The REAL Reason We Left Australia

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OK, stop and think for a minute. What was it that made you open this email? We bet CURIOSITY was the main reason, right? We do get asked quite a bit why we left Australia, but before we tell you why, let us tell you how we left Australia.

…Email marketing was the key tool that allowed us to make the move. You see, email marketing is statistically still the best way to create an automated income. And it’s automated income that gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want (that’s our definition of true freedom).

At our upcoming training program in June we’ll show you the keys to creating a sustainable, long-term automated income – and a lot of it relies on great email marketing. Click here to find out more and book your place if you haven’t yet done so:

Yes, we know – email marketing isn’t the newest, sexiest marketing tactic. But in all of the testing, measuring, and research we do, it still comes out as the easiest, cheapest, most consistent way to make sales.

Jeff Walker (the Product Launch Formula guy) said in an email last week “The reality is email is the single strongest tool for making money online. Period.”

We think some people have gone cold on using email marketing because they’ve simply gotten bored with it. Not because it’s stopped working.

Does it surprise you that email marketing is still THE best marketing tactic you can use? Maybe all the hype around social media has you thinking that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Pinterest is the only way to go? The reality is, while these platforms are great for grabbing attention and building a list, they’re not so great for making a sale. For that you still need email marketing.

Here are the benefits of email over social media:

  • With email, you own the list. With social media platforms, the list belongs to the platform and they can choose to close your account at any stage
  • Do too much selling on social media and you end up looking like the Amway salesman at the party. But selling via email is fine.
  • It’s free to market to your email list, whereas these days you need to advertise to get seen, especially on Facebook
  • Every name on your email list is worth $1 – $2 per month (if done correctly), versus just a few cents per follower on social media

So are we telling you that social media is a waste of time? Not at all! Facebook in particular is great for BUILDING your email list. In fact, someone who has gotten to your email list from Twitter or Facebook buys three times as much as someone who’s come in from a “cold” source.

At the training program in June we’ll show you the best ways to communicate with your clients and make sales. These days (given the number of emails people get) you need to do some clever stuff to get people to open your emails, and to make email marketing work. Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • How to write emails that get the highest open rates
  • How to create a series of emails that get people to buy – without annoying them and having them unsubscribe
  • How to nurture your email list and build a great relationship with them, so they look forward to receiving your emails
  • The one simple mistake that many email marketers make, that can reduce your sales by up to 93%

Yes, we love email marketing. It was one of the key pillars that has allowed us to reach our travel and lifestyle goals.

So what was the REAL reason we left Australia? Well, there were lots of reasons – we love to travel and experience new things, we want our kids to learn about the world by experiencing it, and the global opportunities we’re finding are massive…but the REAL reason? Because we can. That’s what an automated income has meant for us. Now we’d love to help you create the same freedom in your life – so you have the choice to do whatever you want without being tied to a job.

At the event we’ll walk you through our system to build an automated online income, from concept-to-cash. Email marketing is one important component of that. Here’s the link again to book your place:

See you there!
Andrew and Daryl

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Here’s what others have said about our training programs

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Our Online Success Training Program is fast approaching. We’re looking forward to sharing with you our up-to-the-minute strategies to create a successful online business!

If you haven’t yet booked, there are still a few seats left…but please be quick as it’s filling up fast:

And if you haven’t been to one of our events before and you’re wondering what they’re like, then here are a few comments from past attendees to give you an idea of how much value you’ll get when you attend.

“Since attending the last workshop with you I have implemented a few strategies and I’m now earning $120,000 per annum, starting from zero. Thank you!” Symmone Gordon, Elanora

“Just loved the quality of the information. The success stories were so inspiring and made me believe I could actually do it too! Well worth your while attending.” Louis Grey, Brisbane

“This is the workshop I wished I had attended BEFORE starting my online business!” Felicity H, Melbourne

“The internet changes so often. Think of this workshop as your annual tune-up. You’ll learn something from every single session.” Mark Aburrow, Echuca

“Had no idea information products could be so profitable. All the information was fantastic. Book your spot immediately as this workshop WILL be a full house!” Julie Edwards, Townsville

“Just go! If you’re new it can give you an overview. If you’ve been before it will help you put the ideas into action.” Brigid Chapman, Lennox Head

“Lots of brilliant information, terrific, implementable tools tips and strategies. Met some lovely people. Lots of great, current, helpful info, examples and real demonstrations. Great energy, highly valuable, loved it, thank you!” Karen Low, Gold Coast

