So when we were able to use the simple steps that had been outlined to us during that 20 minute talk at the seminar to put together an ebook sales site in just a couple of hours, we were pretty proud of ourselves.

But then we sat back and waited to see what would happen.

Well, we made our first sale of $US27 within a day or so. Within a couple of days that was up to 12 sales pulling in over $US300 a day.

As you can imagine, we were getting pretty excited by this time.

It was actually true. You could make money on the internet!

Making more money, working much less

So what happened next?

Well, we decided that the strategy we’d learnt at the conference could be made even simpler and quicker.

Remember back when I was telling you how as consultants we’d go into businesses and set up simple streamlined, sequential strategies?

Well, over the course of several weeks these skills came in handy as we nutted out an even easier way to set up ebooks.  

It took us several months. A lot of trial and error.

A few bum steers and a fair bit of wasted money and time but we finally nailed it. We had simplified the step-by-step strategy to the point that we were confident even people more intimidated by computers than us would have no troubles.  

Then we just kept using this formula to launch a new ebook every time we wanted to increase our income.

A couple of ebooks later and one year down the track, we were astounded when we calculated that we had earned $US250,000… all while working just a few hours a week.

Nowadays, five years down the track, and we’ve fine-tuned and expanded our systems to the point where we’re now pulling in a 7 figure passive income annually!

We’re still pinching ourselves at how simple and painless it was and what an amazing lifestyle we now enjoy.

(Of course we packed in our day jobs and took an entire 12 months off to spend with our kids.)

But the best bit is you don’t even have to write or put together the ebook yourself.

We can show you exactly how to find an experienced and qualified writer to put it together for you for a tiny cost. 

And even if you do use a ghost-writer you’ll still be able to take all the credit for the work and put your name on the book. (It’s all perfectly legal and ethical.)

But even better, you’ll get to keep all the profits that come rolling in!

And we don’t so much as have to talk or even email our customers to earn that money.

It just shows up as if by magic day after day after day.

Would you like proof?

By the way, here are some examples of our ebooks we’ve put together so far if you want to check them out later.

I bet you want to see some proof of just how much money some of our ebooks are making, right?

Well here’s some screen shots of our ClickBank accounts showing you how much money some of the different books make. These are daily amounts in US dollars. While the amount can vary on different days with different books, we find that once set up the ebooks just keep on making us money while we sleep. Even if you made only $50 a day that adds up to almost $1500 per month! Would $1500 per month make a difference?

And now days, we have customers in every continent in the world.

E-book 1 Example. All figures are shown in US dollars.

E-book 2 Example. All figures are shown in US dollars.

E-book 3 Example. All figures are shown in US dollars.

Did you know an incredible $220 million worth of ebooks were sold in 2007?
(according to EBooks Corporation Ltd.)

How good would it be to get a slice of that action?  And the thing is that’s only a conservative estimate, as this figure does not include the thousands of ebook titles not listed with

And the best thing is that it’s nearly all pure profit because you can create an ebook for next to nothing.

There’s no delivery costs. No need to hire staff to take orders.

Now, here’s how it works…

We have a sales site and customers download the product from the internet and payment and collection of money is fully automated via Paypal.

So you’re essentially selling products for nearly a 100% mark up.

Compare that to the 10% to 25% profit offered by most traditional businesses and you start to get a picture of how extraordinary this is.

And to get started the only tools you need are a computer and an Internet connection so setup costs are minute. And of course, you can set it up and run it from anywhere in the world.

And at our workshop we’re going to show you our step-by-step strategy so you can set up your own ebooks just like many of our students have.

Derek Slone-Zhen


From novice to profitable ebooks

“I have grown from absolute beginner to launching and making profit from my ebooks. I value a lot the simplicity and clarity of your explanations. Also I really like your step by step approach in the ebook business that makes it very easy to follow and implement.”

Dr Irina Webster, Canberra, ACT

So easy any one can do it

“Andrew and Daryl are passionate about teaching what they have learnt and are using today, by taking you through a SIMPLE step-by-step process, holding your hand each step of the way so that you too can emulate their success.”