“Presentation was fantastic and overflowing with content. I’m excited about the prospects for the next 12 months. If you miss it, you need help!” Christine O’Connor, Melbourne

“I came unsure just how much I’d take away from it and whether I would get any real value out of it. I’ve paid $400 on airfares to get here, plus left my family for a week. I am just so excited and thankful for what I have gained from these 3 days and I feel empowered, not overwhelmed. It was very well presented and surprised me how well I was able to follow. Thank you so much.” Sheryn Rehrmann, Adelaide

“I’ve learnt so much from people who know what they’re talking about” Mell Danielsen, Brisbane

“So generous in sharing your wealth of knowledge.” Lisa Loakes, Brisbane

“These people are proven experts. The workshop is amazing for your future business growth and making money.” Barbie Cawthan, Gold Coast

“Learned strategies that I can take home and implement straight away.” Sarah Browne, Gold Coast

“Liked the depth, step-by-step training and strategies.” Bill O’Donnell, Brisbane

“Professional and fun delivery. Open and honest approach. This course will change your thinking about how to make money, and can change your life.” Mara Egan, Gold Coast

If you haven’t yet booked your place, here are the details again:

The Online Success Training Program is on 26-28 June at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hanlan St, Surfers Paradise.

Here’s the booking link again:

Look forward to seeing you there!

Andrew and Daryl Grant

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[Case study] “My first $10,000 week”

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We love getting these sorts of messages from our clients: “Hi Andrew, today is important to me so I wanted to share it with you and Daryl. For the first time ever I’ve received over $10k in the past 7days from online sales through a system I created myself and that makes people happy. I’m Very happy!”

If you’d love to learn a system to generate a great online income, and hear more success stories like this one, then we’d love to see you at our Online Success Training Program. We’ll be running live classes on 26-28 June where we take you step-by-step through our latest online marketing strategies.

We have limited the class size so we can tailor the program and make sure you’re getting the exact information you need. We’ll allocate seats on a first-come-first-served basis, so please book your place now:

Here’s more about the $10k week story.

Alex Cownie and her husband Nick have been clients of ours for a few years. Alex is a gorgeous, French formerly-top-of-her-profession ballerina. That was until a knee injury put paid to her professional dancing career. Not to be deterred, Alex took what she knew and turned it into a range of information products including books and ebooks, and exclusive ballet classes where she promotes well-known European ballet instructors all around Australia.

Here’s what Alex told us in her email about her recent $10k success. (As you read this please imagine it in a sexy French accent!)

“I opened the registrations for the July classes at the start of March. Once it’s set up (it takes about 2-3 weeks full time to sort it out) then it’s all automatic. I’ve processed $16,300 from the first (and only) launch email, and another $11,458 just this week since I started official promotions on Facebook.

“And that’s only processed payments. Since most people are on payment plans of $100 per month (and I’ve got so far over 330 people registered) I’m pretty sure I’ll turn over $100,000 for this event. We’ll see at the end of June!

“I’m very excited! :) I never generated so much cash flow on a regular basis like that. Since the launch, I’ve had sales every single day until it started to go “crazy” this week.

“Haha, received another $497 payment as I typed this.

“It’s very exciting. I feel I can breathe finally! :) Hard work pays off in the end………

“Honestly for me it’s a bit overwhelming at the moment because I created this myself and feel almost unsure why it’s working so well and why it’s working for me.

“Thank you for all your support at all times. I keep getting emails from people thanking me for organising this for their kids and that’s just too awesome…”

(From both of us – Congratulations Alex on your fantastic results! Well deserved, for the effort and creativity you’ve put in.)

Now, if you’re reading this and wondering if you could ever do as well as Alex, then know this. Alex had a few challenges on the way – things she could have used as excuses not to give it 100%. She has 2 young children (18 months and 5 years). She’s had a few health issues. She’s moved interstate in the last 12 months. And she’s doing all of this with English as a second language.

So now it’s your turn! When you come along to our 3-day Online Success Training Program, we’ll walk you through our proven process for creating and growing a successful online business. Step by step, in enough detail that you can take the info home and apply it straight away.

Here’s the link again to book your place:

See you there!

Andrew and Daryl Grant

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How to quickly test if your business idea is a goer

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If you’ve been to our training before you’ll know that we’re pretty big on the 80-20 principle. That means we teach you how to focus on the 20% of things that get 80% of the results. This saves loads of time, and you get results much more quickly.

A great place to apply the 80-20 principle is when you first come up with a new business idea. It’s really important to find out quickly if your idea is a money-maker or a dud. Otherwise you end up wasting time, or worse – you become disillusioned and demotivated. Once a negative mindset sets in it can be hard to shake, and can affect all of your attempts at generating online income.

So, how do you test if an idea is going to be a winner or a dud? The steps we use are below, but first up, if you haven’t yet registered for our Online Success Training Program in June, here is the link again:

At that event we’ll show you lots of other ways to apply the 80-20 principle to your online business, so you can cut down the time from concept-to-cash. We’ll also walk you through some client case-studies that have applied the steps below to quickly launch successful businesses.

Here’s how to test if your idea is a winner or a dud:

  1. Come up with an idea for an info product, eg an ebook, a membership site, or an info pack
  2. List the things you would put in the product, but don’t build it yet
  3. Describe the benefits that the customer would get from the product
  4. Promote the product using Facebook ads. You’ll need to spend about $50 on ads to get a reliable answer
  5. Ask people to pre-register for the product once it’s ready by giving you their name and email
  6. If you get 10 or more people pre-register, then it’s a goer, and you’re ready to build the product. You’re also more motivated, as you now have a bunch of eager buyers waiting for the product to be finished!

Creating a successful online business is not rocket science. But you do need a proven, step-by-step system to follow. We’ve seen too many people fail because they didn’t test their idea before spending time, money and effort developing it.

That’s why we’ve created the Online Success Training Program. In three days we walk you through our proven process for creating and growing a successful online business. Step by step, in enough detail that you can take the info home and apply it straight away.

Here’s the link again to book your place:

See you there!

Andrew and Daryl Grant

PS: If you’re wondering what others think of our training programs, here are some comments from past participants:

Outstanding info. I have great steps I need to action as a result of this weekend. Thank you both so much!! Steve Carter, Gold Coast

Great amount and level of detail you gave on the step-by-step process in building an online business easily. Learned helpful ways to find and research a niche, and test if an idea is sellable using Facebook and opt ins. And how quickly you can generate an income with membership sites. Keri Algar, Byron Bay

You didn’t make it sound too difficult – you gave lots of step-by-step instructions. Leah Hyndman, Sunshine Coast

I loved Daryl and Andrew’s integrity and genuine interest to help others succeed. There was also a healthy dose of humour interwoven. I got a whole lot of new tips. But more than anything you inspired me to take action more quickly. You guys know your stuff. You provided lots of proof that your systems work. Extremely well presented. If I had started with you guys 3 years ago I would have spent a lot less, and would already be financially free. Thanks guys, you kicked my butt! Loved every minute! Jade Campbell, Gold Coast

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[Case study] Doubled his income in just 8 weeks with this new marketing tactic

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Couldn’t wait to share this case study with you – it’s exciting to see a new marketing technique that gets such huge results so quickly!

The case study comes from one of Kerry Fitzgibbon’s clients. Kerry’s been getting some incredible results for her clients (and us!) lately with Facebook Remarketing. And the really great news is, you can learn these techniques yourself at our Online Success Training Program in June, where Kerry will be sharing these game-changing tactics. Here’s the link to book if you haven’t done so already:

So, what is Facebook Remarketing, and how could it double someone’s business so quickly?

It’s basically Facebook marketing on steroids. In a nutshell, Facebook Remarketing allows you to laser-target your ads to the right people. It massively reduces the cost of your advertising, and because the ads are so targeted, the conversion rates are through the roof.

Here are the sorts of results Kerry’s gotten for us and some of her other clients:

  • Opt in rates for free offers have more than doubled
  • Conversion rates for sales have increased anywhere from 2 to 15-fold (and that’s even with putting up the price!)
  • Marketing costs have dropped to less than half, and in some cases costs have dropped by over 90%

And here’s the case study that Kerry shared with us last week.

Nick Sommerlad, who owns an online store selling motorcycle parts, recently attended one of Kerry’s training programs. Now Nick is a real action-taker! He applied what he learned from Kerry, and here’s what happened:

  • His advertising costs dropped 23% as soon as he applied the first strategy
  • After applying a slightly more advanced strategy, his costs dropped a further 62%!
  • His Facebook marketing now costs him only one-tenth of what he’s paying on Google
  • His monthly income increased by 46% in the first 4 weeks, and has now doubled since he started 8 weeks ago – and it doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon!