Haylang Cheung, Brisbane

It only takes us a few hours work every week

Often when I tell people about what I do for a living on the internet they’ll say something like: “That sounds great. If only I had the time to do that.”

But remember, when we started out we were juggling working 7 days many weeks and had 2 kids under 5 years of age.

And because it only took a few hours a week to operate and maintain we were still able to fit it in around our other commitments.

So if we can find the time, you’ll be able to as well.  You’ll be able to do this while keeping your day job or taking care of your family.   

Now here’s a small taste of what we’re going to reveal about how to set up your own ebooks at our workshop:

The “keep it simple” step-by-step blueprint to making money while you sleep

How you can keep producing and increasing this income over and over - without it eating up your precious time

How to GUARANTEE each ebook is going to be a winner even before you start so you don’t waste time or money

How to set up an autopilot system that takes the payments, delivers the ebook and follows up with customers virtually by remote control (while you sit back and watch the cash roll in from all over the world.)

Why jacking up the price of your ebook has been proven to boost sales (which means even more profits in your pocket!)

Precisely where to go for blockbuster, profit pulling ebook ideas so you’ll never struggle for ridiculously popular topics.

The four criteria that takes ALL the guess work out of choosing a hot information topic

A ‘sneaky’ way of getting hot prospects to tell you exactly what they want in your ebook. (Then you go and sell them the finished product!)

The cheeky secrets to lowering your marketing costs without lowering your sales.

The ‘sneaky’ way to dodge a Google ‘slap’ (Warning: without knowing this your ebook could be pulled from the web at anytime without warning)

How to get an army of elite internet marketers clamouring to promote and sell your ebooks for you

Every last computer click

Andrew and Daryl take you by the hand and lead you step by step through all their processes. They reveal everything and show you exactly what they did—right down to the last click on the computer screen.”

Anthony Gill, Bondi Junction, NSW

Raring to go

I feel very confident and excited about starting in an industry (e-books) that I knew absolutely nothing about only a few days earlier, not just because I have learnt a whole heap of extremely useful information, but because I know that you are genuinely interested in my success!”

Krystyna Hogan, Northern NSW

Our latest and greatest money-making machine

But ebooks are only half the story.  

At our workshop we’re also going to reveal all the details of our latest and greatest auto-pilot internet business.

We’re so excited about this! It can build on the success of selling information (or be done on its own) but it makes ebooks look like small fry.
Now, mind you it takes a little more work and know-how to set up than ebooks, but it’s definitely worth it.

I mean, it earnt us $40,000 in the first 3 months. And that’s climbing every week. In fact, we just did the sums the other day and discovered…

…this one strategy alone has earnt us $3.8 million
in the last 18 months!

It produces a more steady and secure income than ebooks.

In a nutshell, it’s harder for someone to compete with you. And it also allows you to milk heaps more money from a smaller niche topic.

So what is this amazing strategy?

They’re called membership sites or subscription sites.  These are sites that are password protected making them only accessible to paid up members.

There are membership sites that provide mentoring and coaching in a specialised field. Others contain useful articles or information.

Some publish the results of tests and studies. Some provide access to libraries and other reference information.

Some contain reviews. Others act as a meeting place for like minded people or a combination of some or all of these things.

But the one thing ALL these sites have in common is that people PAY a monthly or weekly fee to you to access this specialised info – normally around $50 a month.

That means you only have to make the sale once and you can enjoy a recurring income every month.

A unique minimal-work maximum profit model

Now when we first started learning about membership sites we were blown away by the money-making potential.

But there was one thing that disturbed us.

That was the fact that the standard membership site model meant the bigger your site became, the harder you had to work.

We were still enjoying the novelty of our new life pulling in thousands of dollars a week for a few hours work with ebooks.

So there was no way we were going to be sucked back into a lifestyle where our lives were dictated by our customers again.

That’s why we set to work to design our own unique membership site model with a little bit of help from an IT professional. And what we came up with actually works in the reverse – the more paying members you have the less time and effort you have to put in.

The tools of success

“Anyone who really wants to market ebooks or build membership sites has everything they could possibly want to guarantee success.
If you really want the tools to succeed then this is an absolutely awesome workshop.”

Jennifer McDonald, Sunshine Coast, Qld

It’s pretty clever, if I do say so myself.  

And just like with the ebooks, our model is largely automated so each site pretty much runs itself.

You’ll spend a few hours every week initially compiling the information for your members. 

But you’ll do this work once and get paid over and over and over again for it.

You don’t even have to send out information manually every week. We’ll show you how to write your weekly or monthly eclasses once,as far in advance as you like.

Then using a cheap software program that we developed, the material is sent out in sequential order to each new member who signs up … all while the cash pours into your bank account like clockwork every month. 

How good does that sound?

With our unique membership site model, we
reckon there truly is no faster or easier way
to generate tens of thousands of dollars in
passive income month in and month out

Here’s what we’re going to reveal about membership sites at our workshop:

The 7 simple steps to quickly and easily setting up your own virtual gold mine membership site from scratch

11 dead easy ways to build ‘magnetic’ membership site content that keeps customers coming back for more (and paying up) month after month.

A secret way of driving traffic to your site by using the biggest search engine in the world (Hint: it’s not Google or Yahoo)

The all powerful principal that translates free members into paying members of your membership site quick-smart

The exact phone script that will enlist world-famous experts to provide FREE content for your website (it’ll slash your start-up costs and ensure customers are clamouring to pay up for your information)

How to easily set up auto-responders so you can keep email contact with clients to an absolute minimum (and maximize your leisure hours)

The little known strategies we use to keep our members paying up a lot longer than they do for most of the other sites out there

How to earn multiple streams of revenue from the same membership site.

How to ethically “bribe” people to give you their name and email address so you can follow up with them later

This info was a huge eye-opener to our workshop attendees last year. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Awesome opportunity

“A revelation was the number of products that could be generated and marketed along with the ebook, or by setting up a membership site.  This would effectively bring in an ongoing passive income for as long as it remained viable. WOW!” 

Gwyneth Priestly Ward, Peachester, Qld

No stone unturned

“Daryl and Andrew have compiled a workshop that is extremely thorough, leaving no stone unturned.  The content is presented in a manner that is logical, systematic, and easy to understand. If you really want the tools to succeed then this is an absolutely awesome workshop.”

Jennifer McDonald, Sunshine Coast, Qld


It’s the ultimate freedom business

Since starting our own amazing journey, we’ve learnt that it’s true - people around the world really are getting seriously wealthy and leading incredible lives with automatic pilot internet businesses.

(We’ve been fortunate enough to meet many of them and now call some of them our friends).

It’s often info that they already know or can easily obtain about their hobbies, interests, and business passions.

The lifestyle that an internet information business can give you is truly unmatched.

I can’t tell you what an awesome feeling it is for Daryl and I to be able to work these days because we want to not because we have to…

…for us and our kids to wake up to 180 degree water views in a Gold Coast luxury high-rise apartment every morning

…to come home from showing our kids the world in 5-star luxury and find our bank account is fatter than when we left. (That one I particularly love!)

Here is me, Daryl and our two kids
Brodie and Cian at Disneyland

As sappy as it sounds, it’s truly a dream come true.

... Picture being able to enjoy another full-time income without quitting your day job.

... Imagine spending the day on the golf course or at the beach and knowing the money was still rolling in.

... Imagine getting your kids ready for school… reading them a book before they go to bed at night… knowing your e-business is still ticking over…pumping cash into your coffers.

... How great would it be to be able to contribute significantly to the family finances without having to get a job outside your home?  

... Imagine what it would be like not to have to worry about the ever rising cost of groceries and fuel that the newspaper headlines are full of these days. Or whether your pension or superannuation was going to stretch far enough to give you a comfortable retirement.

Daryl and I don’t have to imagine all this because this is the amazing reality we now live every day, and which you can too!

We do things differently to most

So just to recap, at our workshop we’re going to reveal how you can set up your own ebooks and membership sites.

Now you may have been to one of those garden variety seminars.

You know the ones where they trot out a series of speakers who rabbit on about what to do to make money without actually explaining how.