And Nick is just one of many case studies that Kerry will share with you at our event.

So now it’s your turn. Whether you already have an existing business (like Nick), or you’re just starting out, you absolutely must know the Facebook Remarketing techniques Kerry’s teaching.


First up, it gives you an unstoppable competitive edge. That’s because right now, almost no-one else is using these techniques. Apply what you learn at our event and you’ll be head-and-shoulders above your competition.

Second, it’s really easy once you know how. At the training, Kerry will break down the strategies into simple, bite-sized chunks, so you understand it, AND you have the steps to apply it straight away.

So if you want to be at the leading edge of THE hottest marketing trend right now, then be at our live, 3-day training program in June. But if you’re happy to muddle along and keep doing your marketing the old way, then stay home that weekend and watch TV instead! (Bit cheeky, we know – but seriously!!)

Here’s the booking link for the training again:


See you there!

Andrew and Daryl Grant

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[Case study] How much can you make from our free training? $15,854,585.58 as it turns out!

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Have you seen the amazing success story of Cedar Anderson and his wife Kylie and dad Stuart? They are the brains behind the super-successful crowd-funding campaign that finished a couple of days ago, for a new design of beehive.

All up, they’ve raised US$12,203,195, which is almost $16 million Aussie dollars. Not bad for some Byron Bay locals hey?

Now we’d love to take all the credit, but no. We caught up with Cedar and Kylie a few weeks ago, and they did have some lovely things to say about the difference our training has made for them. (If you haven’t yet booked your place on our next training program here’s the link:

Who knows, you may be our next multi-million dollar success story!)

Here’s a bit about their business.

A few years back Cedar had a revolutionary idea for a beehive. But like many ideas the challenge was raising enough funds to bring it to market. By using a combination of the things he’s learned from our events, and the opportunities that the internet provided him, he’s had record-breaking success.

Here’s what Cedar had to say about the campaign a couple of weeks into it:

“The world has gone crazy for it! It’s really getting quite bizarre. It’s a beehive :-) . Your workshops have been so valuable to me over the years. Even though this isn’t an info product there are lots of things I’ve learnt from you guys and applied.

You probably want to know some stats.

Our teaser video received 1 million views on FB in the first 30 hours.  We have built an email list of over 100 000 subscribers (without even trying really….. no lead magnet) in two short weeks.

We have broken several crowd-funding records already and are now the world’s most successful non-US based crowd-funding campaign. Crazy really! We were also the fastest to target, fastest to 1 million fastest to 2 and 3 million…

We have been accused of having a million dollar marketing campaign but it’s just been my family and a few very clever friends. Most of the video stuff was shot on my old iPhone 4s… and put together by my talented sister.

It’s a crazy ride building a multi-million dollar company overnight. We hired a house cleaner today for the first time in our lives. Things are looking good!”

What’s exciting for us is that they were able to do this with the training we provided at our free events – that’s right – without paying a cent for extra training! Hopefully that shows you that we’re serious when we tell you that we give you ALL the detail you need to create an online business – not just a teaser to get you to buy something!

All up they’ve attended 8 of our workshops over the last 6 years. Here’s a summary of how Cedar and Kylie said our training was able to help them:

  1. From the first workshop of ours they attended they set up an info product that gave them enough income for Cedar to give up his day job and focus fully on his inventions
  2. They had a major mindset shift. In Cedar’s own words: “It dawned on me just how much real estate you’ve got available from your very own computer screen from your shed in the bush. It has changed our lives being exposed to the potential of internet marketing.”
  3. After we showed them how to “sell it before you build it”, they decided that crowd-funding was a great way to test if there was a market for their invention before they got too far down the track. That took a lot of time and risk out of it for them.
  4. They put a lot of effort into their marketing. The 5 minute teaser video took a year to create, and is based on the copywriting techniques they learned at one of our events.
  5. They structured their marketing video using the formula we teach, and it ended up going viral
  6. They built a list on Facebook first, and used that to launch the product.

So now it’s your turn! When you come along to our next event you’ll learn the steps you need to create online success. Step-by-step, ready to go home and apply. The event is on 26-28 June on the Gold Coast. Here’s the link again to book your place:

Look forward to seeing you there

Andrew and Daryl

PS – At the event we’ll cover in lots of detail the steps Cedar and Kylie applied to get their awesome results

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Warning: Major Google change coming up – is your site prepared?