You’ve unlocked the mysteries of
internet businesses

Thank you, Thank you Wow! Andrew and Daryl Grant have just given me the keys to the internet kingdom. I am so grateful for the jam packed four day event they’ve given us to unlock the mysteries and pitfalls of internet marketing. Their information is clear, concise, and systemized to give maximum impact and ease to anybody. I’ve spent eight months gripped by “paralysis of analysis” trying to understand and implement a way  to be successful in the complicated world of internet marketing, and these guys have managed to deliver everything I need to know.

Jacque Dunlevie,

Then they wrap up with a sales pitch promising you that their ‘you-beaut’ product holds all the secrets to implementing their proven system for the “never to be repeated bargain price of $5997.”

Sound familiar?

Well, that’s not how we operate.

What we do instead in our workshops is actually hand you the ‘what’ PLUS the nitty-gritty details of the ‘how’ to emulate our success. 

So just by turning up you’re going to leave with a proven sequential blueprint to launching your own lucrative internet business in record time.

And don’t be worried that because you know nothing about computers it’s all going to go over your head and you’re going to sit there feeling silly.

That’s because we assume you know nothing about computers – just like we did when we started – so our explanations are so basic even the biggest technophobe can get it and run with it.

(And we take questions throughout the 4 days.  That way you can sort out anything you’re not 100% clear about on the spot.)

So are you starting to get the picture?

When I tell you this workshop is different, I’m deadly serious.

So how much money will you make?

Well, we made $1.3 million in our first 18 months.  And we’re giving you every tool and assistance so you can follow in our footsteps. 

But of course how much money you make depends on you.

But what I can say is if you are capable of applying a proven, sequential, step-by-step process, and following simple rules…

…then you have everything you need to succeed.

And the reason I can say that with such conviction is that not only because two technophobes like Daryl and I did it but also because…

… so many of our students are proving it day in and day out!

There’s a grandmother, a success coach, a mum, a professional blogger.

Some of these people could barely find the on/off switch on their computer when they started.

But now there the envy of their family and friends living the kind of life they’ve always dreamed of.

Gina Prendergast


Eli Ezra


Dionne Payn

Warning: Not all ‘experts’ are equal

But there’s something I want you to keep in mind.

You see there are heaps of people around the world making money on the internet. And there are heaps of people out there training others how to make money on the internet.

But the big difference with Daryl and I is that we’re actually experts at doing BOTH.

Forget dry theory or old models that someone had some success with once years ago. The formulas we teach you are the exact ones which we perfected and personally use day in and day out to make a small fortune for minimal effort.

And we replicate our systems any time we’d like to earn more money. 

Word of our success has spread.

So much so that we are now in demand to teach our systems all around the world. We regularly speak in front of thousands of people at seminars in the USA, Asia, UK and Australia.

In fact, last year we were thrilled to be among just 13 people hand-picked to be featured in the book ‘Secrets of Internet Entrepreneurs Exposed’. See, that’s Daryl and I on the front cover top right hand corner.

And the feedback we get wherever we go is that what we teach is logical, structured and simple leaving virtually no room for error.

Every component of our workshops have been carefully designed to short-cut your path to a passive income that will pump more dollars into your coffers.

Real “on the ground” results quickly

See, some of the people teaching out there at the moment are techno-boffins.

They’re very clever at what they do, but passing that information onto others isn’t exactly their strong suit.

Those 15 years we spent working as business consultants conducting training courses in various companies and government departments has certainly paid off in that regard.

It’s honed our ability to help people of all skill levels and walks of life to get real on the ground results quickly.

And rest assured, we’re not here to show you how clever we are by confusing you with a lot of unnecessary detail. We teach you only the essentials - the simplest path to having your own lucrative passive income up and running in the shortest possible time.

A logical simple system

It is very logical, straightforward and it just makes sense. If you wanna make lots of money, these guys are committed to helping you get there.”

David Kennedy, Melbourne

Honest and detailed

A great program that gives the most honest, detailed way of making money on the internet. A great team.”

David Wong, Sydney

Every last click of the keyboard revealed

There’s often a suspicion that many of the so-called internet gurus don’t quite tell the whole story… even while promising to give up their ‘insider secrets’. 

But our students vouch for us that we don’t hold anything back; that after attending our workshop you’ll know everything you need to implement your own auto-pilot money-making machine.

And why not?

As people who spend a lot of time these days travelling around the world showing others how we make money on the internet, your success makes us look good.

Walk the talk

“Finally, an internet seminar by people who actually do what they say full time. The integrity and effort made by Daryl and Andrew to ensure everyone, whether novice or expert, got 100% value was first rate. 5 Stars!”

Greg Elliot, London

Packed with practical steps

Daryl and Andrew are genuine people with massive hearts. Their system is simple and the 4 days was packed with practical steps and information and of value far in excess of the investment of time, energy, or money.”

Tina Bogaard, New Zealand

It’s also really satisfying showing other people how to quickly and easily achieve the financial independence that we craved for so long.

Besides, the opportunities to make money on the internet are so massive that there’s enough room for us all!

No detail left out

I was somewhat concerned about how detailed your workshop would be, as I have experienced workshops where the presenters have held back, on some very important information. Why do they do this? Because they want you to pay them more and become dependant on them. You have been extremely generous."

Krystyna Hogan, Northern NSW

I mean, in the last 12 months alone, the number of internet users worldwide grew by 25%.

That means there are over 700,000 new people every day getting online for the first time, or nearly 550 people a minute.

Online spending is growing at a similar rate. The US alone accounted for about $200 billion in online consumer spending over the last 12 months, an increase of 22% over the previous 12 months. Phew, the money-making potential of the internet just blows your mind doesn’t it?

Warning: Who shouldn’t attend our workshops?

But before you register your application for one of our workshops, I want to make one thing clear.

This opportunity is NOT for everyone.

If you’re not willing to embrace this opportunity with dedication and a positive outlook then please don’t book.

We’re going to be way too busy helping others who are serious about changing their life to be able to help you.

We don’t want any negative people. It just sucks the life out of the room and brings everyone down.  

And if you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme where you sit back and someone else does all the work for you, then I’m sorry it’s just not going to happen.

Life just doesn’t work that way.

But if you’re motivated and willing to work in your own business then I urge you to register for one of our workshops now.

Ok, you still with me? Great.

This is going to be one of the best things you do for yourself and your family.

This year we’re going to take our 4-day
workshop to a whole new level…

So here’s what we’ve got in store for you at our workshops…

We all know the internet is changing at a rapid rate.  And since our last event like this there’s been a number of crucial changes in the online landscape…

…some powerful new marketing techniques have emerged that you need to know about.

So don’t make the mistake of thinking because you were there last year or the year before, you’ve heard it all. No, it’s a whole new ballgame this year.

So if you haven’t done so already use the following link to register your application to attend:

Ok, so here’s a breakdown of what you’re going to learn when you attend one of of our 4 day workshops:

What to Sell
- Quick and easy online product ideas

When most people get started online one of the things that slows them down initially is figuring out what to sell. We’re going to show you how you can quickly and easily create your own products for little or no cost.  We’re also going to give you the inside tips on where to find a ton of great products created by other people, which you can start selling straight away. Yes, it can be done. How do we know? Because we’ve done it and we’ll show you how.

We love the idea of being able to set up a money-making website on a Saturday afternoon. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s lucrative – and it gets you one step closer to the day that you can “sack the boss”!

What to Sell - More online money-making ideas

After we cover finding quick and easy products to sell, we step things up to the next level.

The strategies we’ll show you here take a little longer to set up, but the effort’s worth it for the extra income they generate. The great thing about these strategies is that they create passive income – set them up once, and they chug away making money day-in, day-out, with little or no further effort from you.

These strategies make us hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and we’ll demonstrate to you in detail exactly how we do it. 

You will be surprised at how much detail we go into with each of the strategies.  Our goal is for you to walk away with all the information you need to start building one or several of the internet business models we share with you as soon as you get home. 


How to Find Lots of Eager Customers to Buy Your Products

You know one of the challenges that internet entrepreneurs face when they first put up a website is getting people to the website to buy their products.

We've talked to people who build their website, then sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in, believing that customers will somehow find their site amongst the millions and millions of other sites out there.

Others try everything they can and pursue lots of different traffic driving strategies.  They often pay out quite a bit of money for miracle products and services that will solve all their problems and bring a ton of traffic to their site overnight.  Most times they end up wasting money and not making many sales.