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Just wanted to let you know about a major Google change coming up. And it looks like it will be even bigger than the Penguin and Panda updates that devastated millions of sites over the last couple of years.

From 21 April, Google is changing its mobile search algorithm. That means that if someone does a search on a mobile device and your site is not mobile-optimised, your site ranking will sink. And mobile-friendly sites will rise to the top.

Given that on average 61% of total web traffic comes from mobile (depending on your niche) that means you could be losing LOTS of traffic.

So, what will help your site, and what will hinder it? We’ll be covering this in more detail at our up-coming Online Success Training Program. If you haven’t yet booked your place, here’s the link again:

At the event we’ll explain to you in plain English, exactly what you need to do to stop your site disappearing from Google searches.

Like any major change online, this one is an opportunity as well as a hurdle. If you know what you’re doing, but your competitors don’t, then this change will be great news for you! But if you decide to just bury your head in the sand and hope it all goes away, then you risk losing business.

Given the massive growth in mobile searches over the last few years, Google is taking this VERY seriously. It’s vital that you get your sites mobile-friendly, or over time you’ll disappear from Google.

Here are some of the things we’ll be covering in the training, to help you make the most of this Google change:

  • How Google judges whether or not your site is mobile-friendly, and how to make sure your site complies
  • Exactly which platforms (eg desktop, tablet, smartphone) are affected, and how to tell how much traffic you’re losing
  • Which features of your website will pose a problem for your mobile-friendly status and which ones are OK
  • Three ways (that are acceptable to Google) to make your site mobile-friendly, while still looking great on a desktop.

And we promise not to use any techie jargon (well, not without explaining what it means)! This stuff can seriously affect your business, and it’s vital that you keep up to date with it – even if (like us) you’re not overly techie.

At the training program we’ll have our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) expert, Kim Atkins, on stage with us to answer any and all of your questions.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Andrew and Daryl

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Would you let your 9 year old ride a tiger?

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A couple of weeks ago we had a bunch of our coaching clients come over to Thailand for a week. As part of the learnings we took about 30 of them to the Tiger Temple. Getting up close (really close!) to these beautiful tigers is breath-taking!

We got to pat them, hug them, watch them play like kittens. And one lucky boy even got to ride one! Check out this picture of 9 year old Braydon (and his mum Sharna’s reaction!)…

You can see more of our Tiger Temple pics here:

Now the visit to the Tiger Temple wasn’t just about having a fun day out. There were lots of business lessons too. The main one was about getting out of your comfort zone, and the rewards you get when you do.

You see, we meet lots of people who claim that they want to change their lives, set up a great internet business, and make large amounts of passive income.

Great goal!

But remember, change is a two-edged sword. If you’re going to get results that are different from what you’re currently getting, then you need to do something different.

And that means getting out of your comfort zone. Sometimes doing things that can be really scary. Things like:

  • Asking for money (ie making a sale!)
  • Asking an expert for their help (ie interviewing them for content for your product)
  • Asking someone to tell all their contacts how great you are (ie getting a list owner to promote your product)
  • Applying your Maths or English skills (ie testing and measuring your results, or writing copy)

Whatever your version of “tiger riding”, it’s something you’ll need to deal with if you’re going to run a successful online business.

And the easiest way is to get help from someone who’s done it before. At our “Make the Change” workshop we’ll show you our step-by-step methods, tips and shortcuts to creating a business that can fund the life of your dreams. By the end of the workshop you’ll have the skills and the confidence you need to take your online business to the next level.

If you haven’t yet booked, here are the details again:

“Make the Change” workshop is on 14-16 November at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hanlan St, Surfers Paradise. Timing is 9am – 5:30pm each day.

To book your place now please use this link

See you there!

Andrew and Daryl Grant

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Three days that will change your life!

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Not long to go now before the exciting “Make the Change” workshop on the Gold Coast! At the event you’ll get everything you need to create your dream lifestyle.