Here’s the good news.

We’ve got lots of experience in this area and we’re going to share it all with you.
We’ll be giving you step by step instructions in the strategies we’ve used to drive traffic to each of our online businesses.

Some of them you may have tried already and you want to know the detailed tips and tricks.  Some are the latest Web 2.0 techniques which you may not yet have tried and you’re dying to find out what they’re all about and if they’re worthwhile. (And don’t worry, we’ve demystified all the techie jargon so even complete technophobes like us can understand it!)

We’ll also share a number of innovative offline techniques that we’ve used which have brought fantastic results.

And the best part is that a lot of the things we’ll be sharing with you cost little or nothing at all.

How cool is that?

The most important thing you’ll learn is how to reduce the number of “tyre kickers” and drive the right traffic to your site.  People who are interested in your topic and products and are likely to buy.

How to convert your website visitors into buyers

I’ve had quite a few people ask “I already get tons of traffic, but hardly anyone buys.  What do I need to do to increase conversions?”

Great question!

We’ll be going into quite a bit of detail about this subject at our 4 day workshops.  Improving conversion rates is a task that we work on regularly across all our websites and we’ve come up with a list of 14 things we’ve done which have helped drive our conversion rates up.

Want to know what they are?

Come to one of our 4 day workshops and we’ll share it all.

The secret to developing a millionaire’s mindset

Those of you who were at our workshops in 2007 or 2008 or 2009 will be pleased to know that leading success coach Paul Blackburn is making a welcome return this year.

In fact, we wouldn’t stage an event like this without him. 

That’s just how crucial Paul’s expertise is going to be in making sure you achieve your financial goals, for this reason…

Would it surprise you to learn that there’s more to getting rich and staying that way than just making more money and educating yourself about finances?

If you don’t believe me then consider this – studies show 86% of lottery winners end up with nothing to show for it within 18 months.

And just 10% of financial planners are financially independent.

Scary, isn’t it?

The fact is that everything from your bank balance to your relationships and health are a reflection of your state of mind.

That’s why your attitude to money is so important.

And if you have any subconscious blockages to attracting and keeping money then you’re going to be beating your head against a brick wall when it comes to trying to achieve financial independence.

But the problem is most of us don’t even recognize that we have these blockages.

Simple but powerful

It’s simple but incredibly powerful probably because it is kept simple and each step clearly explained and it covers the whole of business building issues, physical, emotional, and mental to allow success.”

Debbie Summerhayes, Brisbane, Qld

We just know that we don’t have all the money we want and wrongly think that we’ll have to work harder to get it.

But Paul is going to show you how to bust through your brain’s self-sabotage mechanisms… to show you how to train your brain for wealth and success.

(By the way, his wealthiest 9 clients are worth over $250 million between them.)

Now what Paul is going to share with you is cutting-edge stuff. 

But unfortunately, you won’t find it taught at any other workshop like this. And that’s a shame because it’s a vital piece of the success jig-saw puzzle.

The truth is Daryl and I and every wealthy person we know has had to deal with their own mental ‘stuff’ before we could hit our financial goals.

That’s why we’re so keen for you to also undergo this inspirational and life-transforming experience. 

But there’s another important thing we’re going to do share with you . . .

How to plan and implement your whole internet business

See we’ve been surprised by the number of people who approach their online business in a really ad-hoc way.

They dabble here and there, keep buying info product after info product, attending seminar after seminar, and wonder why more money is going out than coming in.

Then they complain that the only people getting rich on the internet are the ones teaching others how to get rich on the internet.

Maybe you’ve been there yourself?

But the secret to success is to come up with a systematic approach to your business and follow through on it.

A plan that has safety nets and plan Bs in case things don’t pan out exactly as you’d hoped.

It means that when you leave our workshop on Monday night, you’re going to have a clear road-map to achieving your own lucrative online business. Not as often is the case, once the ‘high’ of the event has worn off be sitting around wondering what you should do first or next.

The 100%
No-Risk-To-You Money-Back Guarantee

Now look, I know you’re going to be amazed at the simplicity of our systems for setting up your own internet business on auto-pilot.

That’s why we have absolutely no hesitation in offering you this rock solid guarantee.

We want you to come and check us out for the whole event – yes, all four days.

Sit through all the sessions and if in the unlikely event by the end of the workshop you’re not absolutely delighted by what you’ve learned…

…or that you haven’t been handed the simple blueprints to making passive income online…

…then here’s what I want you to do.

Just grab my or Daryl’s attention at the workshop and we’ll personally ensure you get a full refund of your workshop ticket.

No questions asked.

No hassles.

That means there’s absolutely no risk to you. We can’t be fairer than that!

So what’s the catch?
How much is this 4-day workshop going to cost me?

Well, how much would YOU charge in order to hand over your “magic formula” for making over $US250,000 a year for just several hours work a week?



How about $10,000? That’d be a bargain wouldn’t it?

And how much would it cost you to set up a conventional business giving you even a fraction of the returns you can enjoy online?

You’d have to fork out over $100,000 for premises, equipment and stock alone. 

Then you’d have to sign your life away on a lease as well as a lot of other long term commitments locking you in for up to years at a time. 

Then you’d have to dig deep again for marketing and advertising to get customers in the door. That’s how it works with a standard business, isn’t it?

And you’re going to be able to replicate our strategies anytime you want more money.

Then there’s the thousands of dollars and hours we’ve spent keeping tabs on the latest internet trends by attending seminars in Australia and around the world.

So you’re probably thinking this workshop is going to cost you a fortune, right?

Well here’s the good news.  

We’re not greedy.

So we’re not going to charge you $5000.

We’re not even going to charge you $4000.

Or $3000.

No for the low-as-we-can-go price while still covering the cost of staging this event, you’re investment is going to be just $1997.  

But of course, if you’re not in the room you’re not going to be handed our proven formula for setting up your own automatic-pilot online business.

And that could cost you lots of money.

Your FREE Gift Valued At $997 Revealed

But for that price you’re not only going to be granted access to our workshop.

I mentioned at the start that you’ll also receive a free gift just for turning up without telling you what it is.

Well, it’s time to come clean.

Every attendee is going to receive the full professionally produced Video set of last year’s 4 day workshop.

So that’s 11 x 1hr Videos covering every computer click of our step-by-step formula for setting up an ebook site and a membership site.

How good is that?

These Videos are going to become your bible.

You’re going to refer to them again and again as you set up your internet business.

You’ll be able to pause, rewind and replay to walk yourself through every step of the process.

In fact, it’s going to be like having Daryl and I in your lounge-room looking over your shoulder guiding you every step of the way.

Now we sell this series for $997.

But you’re not going to pay a cent. It’s yours for FREE just for showing up at our workshop.

The ultimate path to financial freedom

So here’s what you need to do now. You need to click here and reserve your place at our next workshop ASAP. It's being held at the Q1 Building, Surfers Paradise on Gold Coast (click here for map)

We’re capping the numbers at each workshop at 500.

And we’ve already had over 200 of the people who were at previous year’s events register again.

So don’t risk someone ‘stealing’ your place!  Get your application in straight away.

The best thing about coming to our event is you’ll be able to meet Daryl and I and see for yourself that we’re the real deal.

So now the rest is up to you. You’ve basically got two choices:

  1. This time next year you can still be struggling along on the same income… wishing you had more control over your life and were able to give yourself and your family more of the good things you all deserve. Or – heaven forbid – in this struggling economy you may even have less income.
  2. Or you can take the first step towards a brighter future. A future where you can experience the thrill of watching your income go through the roof for minimal effort.

Daryl and I very much looking forward to meeting you

Warm regards


Andrew Grant


If you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask Andrew or myself about how to soon be making big bucks online don’t hesitate to call us at (07) 5527 6105.  But if you’re unsure whether this is for you, the best way to know is to come along to one of our workshops and check us out for yourself.


You have absolutely nothing to lose by saying YES right now. You’re comprehensively covered by our rock solid guarantee.  The only possible way you can lose is by NOT attending.


Remember, you’ll be given the Video series from last year’s workshop worth $997 just for turning up.

Jo Cadman