Here are just some of the things you’ll get:

  • We’ll take you step-by-step through the systems we use to create internet businesses – from little projects that you can set up on a Saturday afternoon, to multi-million-dollar businesses. We show you in detail what you need to do from start to finish.
  • We’ll show you what’s working right now in terms of marketing. You know how quickly things change online? We know it can be hard to keep up. So we’ll make it easy for you, and show you the systems that are giving us (and our clients) the best results.
  • Practical demos of each step in setting up an internet business, so you know exactly what to do (and how to do it!) when you get home
  • Loads of case studies of people who are applying our systems and making great incomes as a result – really inspiring stuff!
  • More advanced strategies that can take your income to the next level. You’ll learn a system that consistently creates a 6- or 7-figure income in its first year
  • You get to meet lots of people who are successfully applying what they’ve learned from us. They share with you their journey – what they did, their hurdles and their successes. We find this is the best way to learn – from people who are out their doing it every day.
  • You walk out at the end of the event with your very own 12 month plan, so you can use what you’ve learned to create the lifestyle you’re after. Whether you want to “sack the boss” and create your own business, create a passive income so you can retire early, or just make a bit of extra cash on the side, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to achieve it.

If you haven’t yet booked, here’s the link again:

Look forward to seeing you there!

Andrew and Daryl

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Speaking From Stage To Market Your Website and Multiply Your Profits

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Do you have a product, membership site or service you’d like to sell on a larger scale?

Speaking from the stage can make a huge difference to your ability to build relationships and get your message across quickly.

It has far more impact than a written sales letter ever could deliver, and as a result you can expect much higher conversion rates to your audiences. this has been proven time and time again.

Key considerations are which audiences that might be a good fit, getting your foot in the door to speak to them and tailoring your presentation and your sales pitch to target them!

In this post let’s examine some fundamentals of speaking. There are 2 possibilities when speaking:

Being a guest speaker at others’ events

We recommend starting by speaking at others events, since setting up your own initially can be costly and time intensive, especially if you haven’t done it before. Marketing and promotion to get enough people in the room can also require substantial investments in time and money. All of this detracts from what your main purpose should be, which is to deliver a powerful and compelling presentation.

Obviously, speaking at someone else’s event usually goes hand in hand with profit sharing any of the sales you do make, but it is a good tradeoff, especially if you’re just getting started. As you get more experience and generate more sales, you should ideally aim to speak at your own independently run events.

Running your Own events

Nothing sells better than your own event since your own attendees know, like and hopefully trust you! You can control the environment, timelines, change your offer to suit the audience and generally have alot more flexibility as compared to someone else’s event.

Structuring Your Killer Presentation

The structure of your talk is critical to getting your attendees to take action. A great talk will make people feel they’ve been educated but also feel compelled to take you up on your offer. Here’s a formula that has made us alot of money. We follow it by the book and it never fails to produce some great conversions.

  • 10-15 minutes – introducing you and building your credibility

You want to be telling people why they want to be listening to you. Daryl and I talk about when we were just where you are. We then  say ‘here’s why you should listen to us’ and tell them the story of where we were, where we have come from, and now where we are now. We provide proof of what it is that we now do, since we’re really selling the ‘Lifestyle’.  We show photos of the lifestyle. When we travel we deliberately take photos and videos for our promo material.

Proof and credibility can also come from being on another person’s stage, so  don’t be afraid to have the person introducing you to say during the introduction.  Some people will be fine and will read it; others won’t use it at all.

  • 30-60 minutes of content (structured like your free content page, ie., steps or keys to success)

You want to model your free content page on this concept:

  1.  Here’s the problem
  2.  Aggravate the problem
  3.  Provide a solution
  4.  Provide proof
  • 15-20 minutes close

You’ve talked about the solution. Tell them,  if you want to take this further, and x is great for you – here’s how you can take it to the next step.

Whoever has been interested in your talk at this point would be prime candidates for listening to your offer.  This is also a good point to transition to your offer.

Make sure you have timed your talk.  This is a mistake that newbie’s do.  Do not go over time! If they say you have 60 minutes, and you get to 45 minutes and you haven’t got to all your content yet…. start your close immediately! NEVER run out of time to do your close.

We print out our PowerPoint slides and write a time on the PowerPoint slide so we know where we are in our talk. Don’t surprise yourself at the end and run out of time.

Generally people choke on the close and they’ll subconsciously try to avoid the close. The best way to get this smooth is to practise it on someone before you get up on stage.

We’ve spoken from the stage successfully and many of our students have also been successful spreading their message in front of audiences. It’s not that daunting once you’ve done a few!

Join us at the next 4 Day workshop (free entry for all clients of ours) where we teach you other proven strategies to market and monetise your web presence. It’ll be the best workshop of its kind that you’ll attend!

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